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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Today's letter is......Z

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Yummy, sweetened popcorn in a box...that's Screaming Yellow Zonkers!

Back in the 1960s and early 1970s, Zonkers were a must have snack among the hippie crowd. The popcorn tasted great when you had the munchies, but the box it came in was special.

You bought the snack as much for the box, as for the popcorn. The box was black, one of the first products to be packaged in a black box. There was lots of writing on the box...some of it absurd, mostly funny, with cartoon characters and witty (so we thought) sayings. That was the main selling point...the snack was just a bonus.

At times Zonkers were hard to find at the store. If someone found a store that was selling them, word was passed around. I remember at least once, driving way out of my way to find them. Down unfamiliar streets, I went, finally finding the little convenience store that reportedly had Zonkers. It was so worth the trip...I had my Zonkers!

Screaming Yellow Zonkers were discontinued in 2007, but as of May 2012, they have been in production again, in limited editions. You can find them at times at Walgreens Drug Stores!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Today's letter is.....Y

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Tree of life...tree of death...the Yew tree has been revered as both for centuries. Due to it's longevity, of over 600 years, it has been called the tree of life. Because of it's deadly poision, it has been called the tree of death.

Taxus baccata, the Yew, is an evergreen, that produces red berries (arils) that are sweet. However, the seeds, leaves, and all other parts of the tree are highly toxic. The Yew is a native of Europe, Asia, and Africa, and is also grown in North America. It is mostly a small to medium shrub, but can grow to great heights. It lends itself to being easy to trim as a hedge, and formed into topiary designs, and mazes.

The wood of the Yew, is valued as pliable enough to be shaped into bows, and strong enough to be used as a weapon, such as a spear. It has been used to make musical instruments, also.

In hot weather, the leaves emit gaseous toxins, said to cause hallucinations. Many religions, revere the Yew as sacred, and plant them around churchyards. Some say it's long life was suggestive of eternity. It is believed to be a potent protection against evil, a symbol of magic, and is used to summon the spirits of the dead. Mystical and magical, the Yew is found close to cemeteries, to help ward off evil spirits.

In the book "Lost Souls" by Poppy Z. Brite, the local club, where the band Lost Souls play, is named the "Sacred Yew". This is the book I write my fan fiction story about.

Whether you think of the Yew as the tree of life, or the tree of death, depends on your point of view. In either case, it is a very interesting tree to read about. If you'd like to read more, you can find it here...

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Monday, April 28, 2014


April 28, 2014


Today was the letter X for the challenge. There are only two more letters left, and two more days left for me to put entries on my blogs. It has been so much fun.

I had no idea what I was doing, when it began. I'd never even heard of the A to Z Blog Challenge before. I surprised myself by actually posting an entry every day this month. I suppose I was being a bit ambitious, having two blogs for my first time participating. It has been a bit stressful, but I did manage to come up with all kinds of topics to write about.

In fact, most letters I thought of lots more I could have written about. I will try to do these, later on.

One of the best parts of this challenge, is the awesome bloggers that have left comments, and I so appreciate that they took the time out of their own blogging to come here and visit mine. Thank you, everyone!

I also got to read entries from other bloggers on their blogs. There sure are some awesome writers out there in blog-land! I have enjoyed reading all kinds of topics. I tried to comment on some, and will continue to visit more, even after the challenge is over.

I will be back to posting my fan fiction story on a more regular basis, in the coming weeks. Hope all who follow, will continue to stop by! I do appreciate your reading it and for your patience while the challenge has been going on.

So, all in all, I have had fun, learned a lot, and made some awesome connections!

Thanks, everyone!

Peace, Love, & Writing

TWO SOULS: INTO THE FIRE ... (thirty second installment)

(32nd installment) content

Ghost and Maxy played a couple more gigs. Maxy was frustrated they weren't being recognized as super stars, yet, and of course blamed it on Ghost. Ghost was still watching for his chance to escape. He wondered why things had changed between him and Maxy. It had been so good, at first. they had loved each other at a time when he had needed to be loved so desperately...but now, he felt that he'd just been lied to, used by Maxy's own greed and inflated ego.

This hurt Ghost, to know he'd given himself wholeheartedly and it had all gone so wrong. Then, a few nights later, they'd had another blow-up. Maxy accused Ghost of sabotaging their path to fame, called him every bad name he could think of, said he hated him...and all the while knocking Ghost around. He kept drinking and cursing and finally stumbled to bed, where he passed out.

Ghost had had enough. He saw his chance, and took it. He quietly went out the door, the same door he'd so willingly came into months ago. He also did something he thought he'd never do...he stole Maxy's money...everything that was in Maxy's wallet. He didn't care, figuring some of it belonged to him anyway for his pay from the gigs. Maxy had never given him any, in all this time. Ghost had no idea how much it was, but knew he could maybe pay his way back home on a bus. He didn't want to hitch-hike if he could go some other way.

He remembered his way back to the soup kitchen he'd ate at when he first got here. Asking around, he found that the Rasta guy had moved on. He would have liked to thank him for his help. He got directions to the bus station, where he handed over a wad of money. It was enough to take him back to Missing Mile. It would take three days.

On the long ride cross-country, he slept a lot, and thought a lot about everything that had happened to him. It was a long, torturous journey, that was coming full circle. He didn't know if he could forgive Steve, but he knew he had to try. Maybe Steve was glad he was gone. The more he thought about it, the more nervous he became. The closer he got to home, the more scared he was of what would happen.

Kinsey had said Steve had made a mess of his life...well, so had he. Maybe, just maybe they could work it out. At least he was going to try...he hoped Steve would do the same.


The bus driver let him off in the middle of the night, in Missing Mile. The town was dark and deserted. Ghost stood there in the street and just breathed. It felt right. The night air was cooling from another hot, humid day. Fog was beginning to form, but high above in the indigo sky, thousands of stars looked down on him.

