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Friday, April 17, 2015


# 157 content

Steve got his phone, called, and listened to it ring several times. Finally, Zach answered, but he sounded half asleep. "Hello," he asked.

"Zach, Ghost needs to talk to Trevor, put him on," Steve said.


"Yeah, now...something's happened." Steve could hear Zach waking up Trevor, talking, and rustling.

"Yeah, I'm awake now...Ghost?" Trevor asked.

Steve handed the phone to Ghost, "Here, talk to him."

"Ghost...what's happened?" Trevor asked.

"Why ya wanna talk to me so bad," Ghost asked.

"Huh? You called here," Trevor said. "Oh, you mean the meeting you didn't come to. I wanted to see if you were feeling weird, or had a rash or anything. I think there's something left after the séance. Like maybe you didn't get rid of all of them...or something?"

"Are y'all tearing down the house in the morning?" Ghost asked.

"Uh-huh, and I don't want the bad stuff to follow me. Can you do something?"

Ghost took a breath. "Listen, Trevor, I have stuff happen on me, too, and I got scratches all over since then. And, tonight it pushed me down and made me sick, and Steve saw it. I don't have no more water, and it's mad about being a homeless bum, now."

"Shit, what are we gonna do?" Trevor asked. He didn't even think what Ghost just said was weird, and understood it all.

Just then, Ghost yelped, and threw the phone down. Trevor heard yelling, then the phone went dead.

Trevor stared at his phone, waiting to see if Ghost was still on the line. "Something just happened over there, Zach. It didn't sound good."

"You want to go over there?" Zach asked.

"No, but the phone went dead, and Ghost and Steve were yelling at something."

"Get up, we're going," Zach said. "We may not be good friends with them, but we dragged them into this. We have to help, if we can." They dressed quickly, and were out the door.

Steve had seen Ghost throw the phone, and yell. "What? What happened, Ghost?" He hadn't seen anything.

Ghost had backed away from the phone, and was holding out his hand. "Don't touch the phone, Steve, it burned my hand, and my ear," he said, showing Steve the deep red burn marks on his hand. "Get me some ice or something to put on's hurting bad."

Steve hurried to get ice. "What did Trevor say?"

"Just he has stuff going on, too. He has a rash, and well, weird feelings, and then the phone went off and burned me." He looked at the phone, laying where it had fallen on the floor. Steve went over to it.

"No, don't," Ghost yelled.

Steve reached out with the toe of his boot, and scooted the phone farther away...then again. He was afraid it might bite him, like a rattlesnake, or something. Then the phone started vibrating. "Fucker!" Steve yelled, then stomped on it until it quit vibrating, and was smashed into pieces.

That gave Ghost a fit of the giggles, and he and Steve fell onto the couch, laughing until they cried.

"I think I'm going insane, Steve. this is just too much...why are we laughing? I'm not happy, I'm scared," Ghost said. He started sobbing.

Steve wrapped his arms around him, in a protective hug, and yelled out to the room, "Leave us alone. Be gone with all of y'all fucking demons. We asked ya nice the other night, but now you made us mad, and we're not gonna be nice any more. We're gonna kick your hear us?"

Over in the hallway, a smoky form began to swirl around, and they could hear a low, scratchy laugh, echoing around the room, bouncing off the walls. Ghost put his hands over his ears, and screamed as loud as he could. He felt like the sound of the laughing was inside his head, and outside in the room, too.

That is when Zach and Trevor had driven up to the house, and were just about to knock on the door. They'd heard Steve yelling, and as they ran up the porch steps, heard Ghost scream. They froze, looking at each other. Trevor shuddered, and Zach rubbed his own arms, as chills broke out on them.

Zach didn't knock, but opened the door that Steve thought he'd locked, earlier. He and Trevor came in. Ghost was on the couch, still screaming, and Steve was coming out of the kitchen, holding a gun. They jumped, as Steve fired off several shots at the dark mist in the hallway.

"Go can't scare us any more," Steve yelled.

"Stop...stop," Ghost screamed. "It won't're shooting at a cloud." They all could now see the misty form.

"What can we do to help?" Zach hollered, over the noise.

Ghost hadn't even noticed that Zach and Trevor were in the house. Steve turned to see them, too. He looked like a wild man, his hair flying out in all directions, sweaty, and red-faced, and above all, his eyes were full of anger, and hatred for anyone who'd harm Ghost.

"You," he looked at Trevor. "You did this. You brought the evil to us." Steve was shaking, as he brought the gun up, pointing it at Trevor.

Zach reacted immediately, tackling Trevor to the floor. The bullet Steve fired, hit the doorframe, shattering wooden splinters all over. Ghost dove off the couch, without thinking, and knocked Steve off his feet. The gun went flying across the room.

"Get off me, Ghost, I have to kill him," Steve said, as he wrestled around on the floor.

"Steve, stop it...they're here to help get rid of the evil spirit," Ghost said. He grabbed Steve's hair, pulling hard, to turn Steve's face toward him. "Listen to's trying to get in make you do it's evil, since it has no form. It's using you, but you can make it stop...we all can..." He took hold of Steve's hand, and made Steve take hold of Trevor's hand. At this point Steve, had calmed a bit, so some of what Ghost was saying was getting through to him.

As soon as the four of them made a united circle against the demon, they heard a loud screech, slowly fading to nothing. Ghost closed his eyes and pushed as hard as he could with his thoughts, to get rid of the evil. Finally, he could feel it was gone. The others could, too. The tension eased, and they could feel the cool breeze coming through the screen door.

Ghost looked at each of them, in turn. "It's over," he said.

They sat there a few minutes, catching their breath. Steve broke the silence. "Oh, my God, Trevor. I think I shot at you. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to...I didn't even know what I was doing."

Zach stared hard at Steve. "You could have killed him. That's not ok. You can't just say sorry, then that's all there is to it."

