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Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z BLOG CHALLENGE...April 4, 2014...LETTER D

A to Z Blog Challenge
Today's Letter.....D

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Doppleganger is a German word that means Double Walker. Other descriptive meanings include...
A paranormal double of a living person
A ghostly counterpart of a living person
A double
An alter ego
A person who has the same name as another
The sensation of having glimpsed oneself in one's own peripheral vision, with no chance of it having been a reflection
Someone who looks spookily like you, but isn't a twin
Ghost or Shadow of Yourself

Now that we've found out what the word 'doppleganger' many of you have seen one? How many of you have been one?

I have had both experiences. I've seen people many times that look like someone I know. It's a bit un-nerving, when you realize who you are seeing is not the person you know.

Maybe you smile or wave to them across the way, but they don't react...or just look at you like you are the weird one. I've even gone up to them, said their name, just to be informed that they were not my acquaintence. Then, I had to explain and apologize for the mistaken identity. They usually laugh about it.

One time I saw my daughter, who lived in another state at the time, in the video store here in town. that was pretty strange. I knew she was not here...but, it looked just like her! Another time, at the same video store, I saw the members of the pop band "Green Day". They were just being normal customers, looking for a video to rent.

Another perspective is the way people come up to me, thinking I'm their friend. I tell them I'm not who they think I am. One lady kept insisting I was! She kept calling me by this other person's name, and I kept denying I was that person. She was very upset about it. It was such a strange situation to be in.

I've always heard that every person has a doppleganger somewhere in the world. I think it would be fun to see my own...or maybe a bit creepy!

What about you? Would you want to meet your doppleganger?

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. My daughter had one when she was about 3. A friend brought over a commercial telephone book and on the cover was my girl, only it wasn't. It was sort of creepy.
    Visiting from AtoZ

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting! Yes, it is very strange when this happens! I, too have seen pictures of people I know, and it wasn't them at all! Once, I thought my grandson was in a Pinterest picture! I checked with my wasn't him! :)...Best wishes to you!