He began walking home. He hadn't been there in so long. He didn't know if Steve had stayed or not, didn't know what he'd find when he got there. His feet crunched the gravel, as he slowly walked up to the front porch of his house. Things looked pretty much the same. Steve's old T-bird wasn't there. He'd not heard of the wreck Steve had had...the car was long gone. Walking up the steps, he noticed his warding off star was still there in front of the door, painted on the wooden planks...a little more faded. He knew he'd repaint it.

Opening the door, he knew immediately...Steve was here. He caught his breath, swallowing hard. The whole house smelled of Steve.The whole house's essence screamed at him of Steve's presence. Feelings and lightning quick visions of everything that had ever happened in this house, since he was a kid, and up until that horrible day when he'd left, came flooding into his senses. It made him weak, made him stagger almost to his knees, it was so strong in his mind. The adrenaline of anxiety was making him shake.

After a few more deep breaths, he began walking to Steve's bedroom. He could hear Steve breathing, a sound he was so familiar with, and had missed terribly. He made his way down the hallway, lit only by the moonlight that streamed in through the living-room window. He opened the door...and there was Steve. It had been almost two years since he'd left his home. It was time to begin the next journey of his life.

As he watched Steve sleep, feelings washed over him...feelings of goodness and badness, and all that happened...but most of all, love. No matter what did happen, or would happen, he knew there would always be total, awesome love between them. The time was right.

His heart melted at the sight of his best friend, his lover. He didn't trust his voice, so he whispered, "Steve." It wasn't loud enough. Ghost's eyes welled up, and tears fell down his face. "Steve," he whispered a little louder. Steve stirred on the bed, rolled over toward Ghost, his eyes fluttering open as he came slowly awake.

"Steve," Ghost whispered shakily, again. "I need you," he sobbed.

Steve only stared at Ghost. He felt he was still asleep and dreaming, then sleepwalking, as he rose from the bed. Reaching out, he touched Ghost's wet face. "Are you real? Are you really here, Ghost?"

"Steve...I need you, now," Ghost sighed, reaching up to Steve, kissing him deeply. He didn't know if Steve would reject him. His heart was pounding, and he was almost collapsing with his overwhelming need to be loved by Steve, to be one with him again.

Steve was in shock at seeing Ghost after so long, so long...and when Ghost kissed him, he felt all the love and need from Ghost. His heart nearly exploded with the love he felt for this exquisite creature in front of him...loving him, wanting him...needing him.

They had no more need for words. Steve enveloped Ghost in his strong arms, and led him to his still warm bed, where they took each other in absolute love, passion and adoration. They fell asleep in each other's arms, hearing their heartbeats, and the soothing sounds of a breeze blowing through the pines.

Next installment coming soon!

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Today's letter is.....X

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Xena: Warrior Princess, starring Lucy Lawless, was a television show, created in 1995. The character of Xena, helped the innocents, those that needed defending.

Sorry to say, I never watched that show. I have seen Lucy Lawless on several talk shows, telling about her role. The way she told about it, made it seem like a very exciting, and fun show to watch.

I did watch the Wonder Woman tv series, back in 1975-1979, starring Lynda Carter. She was a superheroine, first in comic books, and later in the tv series.

She also was Warrior Princess of the Amazons. She was fighting for justice, love, peace and sexual equality. She also had a cool metal bracelet that warded off her enemies!

It would be interesting to have a tv show with both of these susperheroines working together to fight against the bad guys. They would rule the world, and maybe bring about world peace!

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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today's letter is.....W

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Well, being a writer, I love words. Word games are a favorite way to work with words. One of the first word games I learned to play was Anagrams. You would draw from a pile of letter tiles, and try to make as many words from them as you could. You'd take turns with other players, drawing tiles until all the tiles were used. The person with the most formed words, won the game.

From that, I went on to crossword puzzles, and skeleton puzzles. Next up, I think, was word search games, then Scrabble and Boggle. Other games that make use of words, are Scattergories, Scrutinize, and the old favorites...Password, and Mad Libs.

Television game shows make use of words for the contestants to play the game. These are fun to watch and play along to at home. Some of these include, Jeopardy, $100,000 Pyramid, and Wheel of Fortune.

I still like to play all of these games, and now have fun on-line, playing Words With Friends. So, to someone who likes word games, there are plenty to choose from.

Have fun being 'wordy'!

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Friday, April 25, 2014


Today's letter is.....V

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Quite a few years ago, we owned a big, burnt-orange van. What I remember most about it was that when it rained, you almost needed an umbrella on the inside! The front window leaked. We'd had it replaced, but evidently the seal was not good.  We also had to hook it up to a battery charger every night, so it would start the next morning.

It was a fun vehicle, that van. It was a big conversion van, with captain seats, two other chairs, and a bench seat in back. I think you could unfold the bench into a bed. Then in the way back area was a storage type closet. It also had tinted windows on the side.

I drove that van all over town, hauling kids to and from school and activities. When we'd travel, the dogs loved riding in it, too.

Sometimes, the kids would have camp-outs/sleep-overs out there in the van...right out there in the driveway. They'd gather up snacks, have their friends over, pile in the blankets and pillows, and have a fun night.

Once, I had to pick up an order of pizzas for my daughter's class at school. There were lots of pizza boxes stacked up high in the van.

We eventually traded the van in for a regular sized car. We'd had enough of being dripped on every time it rained. I kind of miss that old van.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Today's letter is.......U

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Is the Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri haunted? As your footsteps echo on the highly polished floors, your eyes are drawn upward. The vast ceiling is awe inspiring. Beautiful and intricate artwork, and huge chandeliers make you catch your breath. Voices are hushed, as you feel the history emanating from the walls.