Trevor put a hand over on Zach. "Leave it be, Zach, he didn't shoot me, so yeah, it's ok."


Trevor shook his head. "Steve, that thing had ahold of all of us. I get it, and you're right, I did stir things up, and brought it back, to only have it try to kill me, like it did my family. Only taking possession of make you do it for it." He looked down, as he rubbed his face, and sighed. "Are you ok's gone from you now?

Steve nodded. "Yeah, I think so. I don't feel it in me anymore. And thank God I didn't kill you on it's behalf."

Zach was still upset, but had seen that coming after Steve would not help things. Ghost had not said a word. He was still sitting on the floor, looking dazed.

Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


# 156 content

Before going to the diner, Kinsey drove around the block, to look at the house that Trevor and Zach had rented. He approved. He hoped they'd have better times here, than at the old place. Circling back around, he parked in the diner's lot. Terry's old pick-up was there, now, so he went in to join him. They ordered their supper, and began to compare lists.

"This is going to work out great," Terry said, as he wrote out a final master list for their itinerary.

"I'll start making phone calls in the morning," Kinsey said. "I'll try to have all our sightseeing places spaced out, so we won't have to hurry." The plan was to leave in five days time.

"On to other news," Kinsey said. "After you left, Trevor and Zach came in and informed me that they were moving into a rental. In fact it's right behind the diner...a house."

"Cool," Terry said, "and convenient, too. They can just walk over here to eat."

"Yeah, guess they could," Kinsey said. "I still wonder where they get their money, ya know. Y'all don't make much from the gigs, and I don't ever hear of Trevor selling his comics."

"I've wondered about that, too. You weren't charging them to stay in the room, but that motel the past few days must have cost something. Didn't that Zach do something with computers? Maybe he found out a way to make money from it."

"Well, from what I understand, he got in a lot of trouble for computer fraud, a few years ago. They had to go underground, up until they came here. Well, guess they get money from somewhere, 'cause they seem to be getting by," Kinsey said.

"Oh, I heard they're tearing down the murder house tomorrow. Is that right?" Terry asked.

"Yes, they told me that it was going to be in the morning."

Terry shook his head, "Man, I still can't believe we did all that shit out there...I'm still having nightmares about"

Kinsey nodded. "Yep, bad business, all of it."

"You gonna go watch?"

"Hell, no. I don't want to get anywhere near it. There may be some lingering spooks floating around, getting riled up." Kinsey knocked on the wooden table. "Just in case." He laughed, but was serious.

"I hear ya," Terry said.

They talked a while longer, then Terry remembered his appointment with Steve and Ghost for the next morning. "I have to call R. J. and let him know to come in," Terry said. "And, if we're not prepared, Steve will kill us. As it is, we'll probably be at it all day. You know, this has to be done before we can leave, Kinsey. Guess I should go get stuff done, so we can start in early tomorrow."

"Yeah, I'm heading home, too," Kinsey said.

After paying their diner bill, Kinsey left for the club. Terry sat in the parking lot a few minutes, making his phone call to R. J., then went on his way.

As Steve and Ghost had left the club, that late afternoon, Steve was thinking about the recording session, the next morning. Ghost was quiet. He'd been in such a good mood earlier, but now was feeling odd.

"Steve, something's wrong with me. I don't feel good."

Steve looked at him. "What is it? You don't look so good either."

"My stomach hurts, and my eye is jumping, like I'm getting a bad headache, but it don't hurt yet," Ghost said. He coughed, which then made him gag.

"You need me to pull over, or can you hold on 'till we get home?" Steve asked.

"I'll try," Ghost said, a cold sweat breaking out on his face. "I don't think it's me that's feeling bad...not really, but something is getting to me, making me feel like this."

"Huh?" Steve was confused. "I don't get it. You're sick, but it's not you?"

"Yeah," Ghost said, as he held his hands over his stomach.

Just then, the car lurched, and made a grinding sound. Steve braked, and steered the car to a stop. "Dammit."

"What is it?" Ghost asked.

"I think it's a flat tire," Steve said. He got out, then slammed the car door shut. "Yep, flat tire," he said, as Ghost got out, too.

Steve opened the trunk, getting out the jack, and the spare tire. While he changed the flat, Ghost was pacing up and down in the middle of the road. He was trying to figure out why he felt weird, when he was overcome with a wave of nausea. He clutched his stomach, doubling over, and threw up.

Steve, looked up, worried, and was about to say something, when he saw Ghost fall to the ground, like he'd been pushed down. He ran over to help Ghost up.

"Get in the," Steve yelled, as he yanked Ghost up, and shoved him into the car.

"Steve what is it? I'm ok now..."

"Stay in there, I'm almost finished with the tire," Steve said, as he tightened the lug nuts, and let the car down from the jack. He threw the flat tire and tools into the trunk, slammed the lid, jumped into the car, and sped off, throwing gravel, as he headed toward home.

"Steve, what the hell is the matter?" Ghost hollered at him.

Steve didn't say anything, but he was gripping the steering wheel, breathing hard, and frowning. At their house, he screeched to a stop, right by the porch steps. Swiveling around in his seat, to look behind him, down the long dirt road, he said, "Maybe it didn't follow us...maybe it's ok." He gave Ghost a look, "We're getting out and going inside, as fast as we can, Ghost...ya hear me?" Ghost nodded. "Ok, let's go."

They ran up the porch steps and into the house. Steve didn't even notice that he'd been walking fine on his leg. Adrenalin was blocking any pain he might have felt. Just as they walked over the warning sign, painted on the wooden porch, Ghost reeled, almost falling down, but Steve managed to catch him.

"Dizzy, so dizzy..." Ghost said.

Steve had the door open now, and they stumbled inside. He locked the screen and the door, and they both collapsed onto the couch.

"Steve, what is it...why are you freaking out? I just threw up, that's all."

