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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Today's Letter Is................. I

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Isn't it amazing that something that has been around for centuries, is still being used in this modern time? Among the first recorded person's that used incense was the ancient Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut. It was found on the walls of the temple at the time of her death, in 1458 B.C. Frankincense was used over 5,000 years ago, also. The indigenous peoples of North America used incense that was made of sage and cedar.

Incense has been used for many purposes. It is used in religious ceremonies, in medicine, in meditation, and aromatherapy. Today's incense that you can buy at the store, is used mainly to add a pleasant smell to a room. Incense comes in many forms, including sticks and cones, and are made up of natural ingredients, such as essential oils, and come in all manner of fragrances.

I've used incense for many years, for the wonderful smell they emit. My favorites are sage, cedar, coconut, roses, and cinnamon. Incense burners come in many forms, also. There are practical ones and fanciful ones, made of glass, wood, pottery, and metal.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of incense, here is an in-depth look. It is very interesting to learn about it, and know when you use it, you are continuing a very  long tradition.

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