You think of all the souls that have passed through this train station throughout the years..soldiers travelling to their next duty stations during WWII, regular travellers, and even fugitives from the law.

Built in 1914, Union Station operated for many years, until a slow decline in business forced it to close in 1985. After a renovation, in 1996, it was opened as a museum. By 2002, it was again being used as a train station, when Amtrak began service. There are many attractions, besides train travel to be seen here now. There is the museum's history and displays, kid friendly, hands on learning areas, restaurants, and gift shops.

Outside, you can go on an elevated walkway above the huge trains. You can feel the vibrations of the great engines, and look down at the tops of them. There are many photo opportunities in and around Crown Point, inside and out. The architecture is amazing.

We learned, too of the Union Station Massacre. It took place right outside, in 1933. The shooting took place, as FBI agents were transferring a fugitive back to Leavenworth prison. Gang members tried to free him from the agents, and a gun battle resulted in the fugitive being killed...his head blown off. You can still see bullet holes in the building's exterior walls.

I've heard it said that the headless fugitive's ghost roams around the station, now. Employees, during after hours, have seen and heard this, as well as other paranormal entities. There are reports of a lady, dressed in black, that walks up and down the stairs at night, and phantom travellers with suitcases roam around. Eerie train whistles can be heard, when no trains are there.

Union Station is a very interesting place to visit, even if you are not travelling. I would definitely urge you to go, if you are in the area.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today's letter is......T

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May 11, 1970, I experienced what an F-5 tornado can do.

It was the strongest tornado recorded in Texas history at the time. Twenty-six people died, and hundreds more were injured. The city was devastated.

I was just out of high school, attending evening classes at a business college downtown. Thunderstorms had developed, and we were dismissed early, around 9 p.m. or so. I had to wait for my dad to come pick me up.

As we drove through the downtown area, on our way home, there was an underpass we had to go under, but the wind, rain, and hail, was so bad, we instead, pulled in under a gas station awning, to wait it out.

We had no idea a tornado was bearing down on us.

As we watched in horror, things began flying through the air...all kinds of debris. Then, bricks from the gas station began to crash into the car windows, shattering glass all over us. We felt the front end of the car being lifted into the air, by the strong winds. We dove into the back seat, to take cover, where my knees were cut by the glass.

As it eased up a bit, we got out, hoping to make it to the next block where we knew there was a basement in the courthouse. It was a miracle we didn't get electrocuted from the downed power lines, as they snaked through the air and into the calf deep water in the road. Still, trying to stand and walk down the street, we finally made it to the courthouse, where lots of other people had taken shelter. We did finally go through a tunnel that led to the police station and emergency center.

It was chaos in there, with frightened people, dispatchers on their radios, policemen running around, and no one knowing just what to do. Eventually, we did go back up to the street. As my car was ruined, we found a person to give us a ride home. That was treacherous, also, considering all the debris in the streets, sparking power lines, and flooding.

We did make it home that night...around one o'clock in the morning. My mom and sister had gone to the cellar, and had no idea what had happened to us. The next day, we managed to go find my car to be towed home. We couldn't believe how lucky we'd been. The gas station building we'd been by, was completely destroyed...only a few standing bricks of the front wall remained. We'd come that close to being blown away. And beyond the underpass that we almost went through...complete devastation...everything leveled.

So, now 44 years later, when the anniversary of the May 11 tornado comes, I still have horrible tornado dreams. I never want to go through a tornado again, but living here in Tornado Alley, it is always a possiblility.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Today' letter is.......S

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Do you like to collect things? How about salt and pepper shakers? I have quite a few sets that I've collected over the years. I find them at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. Some were given to me as a gift, as friends and family members are always on the lookout for them.

Most of mine fall into the catagory of collectibles, antique, vintage, and novelty. Salt and pepper shakers come in all manner of materials. I have wooden, metal, plastic, and glass ones.

The novelty S & Ps are the cute ones, even though they can certainly be used at the table as their intended purpose. There are so many catagories to choose from to collect, as it suits your interests. You can pick one theme, or just randomly create your collection.

Some themes include animals of all types, holidays, kitchen wares, letters, clowns, souvenirs, lettters, advertising, and many more. Some can be very rare to find, very costly and valuable; others can just be fun to add to your collection.

I entered one of my salt and pepper shakers in the fair one time. It was a kangaroo, with the baby joey sitting in a pouch. I won a ribbon for it. The picture is similar to the one I have. What I need now, is a display case for all my sets.

For very little cost, you can start your own collections of salt and pepper shakers. It is a fun hobby and a great topic of conversation.

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Monday, April 21, 2014


Today's letter is........R

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It actually rained here on Saturday evening. I even heard a bit of thunder. Here in the semi-arid region of west Texas, rain, or the lack of it, is a main topic of conversation, everywhere you go. Everyone comments on us needing it, and will it ever rain again.

Some groups have prayer vigils for rain, others perform rain dances, and there has been times when the clouds were seeded with silver iodide or dry ice, to help bring the rain. We just never have enough.

At those times we do get a good rain, it causes flash flooding. A couple of those a year will be all we get. Our average rainfall for a year is only about 19 inches. That's on a good year!

You can actually feel the relief people have when even a small amount of rain falls. People begin smiling more, and are animated and energetic again. Lots of times we run outside, just to feel the rain on us, after being without for so long. Then the next day, everyone will ask "Did it rain at your house?", because sometimes it is hit or miss.

Rain clears the air of all the dusty, sandstorms, and seems to clear everyone's head from the monotonous dryness of this area.

So, I've been thinking of songs that mention rain. Here are a few. Can you think of others? Rain is a very popular topic in all genres of songs.