"Ghost, I don't know what it was...but, out there on the road...I saw something. Just for a second, and it was behind you, and it pushed you down." He was staring at the door, expecting whatever it was to be coming in after them.

"What was it?" Ghost asked. He had his hand on Steve's arm, and could feel him shaking.

"Hell if I know what it was, but it wasn't the good fairy, I can tell you that," Steve said. "It was sort of like a dark, cloudy, mist shape to it, and I only saw it for a second. Didn't you see it?"

Ghost shook his head. "No, but it did feel like I got pushed...and just now, at the door, it felt like something was swirling around my head, making me dizzy."

"Are you still?"

"No, not anymore...just my head is hurting a little."

"What the hell was it? Was I just imagining it?"

"I don't think so, Steve. It sounds like an evil maybe a small one, left over from the séance. It must have latched onto me, and now something has happened to make it upset."

Ghost thought for a moment. "Oh, yeah...didn't Trevor say they were tearing down the house? If there were any leftover spirits, that would probably make 'em mad."

"But, why all the way over here?" Steve asked. Then he remembered...because Ghost was the one trying to banish them.

"Yeah, this one was just trying to get my tell me that their house was going to be destroyed," Ghost said.

"C'mon, Ghost...don't tell me you're feeling sorry for the thing, now...that they'll be homeless. Don't even go there," Steve said.

"No, I just want them gone, away from me."

"Ya got any more of that magic water to throw around?" Steve asked. "Maybe you should take a bath in it, or something."

"Yeah, but I don't think I have any more."

Steve was still staring at the door.

"Locking the door won't help, Steve," Ghost said.

"Well, crap then...what do you suggest we do?"

Ghost thought a minute. "Ya know, maybe I should call Trevor, after all. Maybe that's what he wanted to talk about."

"Except you don't want to talk about it," said Steve.

"I know, but now there's more going on. Can you call their phone for me, Steve?"


Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

Monday, April 13, 2015


# 155 content

Terry and Kinsey continued to talk about their upcoming vacation.

"I want to go to Disneyland, and New York City," Terry said. "I've never been either place, and this is my chance to do it."

"And, I want to go deep sea fishing, and to the Grand Canyon," Kinsey said, telling Steve and Ghost of their plans.

"Wow, those are awesome," Steve said. "So, are y'all closing the club and the record store for all that time? Or hiring temporary workers?"

"We'll close, and put up a sign that let's people know, we've gone on vacation," Terry said.

Steve nodded. "Just a 'bout me and Ghost try running them?"

"Oh, gee thanks, Steve," said Kinsey said, "but, that's not necessary. What I will do is give you the keys, and I want you to come by and check things once in awhile."

"Yeah, me too," Terry said. "You can see that everything's ok over at the shop, too. We'll call ya real often, to check in, too."

"Sure thing," Steve said. He was only a little disappointed that he wouldn't get to run the place for awhile.

"Well, I'm heading home," Terry said. "I've got things to do, some lists to make, clothes to pack...well, a lot of stuff. What about you Kinsey? Do ya want to meet up later, at the diner, for supper, and compare lists?"

"Yep, sounds good. I'll make my lists, too, and we'll get this ball rolling," Kinsey said.

"Later, then," Terry said, "say, a couple of hours?"

They agreed on that time, and Terry left the club.

"Oh, look Kinsey, I almost forgot. I got my cast off today," Steve said.

"That's's it feel?"

"Good...still a little weak, but it'll be better every day."

"Where did Ghost get off to?" Kinsey asked.

"Probably over at the wall. I'll go check, then we're outta here."

He went over by the stage, to find Ghost. "Hey, you ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'm done here. Oh, I thought of something, though. If Terry's leaving soon, are we gonna get the CD done before then?"

"Oh crap, that's right," Steve said. "He did say we could get it done pretty fast, though, so maybe there won't be a problem. Let's hope everything goes smooth. Once the songs are done, there's just the copying part, which we can do later."

"Ok, then...guess I'm ready to go home," Ghost said.

They hollered bye to Kinsey, as they left out the back door. Kinsey sat at his desk, making out his list of things to do. He needed to check with the airlines, for tickets, reservations at motels, closing up things here at the club, hold off deliveries, and the list kept growing.

As he kept writing things down, Trevor and Zach came in, causing a flurry of noise.

"Hey, Kinsey," Trevor said, all out of breath. "Was that Ghost and Steve that just left? Were they going home? Were they coming back? Why didn't you make them stay, until we got here?"

"Hold on guys," Kinsey said. "Slow down...yes, they were here, yes, they're going home, no, they're not coming back...and why on Earth should I hold 'em here, on the off chance that y'all would happen to come in? I'm not y'all's go-between. You want to see them, you make it happen...not me. I've got other stuff to do." He gave them a no nonsense look. "And, I've got other news. I'm closing the club for at  least two weeks, maybe longer. Terry and I are going on a long needed vacation. So y'all will have to find somewhere else to camp out, for awhile."

"What? That is news, Kinsey," Zach said. "We have some news, too. You don't have to tell us to leave, 'cause we just found a place to live. We're moving in tomorrow."

"So that's where you two have been all day," Kinsey said. "Where's the new place?"

Not too far from here," Zach said. "It's just over behind the diner...a house we found for rent. It suits us fine, and no evil spirits in least we hope not."

"Oh, that's great, guys. I think I've seen that place. It's nice. I didn't know it was up for rent, again," Kinsey said. "And, as far as I know, nothing bad ever happened there, so congratulations."

"Thanks, Kinsey, and we'll be outta your hair, now. We really thank you for letting us stay here, but like you said...time to move on," Zach said.

"Did you say Terry was going, too?" Trevor asked.

"Yeah, why?" Kinsey asked.

"Just...Zach was thinking Gumbo would play some shows soon. What about that?" He looked at Zach, to clarify.

"Oh, yeah, well I don't think we had anything definite planned, though," Zach said.

