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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today's letter is......Q

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20 Q (the game)

Based on a parlor game called Twenty Questions, Robin Burgener, in 1988, invented a hand held electronic game he called 20Q. He was experimenting with using AI - Artificial Intellegence.

When you turn this game on, it will ask you to think of something for it to guess. It has a display screen that you can read it's questions, and buttons you can push, to log in your answer, either yes, no, sometimes, or unknown.

This 'toy' will ask you a series of 20 simple questions. As you keep answering the questions posed, the device will build on them, to ultimately guess what you were thinking about.

In between the questions, it will make funny comments to you. On the package it comes in it states that it can read your mind. One of the comments it makes, is that it is spooky how it knows what you are thinking. 

It is not programmed. It somehow 'learns' from every answer you give, and every time turns out different. Most of the time it guesses right!

I have two of these 20Q games, and have been amazed at how it can even do this. It occasionally does miss the answer, and will make a funny comment about how you can't win them all. 

I think it is a bit weird to be holding a sort of 'mini brain' right there in my hand. Like it's spooky!

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Friday, April 18, 2014


Today's letter is.................P

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Are your potatoes poison? They could be. The potato is in the family of the deadly nightshade plant. All  green parts of the potato is highly toxic, including leaves, stems, sprouts (eyes), and even any green parts on the peeled potato.

If eaten, it will cause, at the very least, an upset stomach...and at the worst...death!

In the past, this alkeloid toxin was used as a remedy for ailments such as, pain relief, an anti-inflamatory, and to ease the symptoms of rheumatism. I would hope these were not administered orally! If they were, I wonder if the doctor wondered why his patients were not getting any better, or even died!

Cooking the potatoes will remove and destroy most of the alkaloid concentrations, so they are mostly safe to eat. Try not to use any potato that shows even a hint of green to the white part, just to be safe. Exposure to light will also cause a potato to turn green, so store in a dark place.

There are many varieties of the potato, and are a staple food source all over the world. I'm not going to stop eating them, but I am careful to cut away any green I see on them.

For a look at this information on the potato, and 9 other common foods that are a bit poisonous, follow this link.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Today's Letter is................O

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Introduced in 1890, by Elijah Bond, as a harmless parlor game, the Ouija board has gained quite the negative reputation. It is a flat board, with numbers, letters, yes, no, sun, and moon, and good-bye, printed on it. A person/persons use a planchette to put their hands on, expecting the board to move the device around the board to spell out answers to the questions it's been asked. Is this some sort of magic? Is it demonic? Is it just, as stated, a simple parlor game for kids?

I don't know. Some people swear it is evil...that it opens a portal to the underworld and calls forth demons. Despite the warnings, the Ouija board game can still be purchased at toy stores today.

I had a Ouija board when I was a kid. Me and my friends played it all the time, with no ill effects. We'd ask silly questions...and it would move the planchette we had our hands on...and give us an answer. Most times it was right, and for a fact, we were not making it move. I don't know how it works, but it does.

One question I asked it was, would I get a dog? It said yes. I asked when? It said January. (this was back in the fall). Sure enough, come January, I did get a puppy. I named him Dusty, and he was an awesome dog, who lived with us for many years.

Later on, my own kids were playing with a friend's Ouija board, when they hollered, all excited, that they'd contacted a spirit called Seth. When I heard that, I made them stop, and told them the story I'd read about Seth.

It is written in a series of books, called "Seth Speaks", by Jane Roberts. Her and her husband claimed they'd contacted the discarnate entity of Seth, and he was speaking through her. Her husband transcribed all she spoke, as Seth, and they wrote every dialog down in the book series. One of the main topics of the writings is, as Seth told them, that each individual creates their own reality.There is much, much more.

So, when the kids said they'd contacted Seth, I told them this and they put it away, never to play it again.

For more information on Ouija boards and the Seth books, go to...

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Today's letter is.................N

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I'm fascinated by names. Names of people, animals, and things, are so interesting. I like to look up the meanings of names, how they evolved, and how they are spelled. There is a list that comes out every so often, that shows the most popular names that have been used to name new babies over the years. Some are always on the list, and some are new.

There are lots of books on what to name the baby, the meanings of each, and where it originated. Have you looked your's up? Mine, Barbara, is from the Greek, and means foreign or strange...traveler from a foreign land. Does that fit for me? In some ways, yes.

Some people carry on a name throughout generations, adding a junior, or a number after the name. It's funny, too when you find someone that has the same name as yours. I know in our city there are at least two. I sometimes get a phone call intended for the other one!

I like naming things. Our cats each have a name, but we call them all kinds of different things. It is fun to make up their 'old west' name, or their 'pro-wrestling' name, etc.

Have you seen the name games that pop up on Facebook or Pinterest? They say to find your Royal name, or your Elf name, and all other kinds of funny ones.

How about nick-names? Do you have one? Why did someone start calling you that name? I never really had one, just a shortened form...Barb. My husband's family, however, give almost everyone a nick-name. I finally figured out who they were talking about!

Do you use pet names for your significant other? They can be sweet and endearing, or cute and silly.

And of course, there are derogatory names...names that hurt...names that label people. These are abhorrent to me.

But, mostly, names are fun and interesting. I also wonder how some things were named. Why did someone call a tree, a tree, and why did it stay that name? I know some surnames come from a person's occupation...a tailor would be known as 'Joe, the tailor', and later, just Joe Taylor.