  • "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" by B.J. Thomas
  • "Rhythm of the Rain" by the Cascades
  • "November Rain" by Guns 'n Roses
  • "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor
  • "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • "A Hard Rain's a'Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan
  • "Rainy Night in Georgia" by Brooks Benton
  • "Purple Rain" by Prince
  • "Rainy Days and Mondays" by the Carpenters
  • "Rain on the Roof" by the Lovin' Spoonful
  • "Kentucky Rain" by Elvis Presley
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TWO SOULS: INTO THE FIRE (Thirty first installment)

(31st installment) content

                                                      CHAPTER 8

He walked out of the mountain village and down the twisty road, back to the highway. His head was reeling. He had no idea which way to go. He didn't want to go back home yet, so he started in the opposite direction, to the west...the same way Ghost had gone. As the sun went down and it began to get dark, a semi truck came down the highway... the trucker stopped for Steve.

As fate would have it, it was the same guy Ghost had hitched a ride with. Steve told the guy he was searching for his friend, who may have come this way. The man mentioned his other hitchhiker sounded like Steve's friend. He didn't mention what he'd done to him.

So, Steve knew he was on the right path, and when offered, he rode all the way to L.A. with the trucker. As they pulled up into the freight yard, he told Steve that this was the last place he'd seen him. Steve walked away, sure he was getting closer to finding Ghost.

He didn't know just how close he'd be. He wandered around the area for a few days, putting out flyers with Ghost's picture on it everywhere he went. He asked around, but no one had any information. That is until he went into a small coffee shop. He spoke to the barista about his search for Ghost.

She screamed, "I know him!" Steve insisted she tell him what she knew. She did, then added, "But, I haven't seen them in awhile. They got too big for this place and started playing bigger venues. They put flyers up, but I haven't been able to get off work to catch a performance. Maybe you can!"

Steve thanked her, then left. He walked around some more, now looking for the flyers. He finally found an old one tacked to a light pole. He tore it down and stared at the picture on it. It was definitely Ghost. His heart quickened. They'd played several nights before, at a place across the city, a popular club. Then he looked closer at the person in the picture with Ghost. He narrowed his eyes. He already didn't like this Maxy person.


Back in Missing Mile, Kinsey was looking at the same flyer that Steve was looking at. Just that day, he'd received an envelope in the mail. It had the flyer for Ghost and Maxy's band, and another of those Steve had been putting up everywhere. Written on the first flyer was a note. It said, 'Is this the Ghost you're looking for? Don't waste your time. He belongs to me now!' It wasn't signed. Kinsey just stared at it. Steve was somewhere out there, Ghost was somewhere out there...who knew if they'd ever find each other. It just keeps getting worse, he thought. I'm too old to deal with all this drama. He figured he'd just mind his own business for the time being. There was nothing he could do about it anyway. He shook his head and went back to work.


Steve continued his search. Every time he'd thought he was close, he found he was just a little too late. He kept on though, searching every group of people he saw, for a glimpse maybe of seeing Ghost.

The night of the phone call had made Maxy furious. He'd thrown Ghost into the wall, his phone was broken, and Ghost wasn't co-operating according to his plans anymore. He was glad Ghost was hurting, there on the floor. He stood over him, telling him he'd crossed the line, that he owned him now, and he demanded Ghost do what he said, that he'd never let him go.

Ghost barely heard him. He'd hit his head hard on the brick accent wall, when he fell against it, and was half knocked out. A gash was cut into the back of his head, and was bleeding, his ears were ringing, and his vision was blurry. Then, Maxy was yelling what sounded like nonsense at him. Ghost tried to sit up, but was extremely dizzy. Before he could do anything, Maxy attacked him. He held Ghost down and took him by force, in anger and dominance.

Ghost was defenseless against such rage. Afterwards, he vowed to himself to get away as soon as he could. He was afraid for his life. He knew he needed help, but from who? He really didn't know anyone in this city, and he'd been kept pretty isolated by Maxy, and now Maxy would be watching him even closer.

The next morning, Maxy was all apologetic, and said he was sorry, but Ghost didn't believe it for a second. He went along with it, fearing that if he didn't, he'd be in for more trouble. Maxy did have another plan for controlling Ghost.  He'd found that whenever he'd slipped Ghost something stronger than pot, Ghost would mellow out and be pliable...he could get him to do anything. He didn't know why, because the same drugs made everyone he knew all hyper. He didn't know about Ghost's ADD problem, and that stimulants worked the exact opposite on it.

So he started slipping the drugs into whatever Ghost ate or drank. It worked just like he planned. What else he didn't know, was that when Ghost was in the calm state, his mind would do what it did best. Ghost was able to actually focus and sent out his mind messages even stronger, and could receive and feel other's thoughts better, too.

For the next few days, as Ghost's head cleared of the dizziness and headache, he kept getting visions and dreams of Steve. They were unfiltered, and seemed desperate and frantic...and worst of all, nearby. He couldn't get the feelings to go away. He didn't really want them to go away, just wanted to know what they meant. He pushed his mind in Steve's direction. Maybe that would clarify things better. He felt that Steve was here, close by, looking for him. He was torn. He wanted Steve to find him, but he wasn't sure he could face him yet.

He and Maxy had another show booked that night. It went ok...a big crowd showed up. Then, as they were leaving, Ghost froze, thinking he saw Steve, there on the sidewalk. Steve did not see him, the crowd was pushing and shoving along as they left the venue. Steve was pushed along, too. Ghost was sure it was him, but he looked so sad and beaten down.

Maxy had seen Ghost staring at something, someone in the crowd, and he didn't like it. He grabbed Ghost's arm tightly and dragged him back into the club. He kept Ghost next to him the rest of the night.