Kinsey thought for a moment. "For some reason, I got the impression that Ghost and Steve were wanting to do a show for when we get back. They'll have their CD ready, by then. Now, they didn't say anything, but...hey, maybe you all can come up with something together?"

"I don't know, but it's something to think about," Zach said.

"Yeah, if we can ever pin them down," Trevor said.

"Well, we'll see, I suppose. Right now, though, I have things to do, so..." Kinsey said, tapping his pen on his paperwork.

"Oh, yeah, sure thing, Kinsey," Zach said. "We've got stuff to do, too. Guess we'll talk to ya later on."

He and Trevor headed upstairs, to begin packing up what few belongings they had, and to discuss any upcoming shows they would do, maybe even with Steve and Ghost."

"It would be super cool to have a show with all of us together, don't 'cha think?" Zach asked.

"Yeah, but Zach," Trevor said, "it would be awkward, too"

"What do you mean?"

"Just think about it. Now, I'm not in either one of the bands, but y'all's styles are completely different. I'm just not seeing all of you guys playing and singing at the same time, but what do I know..." Trevor said.

"Oh, I think we could work it out, somehow," Zach said.

"Ok, but remember what you said, that one time...that Steve and Ghost are a couple of divas, or something. They wouldn't want to be sharing the stage, maybe...too much competition," Trevor shrugged. "Oh, don't mind me...just thinking out loud, from a non-member position."

Zach thought about the possibilities."  I can see what you mean,Trev, but nobody's even ever thought of it before, or talked to them about such a thing. What we need to do, is put it on the table for discussions."

Ok, I'll leave it up to you, then...and anyway, I have other stuff I have to talk to Ghost about," Trevor said.

"I know, but I still think you should drop it," Zach said. "Ghost don't want to talk, and keeps avoiding us."

"But I have to ask him about it, because, well, just because," Trevor said.

"Yeah, but that rash is getting better, isn't it?"

"I think so. Oh, and that demolition crew will be out at the house, tomorrow. I have to be there, as the owner of the property, even though, I'd rather not...and, what if tearing down that house causes any leftover demons to come out? I don't want to endanger the bulldozer guy, but it has to be done," Trevor said.

"I know, but all we can do is stand there and watch, ya know, and hope for the best outcome," Zach said.

They finished up their packing and watched tv for awhile.

Kinsey finished up his list of things to do, closed up the club, and went over to the diner to meet up  with Terry.

Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

Friday, April 10, 2015


# 154 content

Soon, Steve was pulling into the back parking lot at the Whirling Disc record shop. As he and Ghost went inside, the little bell on the door tinkled, and Terry looked up from stocking CDs in the bins.

"Hey, look who's here," he said. "It's about time y'all made an appearance."

"Hey, Terry," Steve said. "Yeah, we've been taking it easy...been working on some stuff, and look..." he held up his cast free leg. "Just got it off this morning."

"All right, good to hear that," Terry said. "What were you working on?"

"Well, I got a list for ya here, of what we're putting on the CD. It's for sure, this time," Steve said. "You and R. J. can go over it. We need to get busy and actually do this, so you think y'all can be ready, say tomorrow or the day after?"

Terry reached out to take the list. "Let me see it...yeah, no problem. Are you wanting to do them with all of us at the same time, or separate, then mix 'em later?"

"I was hoping to do it all at once, but let's see how it goes first, and see how it sounds," Steve said.

"Ok, we'll do it how ever you want. I'll get ahold of R. J. and tell him to be over here in the morning," Terry said. "Yall come in as early as you can, and we'll knock these out in no time." He looked over at Ghost. "Hey, Ghost, do you think your voice will hold out if we do all these? Or, Steve, if not, we can split 'em up and do some in another day or two."

Ghost looked at the list, again. "I can probably do all these. I can sing a lot of songs when we do a show."

"Ok, then that's settled." Terry said. He slapped Ghost on the back, then chuckled. "What else are y'all up to? I tell ya, Zach and Trevor were pretty upset that y'all didn't show up last night." Shaking his head, he said, "I don't know what they have in mind, but they're still antsy about it...all that séance stuff."

"I  don't want to talk about it anymore, though," Ghost said.

"Well, you still need to see what he's wanting. Maybe it's nothing...probably just his paranoia." Terry shrugged.

"Guess he won't leave me alone about it, unless I do," Ghost said.

"Hey, Terry, can you close up for a few minutes? We want you to come down to the club with us, to talk to Kinsey," Steve asked.

"I suppose I could...why?"

"He's there isn't he?" Steve asked, avoiding the question of why.

"Umm-hmm, as far as I know, he's there. When ya want to go over"

"Yep, let's go," Steve said.

Terry put his 'be back later' sign on the door, locked up, and they all walked down the block, to the club.

"Knock, knock," Ghost hollered, as they came in through the back door.

"In here guys," Kinsey said, looking up as they all trooped in.

"Well, look at the three stooges, come to pay me a visit," Kinsey said, as he laughed and leaned back in his chair.

"What's a stooge, Kinsey?" Ghost asked.

"Oh, it's an old tv show that had three crazy guys in it doing slapstick comedy. It was hilarious back in the day."

"Oh, ok," Ghost said, but looked confused.

"Never mind," Kinsey said. "What's up?"

Terry sat down on the couch, and shrugged. "Don't ask me...these two came in and said I should come over here with them." He looked at Steve, "Well...?"

Steve looked over at Ghost, and cleared his throat. "Uh, Ghost, you want to explain, or ya want me to?"

"You start, and I'll add stuff when I think of it."

"Ok," Steve started explaining. "First of all, Ghost had a dream the other night. He said it was about both of y'all talking..."

Ghost added his explanation now. "Only it was a real dream. I heard you talking in my head. Not that I was trying to eavesdrop or anything, but y'all was talkin' loud enough for me to hear...or something..." He looked at Steve to continue.

