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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This incident happened a few years ago. It was on Christmas Eve, if I remember correctly. The unlikely place was the grocery store.

I'd gone to the store to get some last minute items. The store was crowded, as they were to close early that night. I was over in the produce section. I kept noticing a woman that was there by me. She was shorter than me, and had on a beige coat, a scarf, and glasses. Her hair was light brown, going gray, and it was messy. She also had a slight disability in her speech and demeanor.

I can't remember the exact conversation, but it was about the fruits and vegetables, and also about the crowds and Christmas...things like that. Just a normal verbal exchange between strangers at a grocery store.

It was a little hard to understand her, but she was nice and I talked to her for a bit. Then I went on with my shopping. However, everywhere I went in the store, this woman would be there, too. I didn't see her come up the aisle, and I don't think she had a basket, but there she'd be, still wanting to talk.

This went on the whole time I was there. I kept getting this really strong feeling...and I kept getting the thought of angels. No real reason I should be thinking of angels at that time, though, but got the sense that this woman was maybe an angel. I couldn't shake the feeling, it just kept getting stronger.

Well, I kept talking to her, as everywhere I went in the store she would be there right beside me. Then I seemed to get an inkling, or revelation of why this was happening.

This was a test...a test to see if I was perceptive and could recognize what was going on, and of my compassion and empathy for those less fortunate with disabilities, by how I responded and treated this woman. There was definitely some kind of reason for this to be going on...I knew that then.

Well, in the end I went to check out my groceries and I said goodbye to her. Never saw her again, but she will remain in my memories of that night! Now I don't know for sure if angels appear as regular people at random times or for what reasons, but in my mind, this is what it was.

Peace, Love, & Angels


  1. Did this really happen or is it fiction? I ask because I had something of a similar nature really happen at an estate sale.

    1. Hi, Crystal! Thanks for your question! Yes this really happened. It was very strange...the feeling I got from talking to this lady. I do believe there are angels that are sent here for whatever reason, and I was able to sense this about her. I would love to hear your estate sale story. You may have had an encounter yourself! I appreciate your taking the time to comment! Thanks!