Steve had tried to get to the club where Ghost was playing that night. He'd finally found a current flyer and made his way over there, getting lost a few times. As he reached the club, everyone was leaving, and he knew he'd missed his chance at finding Ghost...again. He hung around anyway, just in case, but the club was closing, and he'd never gotten to see Ghost. He was sick of this. He had no money or place to stay. He couldn't find Ghost. Maybe he should go back home to regroup, figure out some other way, because this wasn't working.

So, late that night he got out on the highway and hitched back to North Carolina. It took three days. He was exhausted. Back at the house, he collapsed into bed, not waking for hours. Ghost was in his dreams.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today's letter is......Q

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20 Q (the game)

Based on a parlor game called Twenty Questions, Robin Burgener, in 1988, invented a hand held electronic game he called 20Q. He was experimenting with using AI - Artificial Intellegence.

When you turn this game on, it will ask you to think of something for it to guess. It has a display screen that you can read it's questions, and buttons you can push, to log in your answer, either yes, no, sometimes, or unknown.

This 'toy' will ask you a series of 20 simple questions. As you keep answering the questions posed, the device will build on them, to ultimately guess what you were thinking about.

In between the questions, it will make funny comments to you. On the package it comes in it states that it can read your mind. One of the comments it makes, is that it is spooky how it knows what you are thinking. 

It is not programmed. It somehow 'learns' from every answer you give, and every time turns out different. Most of the time it guesses right!

I have two of these 20Q games, and have been amazed at how it can even do this. It occasionally does miss the answer, and will make a funny comment about how you can't win them all. 

I think it is a bit weird to be holding a sort of 'mini brain' right there in my hand. Like it's spooky!

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Friday, April 18, 2014


Today's letter is.................P

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Are your potatoes poison? They could be. The potato is in the family of the deadly nightshade plant. All  green parts of the potato is highly toxic, including leaves, stems, sprouts (eyes), and even any green parts on the peeled potato.

If eaten, it will cause, at the very least, an upset stomach...and at the worst...death!

In the past, this alkeloid toxin was used as a remedy for ailments such as, pain relief, an anti-inflamatory, and to ease the symptoms of rheumatism. I would hope these were not administered orally! If they were, I wonder if the doctor wondered why his patients were not getting any better, or even died!

Cooking the potatoes will remove and destroy most of the alkaloid concentrations, so they are mostly safe to eat. Try not to use any potato that shows even a hint of green to the white part, just to be safe. Exposure to light will also cause a potato to turn green, so store in a dark place.

There are many varieties of the potato, and are a staple food source all over the world. I'm not going to stop eating them, but I am careful to cut away any green I see on them.

For a look at this information on the potato, and 9 other common foods that are a bit poisonous, follow this link.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Today's Letter is................O

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Introduced in 1890, by Elijah Bond, as a harmless parlor game, the Ouija board has gained quite the negative reputation. It is a flat board, with numbers, letters, yes, no, sun, and moon, and good-bye, printed on it. A person/persons use a planchette to put their hands on, expecting the board to move the device around the board to spell out answers to the questions it's been asked. Is this some sort of magic? Is it demonic? Is it just, as stated, a simple parlor game for kids?

I don't know. Some people swear it is evil...that it opens a portal to the underworld and calls forth demons. Despite the warnings, the Ouija board game can still be purchased at toy stores today.

I had a Ouija board when I was a kid. Me and my friends played it all the time, with no ill effects. We'd ask silly questions...and it would move the planchette we had our hands on...and give us an answer. Most times it was right, and for a fact, we were not making it move. I don't know how it works, but it does.

One question I asked it was, would I get a dog? It said yes. I asked when? It said January. (this was back in the fall). Sure enough, come January, I did get a puppy. I named him Dusty, and he was an awesome dog, who lived with us for many years.

Later on, my own kids were playing with a friend's Ouija board, when they hollered, all excited, that they'd contacted a spirit called Seth. When I heard that, I made them stop, and told them the story I'd read about Seth.

It is written in a series of books, called "Seth Speaks", by Jane Roberts. Her and her husband claimed they'd contacted the discarnate entity of Seth, and he was speaking through her. Her husband transcribed all she spoke, as Seth, and they wrote every dialog down in the book series. One of the main topics of the writings is, as Seth told them, that each individual creates their own reality.There is much, much more.

So, when the kids said they'd contacted Seth, I told them this and they put it away, never to play it again.

For more information on Ouija boards and the Seth books, go to...

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


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I'm fascinated by names. Names of people, animals, and things, are so interesting. I like to look up the meanings of names, how they evolved, and how they are spelled. There is a list that comes out every so often, that shows the most popular names that have been used to name new babies over the years. Some are always on the list, and some are new.

There are lots of books on what to name the baby, the meanings of each, and where it originated. Have you looked your's up? Mine, Barbara, is from the Greek, and means foreign or strange...traveler from a foreign land. Does that fit for me? In some ways, yes.

Some people carry on a name throughout generations, adding a junior, or a number after the name. It's funny, too when you find someone that has the same name as yours. I know in our city there are at least two. I sometimes get a phone call intended for the other one!

I like naming things. Our cats each have a name, but we call them all kinds of different things. It is fun to make up their 'old west' name, or their 'pro-wrestling' name, etc.

Have you seen the name games that pop up on Facebook or Pinterest? They say to find your Royal name, or your Elf name, and all other kinds of funny ones.

How about nick-names? Do you have one? Why did someone start calling you that name? I never really had one, just a shortened form...Barb. My husband's family, however, give almost everyone a nick-name. I finally figured out who they were talking about!

Do you use pet names for your significant other? They can be sweet and endearing, or cute and silly.

And of course, there are derogatory names...names that hurt...names that label people. These are abhorrent to me.