Steve nodded, "Yeah, anyway, he said y'all were planning on taking a vacation together, real soon."

Terry and Kinsey were surprised that these two knew about it. They'd not mentioned it to anyone, yet. But, then they weren't surprised, after all, because Ghost could pick up conversations out of thin air.

"Hey, yeah, that's right," Terry said. "You heard us talking about it, Ghost?"

Kinsey was smiling. "Yeah, we've been discussing that. We haven't firmed up the plans yet, though."

Steve continued..."Ok, so Ghost had an idea, and I think it was an excellent idea, and now we're presenting it to y'all." He nodded at Ghost to get the cards out.

Ghost reached into his backpack, taking out the cards. "This was my idea, and this here gift is from both of us, and I made y'all these here cards, and...just read them, ok?" He handed them to Terry and Kinsey.

"At the same time?" asked Terry.

"Yes, then you can read each other's if you want to."

Terry and Kinsey opened the envelopes, and began reading.

Steve and Ghost watched their reaction, hoping it would be good. Kinsey admired the artwork on his card, then read the inside.

"Guys..." he said, as his lip quivered, and he sniffled a bit.

At the same time, Terry looked at his. "Hey, it's like, Ghost." He read the inside..."Aw, dudes, this is so nice of y'all." He cleared his suddenly tight throat.

Then, they both opened the smaller, money envelopes that had been enclosed.

"Oh, my God," Terry said, his mouth dropped open.

"What? For me? This is too much, guys," Kinsey said.

Ghost and Steve were smiling big. "Yeah, for both of ya. We love y'all, and wanted to do something nice for y'all," Ghost said, hopping up and down.

"It's our way to show y'all appreciation for all you've done for us," said Steve.

"Well, thank you, this really is a surprise," Kinsey said. He came over to give them a hug.

"We're gonna have some fun with this, right Kinsey?" Terry said. "Thanks, dudes."

Terry looked at Kinsey, "Dude, we're gonna have the time of our lives. We've got plannin' to do."

"I'll say," Kinsey said. "Really, guys...thanks. Hey, I'm getting excited, now."

Ghost hugged Kinsey and Terry. "I'm so happy y'all liked our present."

"When are you planning to go, Kinsey?" Steve asked. "And, for how long?"

"As soon as we can, Steve. I'd say by next week, if we can get it all planned out. What do you think, Terry?"

"Man, I'd go right now, but yeah, next week should give us time to get plane tickets, and reservations, and all that," Terry said.

"You already know where you're going, then?" asked Steve.

"Yeah, we already talked about it," said Kinsey. "We're going to do some things we both always wanted to do."

Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


# 153 content

As Ghost went outside, Spirit dashed out with him, hoping to chase any moths that might be flying around the light coming from the windows. It was an unusually warm night for the middle of November, in Missing Mile. It was already dark, even this early in the evening. Ghost walked down to the far end of the driveway, to better see the first stars start twinkling.

His vision adapted to the darkness, and he began to see the constellations take shape. The big dipper, the North star, Orion, Sirius...he knew them all, and where they were in the night sky in each season. He'd always felt connected to them, somehow, and had a need to greet the night, just as he welcomed the rising sun, as often as he could. It re-energized him, being out in nature.

Ghost inhaled, taking in the Christmassy fragrance of the pine trees. He held up his arm, pointing to a star. As he squinched up his eye, it seemed as if he could touch it.

Steve had only dozed off for a few minutes, so after waking, he went outside to join Ghost. He leaned on the porch railing, watching Ghost. He could barely make out the pale figure, in the distance, but saw him raise his arm up to the sky, as if he was talking to the heavens. He'd seen Ghost do this many times before, but never got tired of it. To him, Ghost did look like an apparition, and it moved him every time.

He walked out to be with Ghost. "Hey, show me the stars, Ghost," he said, his voice soft.

Ghost smiled, and began naming them, and he held up Steve's arm, so he could point at them, too.

"How do you know all this stuff?" He was truly astounded at Ghost's knowledge of things other worldly.

"It's just inside me, Steve," Ghost said. "It's like I just know it. I can't explain it." He paused for a second, and sighed. "Sometimes I think I'm from somewhere else. It's like up there is real, and here is a dream, and someday I'll wake up and remember all this here, and think I'd been living in a dream down here for years and years." He smiled at the thought. "It pulls at me, ya know, wanting me to come back to my real wake up. And, I know it's you up there with me. It's you that's begging me to wake up, 'cause something must have happened to make me go to sleep. We're both there, but we're both here, living in this here dream world." He sighed, again.

"Sometimes I wish that was a true story. It's a nice story, don't ya think so, Steve?"

"Mmm-hmm." Steve hugged Ghost, and whispered in his ear, "It's a real nice story, Ghost."

But, inside, Steve was freaking out at this story. It couldn't be true, could it? He'd thought for years, that maybe Ghost was from somewhere else, when he'd catch glimpses of Ghost's knowing things he couldn't possibly have known. It was so impossible, yet it gave him so much to think about. .

Ghost, from the very beginning had always seemed like a stranger in a strange land...not quite wholly in either world...and he could easily cross from one to the other.

Steve shivered. "It's getting chilly, let's go inside." He took Ghost's hand, as they walked back to the house.


Back at the Sacred Yew, Kinsey had told Terry, Trevor, and Zach, that Ghost and Steve weren't coming. "Guess we'll have to do this another time," he said.

"Why aren't they coming?"

Kinsey shrugged, "They didn't really say, just that they were tired, and would see us later...and they were tired of talking about the séance."

"But, I still have questions," Trevor said.

"Well, you should have made that note you left say we were calling a meeting," Zach said. "Not just you needed to talk to Ghost."

"Well, if there's no business to conduct, guys, I'm going home," Terry said, getting up from the table. "Let me know if there's another meeting time."

"Well, that's that, then," Kinsey said. "Y'all going to stay here tonight?"