So, yes, all facets of names are interesting, as you might have seen in an earlier post about horse names...:)

William Shakespeare wrote, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." from Romeo and Juliet ~

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Today's letter is....................M

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Have you given much thought to mummies? Real mummies...not the movie versions, where they are evil creatures, trailing bandages, and coming after people. I would say real 'live' mummies, but of course that would be silly, because they are only real dead people.

I've been fascinated by them since I was a kid. I say my first ones while on a vacation. They were lying there, exposed...their mummified skin, dark and hardened. They had strange expressions on their faces. They weren't scary to me. I just felt it was a bit sad, to have been unwrapped from their funerary linens, and now are just an attraction to be gawked at. But, the person/soul that they were before, is not trapped inside...they've moved on, only leaving the shell of themselves behind.

Even before I'd seen these, I'd stated to everyone who asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" that "I want to be an archeologist." Everyone thought I was a bit strange. I did not, after all, go on to have this career, but I did extensive reading on the subject of mummies.

The most widely known, is the Egyptian pyramids, where the mummified remains of King Tutankhamun (the pharaoh), and many others of the time have been found. After Howard Carter discovered and unsealed the tomb, rumors multiplied that a curse would befall any who disturbed the tombs. This has not been proven. However, several deaths did occur under strange circumstances, after coming into contact with the contents of the tombs.

I've also read about how bodies are, in fact, mummified. It is a long process of annointing in oils and resins, drying with natron salts, and wrapping in many layers of linen, in certain prescribed ways. Amulets are also included within the wrappings. Eventually the body can be entered into their final resting place.

Would you want to be mummified? Would you want an elaborate sarcophagus encrusted with jewels? Believe it or not, there are some in the funeral business today, that actually do this, on request. It is very expensive, though.

On a lighter note, I've jokingly told my family, that's what I want. They can get a pine box, hot glue tons of fake, shiny jewels from the craft store on it (because we sure couldn't afford real ones). They laughed a bit, not really sure if I meant it, or not!

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Monday, April 14, 2014


Today's letter is.................L

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Have you ever been locked out? It's been awhile since I've been locked out of some place. It is not fun to try to open a door, and's locked, and you don't have the key!

Maybe you left it inside the house or the car, when you shut the door. It happens...being in a hurry, or just forgetfull, or any number of reasons.

First, you keep jiggling the door handle, hoping you can somehow manage to loosen it, and it will magically come open. This is not going to happen, and really, you know it, but you keep trying.

You look around for help from someone, neighbor, stranger, anybody...and no one comes. You seem to feel there are eyes peeking at you from behind curtains, and that everyone in the universe is watching and laughing at your dilemma.

I've been locked out of my cars and house many times. The last resort, of course is to call the professional locksmiths to come open the door...and yes, they charge a fee for this service. By now, however, you don't care how much it costs...just get it open - please!

Once me and my daughter (who was expecting a baby) had gone to yard sales. It was a very hot day. We bought a few things, then back at the truck, we found that the keys had been left inside...and the doors were locked. We could't reach any family members to come rescue us. The people who were having the sale, noticed we were having a problem, so they came and tried the door, too. Finally, we did call for the mobile locksmith to come. While we waited, the nice yard sale people brought us lawn chairs to sit on, and cold soft drinks.

We hated spending our yard sale cash on opening the door, but it was all that was left to do. I can't remember if we continued to shop, or just went home that day. Did we learn to check for the keys, before shutting a door? Yes, for awhile...then later on, uh-oh...locked out again.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014


April 13, 2014

I just felt like saying that, so I made it the title. Blogging is turning out to be so much fun. It took me quite a while to understand what to do...or at least learn enough to get some writing on here. I'm sure there are a lot more things (?) tabs, labels, widgets, and other pieces of this and that, I should try...but, for now, this is good.

I even set up another blog on Wordpress. Well, really I'd set it up a long time ago, but at the time it was hard for me to understand the set up. Now, though, I think I have enough on there, for the time being, that is working ok. I get comments and followers there too, which is wonderful!

So, this A to Z Blog Challenge I'm doing this month is fun, too. It is definitely a challenge to think of something to write about every single day, and get it posted here. It is nearing the halfway point in the letters of the month of April. I had made a list for some subjects I wanted to write about, and I mostly use them, but also I change my mind about them at the last minute. I try to write them pretty late at night, in longhand, in a notebook, then type them up on here the next day, making a few changes here and there. Also, I try to find a picture to add, which I hope makes it more interesting.

Mondays are pretty hectic since I added the challenge. That is every day except Sunday. I also do the Monday Blog writing, where I'm using my fan fiction story for that. Then I add another installment whenever I can. Hope all who are reading it, are enjoying it!

A couple of little fun facts about the story...I started writing it about 4 years ago!...I wrote it all in longhand, in notebooks (of which there are, if I remember right, 15 of them!) [the parts you've been reading are from notebook #1] you are in it for the long haul...I know I am! There are lots more adventures that Ghost and Steve go through along the way (hey, we've barely gotten started!)

So, in conclusion, my dear readers...(just thought I'd say that :)...all kidding aside, I do appreciate so much that you take the time out of your busy day to come here and read a bit.


Peace, Love, & Writing