But, mostly, names are fun and interesting. I also wonder how some things were named. Why did someone call a tree, a tree, and why did it stay that name? I know some surnames come from a person's occupation...a tailor would be known as 'Joe, the tailor', and later, just Joe Taylor.

So, yes, all facets of names are interesting, as you might have seen in an earlier post about horse names...:)

William Shakespeare wrote, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." from Romeo and Juliet ~

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Have you given much thought to mummies? Real mummies...not the movie versions, where they are evil creatures, trailing bandages, and coming after people. I would say real 'live' mummies, but of course that would be silly, because they are only real dead people.

I've been fascinated by them since I was a kid. I say my first ones while on a vacation. They were lying there, exposed...their mummified skin, dark and hardened. They had strange expressions on their faces. They weren't scary to me. I just felt it was a bit sad, to have been unwrapped from their funerary linens, and now are just an attraction to be gawked at. But, the person/soul that they were before, is not trapped inside...they've moved on, only leaving the shell of themselves behind.

Even before I'd seen these, I'd stated to everyone who asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" that "I want to be an archeologist." Everyone thought I was a bit strange. I did not, after all, go on to have this career, but I did extensive reading on the subject of mummies.

The most widely known, is the Egyptian pyramids, where the mummified remains of King Tutankhamun (the pharaoh), and many others of the time have been found. After Howard Carter discovered and unsealed the tomb, rumors multiplied that a curse would befall any who disturbed the tombs. This has not been proven. However, several deaths did occur under strange circumstances, after coming into contact with the contents of the tombs.

I've also read about how bodies are, in fact, mummified. It is a long process of annointing in oils and resins, drying with natron salts, and wrapping in many layers of linen, in certain prescribed ways. Amulets are also included within the wrappings. Eventually the body can be entered into their final resting place.

Would you want to be mummified? Would you want an elaborate sarcophagus encrusted with jewels? Believe it or not, there are some in the funeral business today, that actually do this, on request. It is very expensive, though.

On a lighter note, I've jokingly told my family, that's what I want. They can get a pine box, hot glue tons of fake, shiny jewels from the craft store on it (because we sure couldn't afford real ones). They laughed a bit, not really sure if I meant it, or not!

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Monday, April 14, 2014


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Have you ever been locked out? It's been awhile since I've been locked out of some place. It is not fun to try to open a door, and's locked, and you don't have the key!

Maybe you left it inside the house or the car, when you shut the door. It happens...being in a hurry, or just forgetfull, or any number of reasons.

First, you keep jiggling the door handle, hoping you can somehow manage to loosen it, and it will magically come open. This is not going to happen, and really, you know it, but you keep trying.

You look around for help from someone, neighbor, stranger, anybody...and no one comes. You seem to feel there are eyes peeking at you from behind curtains, and that everyone in the universe is watching and laughing at your dilemma.

I've been locked out of my cars and house many times. The last resort, of course is to call the professional locksmiths to come open the door...and yes, they charge a fee for this service. By now, however, you don't care how much it costs...just get it open - please!

Once me and my daughter (who was expecting a baby) had gone to yard sales. It was a very hot day. We bought a few things, then back at the truck, we found that the keys had been left inside...and the doors were locked. We could't reach any family members to come rescue us. The people who were having the sale, noticed we were having a problem, so they came and tried the door, too. Finally, we did call for the mobile locksmith to come. While we waited, the nice yard sale people brought us lawn chairs to sit on, and cold soft drinks.

We hated spending our yard sale cash on opening the door, but it was all that was left to do. I can't remember if we continued to shop, or just went home that day. Did we learn to check for the keys, before shutting a door? Yes, for awhile...then later on, uh-oh...locked out again.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014


April 13, 2014

I just felt like saying that, so I made it the title. Blogging is turning out to be so much fun. It took me quite a while to understand what to do...or at least learn enough to get some writing on here. I'm sure there are a lot more things (?) tabs, labels, widgets, and other pieces of this and that, I should try...but, for now, this is good.

I even set up another blog on Wordpress. Well, really I'd set it up a long time ago, but at the time it was hard for me to understand the set up. Now, though, I think I have enough on there, for the time being, that is working ok. I get comments and followers there too, which is wonderful!

So, this A to Z Blog Challenge I'm doing this month is fun, too. It is definitely a challenge to think of something to write about every single day, and get it posted here. It is nearing the halfway point in the letters of the month of April. I had made a list for some subjects I wanted to write about, and I mostly use them, but also I change my mind about them at the last minute. I try to write them pretty late at night, in longhand, in a notebook, then type them up on here the next day, making a few changes here and there. Also, I try to find a picture to add, which I hope makes it more interesting.

Mondays are pretty hectic since I added the challenge. That is every day except Sunday. I also do the Monday Blog writing, where I'm using my fan fiction story for that. Then I add another installment whenever I can. Hope all who are reading it, are enjoying it!

A couple of little fun facts about the story...I started writing it about 4 years ago!...I wrote it all in longhand, in notebooks (of which there are, if I remember right, 15 of them!) [the parts you've been reading are from notebook #1] you are in it for the long haul...I know I am! There are lots more adventures that Ghost and Steve go through along the way (hey, we've barely gotten started!)

So, in conclusion, my dear readers...(just thought I'd say that :)...all kidding aside, I do appreciate so much that you take the time out of your busy day to come here and read a bit.


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TWO SOULS: INTO THE FIRE .....Thirtieth installment

(30th installment) content

"He told me everything, Steve...about everything, his whole life poured out in front of me...the good times and the bad. The death of his grandmother was especially hard for him. She was my best friend back then, Steve. I told her not to take Ghost away, but she wouldn't listen. He told me about you, too. What you did to him...Steve, when my husband found him out there by the graveyard, and brought him here," she let a tear fall, "he was dead, Steve. I'm convinced of that. We carried him inside and laid him on the bed. There were a couple of last breaths, and he whispered your name. We were frantic. We didn't know what to do, but we gave him CPR as best we could. It took so long, but he finally came back to us." She paused for a moment.