"We might as well," Zach said. "Our room is cleaned up, and we washed all the clothes, so yeah...and I'm heading up there, now. "Nite, Kinsey."

"Yeah, me too," Trevor said. They went up the stairs, and Kinsey heard the door shut and lock.

"Huh, now what?" he said to himself. He was disappointed that the meeting got cancelled. It was still fairly early evening, at least for the usual hours that he kept. He walked around the club, making sure the doors were locked, and everything shut off in the kitchen and office. He didn't much like the quiet of his club. It needed music, and people, and noise.

He'd thought about retirement a time or two, but if it was boring like this night, he knew he'd go crazy. As he went upstairs to his apartment, he passed by Zach and Trevor's room. He could hear them talking and laughing about something. He least he wasn't totally alone in this lonely club.

Morning came, and Ghost and Steve actually woke early. They both got bowls of cereal to eat in front of the tv. Ghost turned it on, hoping some channels would come through good enough to see.

"Hey, look,'s on, and it's clear today."

"How many?"

"I think all of them," Ghost said, as he flipped through their usual three.

"Cool," Steve said, as he watched. There was a local Raleigh news program on, and a kid's show, and a classic sit-com channel. They watched a few minutes of the news, but it was too depressing, hearing about crime, wrecks, and the crop report, so switched to the retro program. As they watched, and finished eating, Steve asked, "Hey, what is today?"

"How should I know," Ghost said. "It's a day like all the other ones, I guess. Why ya wanna know?"

"'Cause it feels like something was supposed to happen today," Steve said. He hobbled back into the kitchen to look at the calendar that was hanging on the wall by the back door. "Oh, no...that's today?" he said as he saw the red circle around the date.

"Ghost, my doctor's appointment is today. What time was I supposed to be there, shit, I can't remember," Steve said, all flustered, now.

"Well, call them and ask," Ghost said.

Steve grabbed his phone to make the call. As he ended the call, he hopped on one leg, down the hallway, saying, "Get in the car, Ghost, we have to hurry. My appointment is just an hour from now. We gotta go...where's my keys?" He hopped back into the living room, only to see Ghost laughing. "Don't just sit there, get dressed...we'll never make it in time."

"Steve, stop hopping around. You're gonna fall and break your other leg."

"Well, go get can't go in your underwear," Steve said.

"Neither can you," Ghost said. He was still laughing as he went to find clothes to put on.

"Oh, yeah..." Steve said, hopping into his room to get dressed. He flung clothes around, muttering to himself.

Ghost got ready, without hurrying, and was waiting by the front door, by the time Steve came out. "Here's your crutches," he said, as he handed them to Steve.

Steve drove them down the highway to Raleigh, at his usual speed, which took them about twenty minutes, instead of the normal thirty it should have been.

"We made it..." Steve said, taking a breath. He felt he'd been holding it the whole way.

They went into the hospital, and spent only minutes in the waiting room, before being called back to be examined. Ghost went back with him.

"Hey, Doc, can I get this cast off, now?" Steve asked.

"Well, we're going to take it off, then we'll see how your leg is doing. We need to x-ray it, to see if the bone has grown back together," the doctor said. He got his cast removal saw, and began. Steve watched him, as he worked, and wasn't afraid he'd get cut. He'd had his arm cast cut off several years before.

Ghost had been through it, too, for his wrist cast, the past summer, but still didn't want to watch. He covered his eyes, but kept peeking through his fingers, anyway.

Soon, the doctor brought in the portable x-ray machine and took a picture. As Steve waited for the results, he and Ghost looked at Steve's leg.

"It looks funny," Ghost said.

"Yeah, I know, so did my arm, that time. It'll go back to normal."

The waiting was taking forever, it seemed, so Ghost prowled around the small room, looking at things. There was a poster on the wall, depicting symptoms of strokes, and when you should see a doctor if you experience them.

"I think I probably have these all the time," Ghost said, then read them aloud to Steve.

"No, you don't have strokes, Ghost, you have seizures once in awhile."

"But, all this is what happens to me," Ghost frowned.

"Well, it's not the same, and knock on wood it never is," Steve said, even though some of the symptoms did seem to fit Ghost's problems.

After another few minutes, the doctor came back in. He had the x-ray films, which he put up on a lighted screen mounted on the wall. "Ok, let's see," he said. He studied it a minute, and pointed out where the break had been, and how it was now fused together. "Well, Steve, looks like it healed just fine, so no more cast. Let's see if you can put some weight on that leg, and try to walk."

Steve carefully stood up, holding the edge of the examining table to steady himself. "Hey, it's not as easy as I thought it would be," he said. He practiced walking around the room.

"You may need to keep using the crutches a little longer, until you're more sure of yourself," the doctor said, "but, gradually, you'll be just as strong in that leg as you were before."

"It sure feels lighter, now" Steve said. "I thought it'd be easier when I got it off, though.'

"Nothing to worry about, Steve," the doctor said. "Just take it slow a few days, and now you're ready to go."

"Thanks, Doctor. You ready to go, Ghost?"

"Yeah, let's go."

They walked out to the parking lot, then headed for home. "You still want to go in to the studio, when we get back," Steve asked.

"Yeah, and do our surprise," Ghost said.

When they reached the house, Ghost jumped out of the car, and went in to get Steve's guitar, and the two surprise envelopes.

"How are we gonna do this? If we're at Terry's place, we should get Kinsey to come over there, so we can give them these prizes at the same time, don't 'cha think?" Ghost asked. "But, how do we get him to come over there without telling him why?"

"We just call him up, and say get over there...easy" Steve said.

"I can't wait to see their faces, when they open them, can you?" Ghost asked. He was getting excited about it.

"I know, me too," Steve said. "Let's do our business stuff first, though. Hide those envelopes in your backpack, or something, ok?"

"Ok," Ghost said. He smiled as he put them away.


Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

Monday, April 6, 2015


# 152 content

Sometime before dawn, Steve and Ghost had made their way to bed. Now, as the sun rose, Steve did wake, and went out to the kitchen, to make the morning coffee. Coming back to the bedroom, he watched Ghost trying to wake up. He always had a hard time breaking away from his dreams of the night. Ghost almost always dreamed...sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always fantastic and magical. He'd dream so vividly, that he sometimes thought they were real...and sometimes they were. He'd tell Steve, in detail, what he did during those dream escapes from his awake self. Sometimes, Steve even believed it, too.

As he watched, Steve wanted Ghost. He carefully untangled the blankets, pushing them off to the side of the bed. He then helped Ghost out of his clothes, while Ghost lay there, his eyes blinking up at him, totally relaxed.

"You're beautiful," Steve said in a whisper, his throat closing up with emotion. He continued to look at Ghost, taking in the whole of his body, fully exposed in front of his eyes. Every scar was a reminder of Ghost's strong spirit, his endurance, to keep a positive light to his very soul.

From the scars on his skull from the fractures, his damaged eye, that still gave him pain, the cigarette burns, from long ago, the missing toe, and even his brain was scarred...Steve took it all in with his gaze. Now, Ghost had the scars from Nothing's fangs, on his neck, and the scratch marks from the evil demon, on him. He still had a slight crook in his left hand, too, from Steve smashing it during the hurricane. And, the invisible scars to Ghost's heart and mind...the emotional scars that he'd dished out on him...were the worst of all.

And still, he was the most beautiful thing Steve had ever seen. "You're beautiful," Steve had to whisper, again.

Ghost had heard everything Steve had been thinking, and now he shook his head no, and his eyes squeezed shut, as tears fell down his face.

"I'm not, Steve...I'm not..." he cried.

"Yes, you are, Ghost. You've got the pure light of your soul shining through. You give me your unconditional love, when I don't deserve it. You have tamed me and claimed me, and I can only try to keep pleasing you...because if I fail, and you deserted me, I'd have nothing. I would not live a day without you. So yes, you are beautiful, and I love you."

Steve leaned close, and kissed Ghost's tears away. "I want to please you, now..." he said.

Ghost nodded. "Yes..."

That afternoon, Ghost got out his markers to create a card for Kinsey, and one for Terry. He didn't consider himself an artist, but he loved to draw and make designs. Of course words and lettering were his favorite.

"Hey, Steve, how's this look?" He held up the folded cardstock.

"It's,'s very colorful. Here, let me get a closer look," Steve said. He reached over for the card.

Ghost had written Kinsey's name in calligraphy on the front, in black ink. Curling around the name, in brown ink, was an exact replica of the Yew tree that was carved into the club's wooden door. He'd done it from memory. In between the branches, were different colors, making it look like stained glass.

Inside, he'd written: Kinsey, we appreciate everything you do...from helping us when we're in trouble, for being a shoulder to cry on, and most of all for being our friend. Please accept this as a small way of saying thank you. Have a wonderful vacation! We love you!

There were lots of hearts drawn on the card's inside, too. "Now, we both have to sign it," Ghost said. "Oh, and put the money in it...don't forget that part."

This is amazing, Ghost. It's better than any card we could have bought. He'll love it," Steve said.

Ghost smiled, then said, "Now I gotta do one for Terry."

They both signed Kinsey's card, and Steve put in the $1,000, and sealed the envelope. Ghost took a break for some snacks, and to rest his hand. Steve went back to his guitar, and song list for the CD.

"Hey, I've just about got the list done," Steve said. "We should get back to the studio, maybe tomorrow? And, we can deliver the surprise. Sound good?"

"Yeah, guess we could. I'm really ready to get to sing again, and get a show planned. Maybe when they get back from their trip," Ghost said. "We can do a welcome back show," he said, as he munched on potato chips.

"Let's call it a plan, then," Steve said, and reached for a handful of chips.

After Ghost washed the grease from his fingers, he asked, "What should Terry's card look like?"

Steve shrugged. "That's your department. Think of something he likes or...hell, I don't know...things he likes could get a little tricky, if ya know what I mean." Laughing, he pretended to smoke a joint.

"Yeah, guess that wouldn't work. Well, I'll figure something out," Ghost said. He lay down on the floor, staring at the ceiling. Steve went back to playing a song.

After a few minutes, Ghost got up and got some water, bringing it back to the living room. He tried out a few ideas with his markers. "Ok, I think I got it," he said. This time he colored his finger tips with several colors, and stamped them on the card front. Then he took his fingers and dipped them in the water, then smeared them around on the card. The effect looked like tie-dye. When it dried, he wrote Terry's name in black calligraphy.

"Hmm, not very fancy, but guess it's ok," he said.

"He'll treasure it, Ghost," Steve said, and snickered.

"Shut up," Ghost said, then wrote on the inside of the card: Terry, we want to thank you for being our friend for so long. You show you care in so many ways...from sticking with us in hard times, to sharing your music on stage with us. And, for giving Steve a job, and for letting us use your studio, and for sharing laughs, and "more". We want to show you our appreciation by gifting you with this small token. Enjoy your vacation! Love, from both of us.

"Ok, I'm it, Steve." Ghost handed him the card.

Steve smiled, as he read. "This is perfect."

They signed it, and Steve put Terry's money inside, and sealed it.

They sat quietly for a few minutes. Steve leaned back on the couch, resting his eyes, and he massaged his calloused finger tips. Ghost gathered his markers, remembering to put the caps back on. Taking the cup of water back to the kitchen, he noticed that Steve was almost asleep. As he came back through, he gently kissed the top of Steve's head.

"I'm going outside for awhile. The stars are shining, now." And, he went out the front door, the screen squeaking, as he opened it.


Next part coming soon!

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Friday, April 3, 2015


# 151 content

"You remember how to do it, don't ya?" Ghost asked, as he handed Steve his gun.