"He wasn't right, Steve. He was out of his mind, didn't know where he was, who he was, only mumbled gibberish. He had these awful shaking fits, saw visions, screamed in the night. And then his injuries were taking so long to heal. There was infection and high fevers. I gave him all the medicine I could. It finally started to work. Slowly, he began to recover. At least his body did...his spirit, his life force was almost completely gone. He had no real will to live, was kind of upset that he did live...kept begging me to just forget about him, to let him go. But, I could never do that. I loved him already...he was my best friend's grandson. I'd never let him will himself to die.

He got well enough. I urged him to get out in the community to get to know people, to learn some of his heritage. It was ok for a while, but then it started with the others. I was afraid for him...and he knew he should leave...and so, he did. I've not heard anything from him since. I pray every day for his safety. Steve, if anyone can find him, it's you. I know that when he is ready to be found, he will let you know. His gift is so strong, he will make himself known, and I'm sure he will someday," she paused again.

Steve could not stop sobbing. She reached over and wrapped him in her arms. He needed someone to care about him as much as Ghost did. "What will become of these two," she wondered, "these two who are meant to be together for all of time?" She didn't know, but she had faith that somehow it work out, if not in this lifetime, maybe in the next. She knew in her heart that their souls were intertwined since the beginning of time, and they'd had many meetings before...and here they were again, struggling to make it work.

Finally, Steve could form words, again. "Why would Ghost even want me now? He hates me, he put a curse on me! He'd never let me find him!" he despaired.

She was surprised to hear that Ghost had put a curse on Steve. How did he even know about things like that? It must be an innate knowledge, passed down for generations.

"Don't fret about it, Steve. I know you are a good person, deep inside. Something evil possessed you beyond your control that night. It was decided many lifetimes ago, that both of your souls would have strife, that you and Ghost would meet and part many, many times over the millennia. Ghost is always meant to be your soul-mate, and you are his. It was written in the stars. Ghost will never forsake you, Steve. That is the one thing you can count on. He will come back to you...when the time is right.

Ghost loves you, a love so deep and pure, that he would die for you, he would die because of you, he would die without you. He's already proven that, in so many ways. Have faith, Steve. I can tell, you must think I'm just an old, crazy, raving lunatic, talking gobbledygook, but trust me, I'm speaking the truth."

Steve nodded, and said he'd try. "So, what now? Do I just wait around for a mind message from Ghost to come get him, or what? How am I supposed to do that? I need to do's killing me!"

She smiled, and told him that's all he could really do. "Be open to any feelings you get, anything strange or out of could be a message from Ghost. You think it's impossible, but just let go, Steve. It's more difficult when you try too hard to figure it out. Relax and let the messages come and guide you. You can still search for him, do what you can, leave your flyers and information everywhere you go. It may help."

Steve jumped up from the chair, and paced around. "Don't tell me again 'when the time is right'! The time is right for me to find him right now!"

She could understand his frustration. "Then go...go do everything you can, Steve. He needs you just as much as you need him. I'll pray for your success and safety, as I will for Ghost's." She squeezed his hands.

Steve closed his eyes and nodded, "I know," he whispered. He turned to leave, but she stopped him.

"Steve, wait, I just remembered something." She went upstairs. When she came back down, she had an envelope in her hands. "This is yours...from Ghost. He said he knew you'd be here someday, and to give this to you. You would know it was from him, and no one else.

Steve opened the sealed envelope. Inside was a short note, in Ghost's handwriting, in sky blue marker. It said,

"I'm so lost, Steve. I still love you. Ghost"...and with the note was two crumpled up silver stars that had been in Ghost's back pack. They'd come from the ceiling in Ghost's bedroom in Missing Mile.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014



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Door knockers are some of the most interesting looking decorations you can attach to a door. Their purpose is to alert someone inside, that they are being summoned to answer the door, by someone standing outside.

They were used, of course, long before the invention of electricity, and door-bells or buzzers. The knockers are made of metal, including cast iron, brass, and pewter. Some knockers are ornate and others very simple.

About the time of the Middle Ages, they became a fanciful house accessory. They are purposeful and decorative, and some designs have became more grotesque...a sort of warding off sign to discourage evil spirits. Some are of snarling lions, dragons, fish, hands, skulls, and anything one can imagine.

I've always wanted a door knocker on my door...maybe, somday. Until then, here is a look at some. There are lots of pictures of them on Pinterest and Google Images, also.

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Friday, April 11, 2014


Today's Letter is................J

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We owned a jinx car. Yes, we did. It was a pre-owned '66 or '67 Chevrolet Caprice. A big, old, boat of a car, with plush overstuffed seats, electric windows, and temperature controlled air conditioning. I despised that car.

The day we test drove it, it shimmied all over the highway. I think the wheels needed alignment, or something. We bought it, anyway.

First of all, I didn't even want a different car. We traded in our '65 Mustang (which I loved), for this monstrosity. Strike one...Strike two...the wheel thing...and well, the strikes kept coming. One thing or another was always wrong with it. You name it, it needed repairs.

When I first drove it up to where I worked at the time, everyone wanted to see our new car. So, out to the parking lot we all went. One girl was not impressed. She took me aside to tell me...this car is a jinx. Seems this very car had just been traded in by her grandparents, and they'd had nothing but trouble from it. I guess back then there were no 'lemon' laws or disclosure rules.

Anyway, the jinx car lived up to it's reputation. We had it for awhile, costing us more in repairs than it was worth. Then, after coming home from overseas, I got that car out of storage. I got rid of it...traded it in...yes, I did. I was surprised the car lot people even gave me a dime for it.