"Sure I do," Steve said. "What are you going to do, pitch a plate up in the air?"

"Yep, I'll throw it up, and you shoot it."

"Ok, let's go."

They went outside, and Ghost threw up the first plate, as high as he could. As it came down, Steve aimed and fired, shattering it.

"Wow, that was great," Ghost said. "My turn, now."

Steve threw the next plate up, and Ghost shot and broke it with no problem.

"Good shot," Steve said.

"That's all the plates we used, though," Ghost said. "But, we could just get some out of the cabinet, ya know...want to?"

"If we're gonna get more at the thrift store, anyway, we might as well shoot what we have."

So they kept tossing plates and shooting them down, until there were no more left.

"That was so much fun," Ghost said. "When we get more, let's get a bunch so we can do it again."

"Yeah, need to keep in practice," Steve said.

Just then, they heard a car pull up out in the driveway.

"Wonder who that is?" Steve asked.

They heard someone knocking on the front screen door. As they went inside, and through the living room, they could see a uniformed man standing there. It was the sheriff of Missing Mile. Steve opened the screen for him.

"Hey, Jimmy, come on in," he said, letting the officer in.

"Hey, Steve...y'all ok out here? There was a report of someone hearing gunshots in this area," Jimmy said.

"Yeah, we're fine...just doing some plate shooting," Steve said.

"Plate shooting?"

"Yeah, me and Ghost were just practicing."

"Steve, I've known you and Ghost for a long time, and y'all hardly ever cause any trouble, but it's my job to ask to see those guns, and see if they're registered, and to see y'all's carry license," Jimmy said.

Steve swallowed hard. "Um, well, we don't exactly have that, and..."

"Steve, it's the law. I don't care one way or another...hell, most everybody around here has one. But, now it's been reported, that y'all are firing off weapons, I gotta do my job. I can't afford to lose it."

"You wouldn't turn us in, would you? I mean, we go way back, Jimmy. We just have them here for protection, out here, ya know. Sometimes we do target practice..."

Ghost came into the living room just then, and immediately sensed the situation. "Hey, Jimmy, what's up?" he asked, anyway.

"Hey, Ghost, I was just asking about the guns y'all have. Someone heard ya shooting out here, and reported it. So..." Jimmy said.

Ghost knew the sheriff didn't want to be here having this talk with them. "The guns were my grandmother's. She left them to me, when she died. She had them registered, and had a license or permit, and all; we just shoot 'em once in awhile," Ghost said.

"Do you still have the paperwork on them?" Jimmy asked.

Ghost thought a minute. "No, all of the papers we had, got ruined in the flood from the hurricane. Sorry..."

"Hmm, well, nothing to be done about that, then," Jimmy said. He narrowed his eyes, feeling like he'd been manipulated, but not sure how. "Guess I'll file my report as everything checked out ok. Sorry to bother y'all, tonight. Just be careful using them, from now on," he said. He headed for the door.

"Sure thing, Jimmy," Steve said. When Jimmy had left, Steve turned to Ghost, giving him a look. "What did you just do?"

"I didn't do anything," Ghost said.

"Yeah, ya did, ya got us out of trouble. That stuff about your grandmother leaving both guns to you...and paperwork getting lost?"

Ghost shrugged. "So, she did, and they did."

"But, not mine. I got that one on my own, from some guy Terry sent me to. You left that part out," Steve said.

"Oh, guess I did, huh?" He grinned.

"You're bad, dude," Steve said, shaking his head.

"I am when I have to be. Didn't want you to be hauled off to jail."

As they continued to enjoy their evening at home, Steve forgot all about calling Kinsey and Trevor, again. So, when their phone rang, it surprised them. When he answered, it was Kinsey on the line.

"Where are y'all?" Kinsey asked. "We were supposed to have a meeting tonight."

"A meeting?" Steve asked, "I never heard about a meeting. What for?"

"Well, that's just great...I thought Trevor went out there to let y'all know," Kinsey said, then hollered over to Trevor, who was now at the club. "Hey, thought you told 'em."

"I didn't see them. I left a note," Trevor said.

"Hey, Steve, Trevor said he left a note. Didn't you get it?"

"Well, we got a note, but it didn't say anything about some big meeting. Just that he wanted to talk to Ghost about something. I meant to call, and I tried to, but nobody answered," Steve said. "Why are you calling a meeting with the Séance Six?"

Ghost snickered at the label.

"So, what's the problem?" asked Steve.

"No problem, Steve, we just wanted to go over everything...closure, you know," Kinsey said. "Oh, and Trevor has an issue, and wanted to see if Ghost was having it, too."

"Well, Kinsey, sorry about the mix-up, and not being there. We'll do it another time. We're just exhausted, and want to stay home, and relax for a few days. We're fine...and as far as me and Ghost, the whole thing is over. We don't want to talk about it, anymore. So, we'll be in to town in a few days. Don't worry," said Steve. "Oh, Ghost has a surprise in the works for you, so...anyway, we'll talk soon."

"Fine, I'll let them know. Y'all be careful out there, ok? The sheriff came by here, and said somebody was shooting guns out your way."

"Really? Ok, we'll be careful, then," Steve said.

They ended the call. "Sheesh, Kinsey seemed all put out that we didn't show up to some big meeting. Give us a break." Steve sighed.

"What did you call us...the Séance Six?" Ghost laughed. "That's a great name for us."

"Yeah, well it just popped outta my mouth," Steve said.

Before Kinsey's phone call, they had been watching a movie. Settling back down on the couch, they tried to get back into the story. "Let's finish this, then I'm going to bed," Steve said.

Ghost lay his head in Steve's lap, while Steve absentmindedly played with his hair, braiding and unbraiding the long strands. They'd turned out all the lights, except for the small, salt crystal lamp in the hallway. The movie ended, turning the screen to blue, but neither of them noticed; they'd fallen asleep.

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