I immediately bought another car that I loved...a '69 Camaro. Now, that was a car. I looked much better driving a cool Camaro around town, in my twenties, instead of the old jinx car, for sure. And I don't remember the new one giving us a bit of trouble!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Today's Letter Is................. I

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Isn't it amazing that something that has been around for centuries, is still being used in this modern time? Among the first recorded person's that used incense was the ancient Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut. It was found on the walls of the temple at the time of her death, in 1458 B.C. Frankincense was used over 5,000 years ago, also. The indigenous peoples of North America used incense that was made of sage and cedar.

Incense has been used for many purposes. It is used in religious ceremonies, in medicine, in meditation, and aromatherapy. Today's incense that you can buy at the store, is used mainly to add a pleasant smell to a room. Incense comes in many forms, including sticks and cones, and are made up of natural ingredients, such as essential oils, and come in all manner of fragrances.

I've used incense for many years, for the wonderful smell they emit. My favorites are sage, cedar, coconut, roses, and cinnamon. Incense burners come in many forms, also. There are practical ones and fanciful ones, made of glass, wood, pottery, and metal.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of incense, here is an in-depth look. It is very interesting to learn about it, and know when you use it, you are continuing a very  long tradition.

Find it at...

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Today's letter is..................H

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I've always loved horses. One summer, when I was ten years old, I believe, I started a big project. My grand idea was to make a list of 1,001 names of horses. I settled on that number, because the movie "101 Dalmations" was popular at the time, and I figured, why not go bigger than 101...I'd do 1,001!

All that summer, I worked on the, after name, after name. Some names I'd just make up, some were of real race horses. My grandad liked to go to the horse races at Ruidoso Downs, in New Mexico. When he got back, he'd give me the racing form from his trip to the racetrack. I'd study all the particulars about the horses, and pick out the names I liked, to add to my list.

The very first horse name I wrote was "Candy Spots", which was the name of a real race horse. I'd also draw pictures of horses to go with the list, since I loved to draw.

I actually still have that list, and I did make it all the way to 1,001! That was such a fun summer.

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TWO SOULS: INTO THE FIRE......Twenty ninth installment

(29th installment) content

Steve started walking up the unfamiliar road. It was still mid-afternoon, but the woods were so thick and shady, it seemed like twilight. In spite of himself, he was a little spooked. These people were probably watching him already...with loaded shotguns. He hoped he didn't trip over some tree roots, or anything, and fall and break his other arm.

He was right about the people watching him make his way up the trail. They always had a sentry on watch...for just this reason...a stranger coming their way. Word was sent back to the settlement in record time. Steve would be met by a 'welcoming' group...with shotguns.

As Steve came to the top of the trail into a clearing, he was breathing hard. He stopped a minute, looking out over a rustic little town. He thought it kind of looked like a movie set. Stores, wooden sidewalks, porches with rocking chairs, log cabins, wash hanging on the lines, horses and buggys...he smiled. It was definitely  not what he'd expected.

He started toward the area, when just ahead of him, out stepped a group of men. Steve stopped and stared...this is what he expected...shotguns, guys in flannel shirts and denim overalls. The leader of the group spoke,

"What 'cha doin' up here?"

Steve stuggled to collect his thoughts. These are the hillbillies he'd always heard of...the hippies...the mountain people...Ghost's people! The way they looked, with their longish, light brown to white blond hair, the strange blue eyes, the way they talked..."Oh, my God, the way they talk, it's pure Ghost!" he thought.

"Uh...I'm here to ask if you know of a guy, my friend...came up here about a year or so ago. I heard he may have come this way. I just want to know if anyone can tell me anything..." Steve's voice faded, as he saw the looks he got from the group...and the looks that passed between the men. He felt they knew something, but the head guy just said,

"There's no strangers up in here...just you."

He didn't look very friendly. He didn't look like he'd volunteer any information. Steve was trying to think fast, to think what he should say or do to make them understand how important this was to him.

Word had gotten around already, that someone was here, and others were venturing out of the houses and stores, to stare at him. Some little kids came running around the corner of a building, playing some chasing game. Steve's mouth dropped open. He couldn't believe what he saw...young, little Ghost's - they all looked like Ghost as a kid.

The men were all still deciding whether to run him off their property, when an older woman came up to the group. She took one look at Steve, and said his name.

"Steve," she said, not unkindly.

The men gave her a warning look, but she stood her ground, and waved them away.

"I'll take care of this'un...y'all go on now."

They protested a little, but slowly walked away. Steve knew they'd not go far, and would still be watching.

"How do you know my name?" he asked the woman.

"Ghost told me," she said, simply. "He told me all about you, Steve."

Steve ran his hand over his sweaty face, and into his scraggly hair, as he looked at the ground.

"I'm sorry...I'm so, so sorry. I never meant for anything bad to happen," he was almost in tears.

"C'mon, Steve, let's go inside," she said, leading him to her cabin. She gave him some cool spring water, and let him cool off a bit, before speaking again.

"You aren't supposed to find him, Steve, until the time is right. I guess you haven't found him yet, if you're up here, then." she sighed. "He's not here anymore...left about six months ago. Things were getting ugly..." she shook her head. "It shouldn't have. We are Ghost's people, his family, but Miz Deliverance took him away when he was too young. And now, to come back, was like a stranger came back, an outsider. I think Ghost didn't know where he fit in. Not back in Missing Mile, and not here either, really. It's a shame what went on. Some of the young men here, well, Ghost is such a pure soul, and so giving and trusting...they took advantage of that. I tried to get him to stay, said it'd get better, but he knew it wouldn't...said he had to go."

She stopped, staring Steve right in the eyes, with a hard look. Steve had said nothing.

Next installment coming soon!

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