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Thursday, February 20, 2014


These were two different occasions that happened several years apart, between my daughter and I.

The first one, the dream, happened when she was a little kid. She spent the night with a friend from the neighborhood...the first time she'd ever done that. There was nothing unusual about it, and she had a good time.

However, that night I had a strange dream about a skunk that was trying to get in the back door. It was acting crazy! The next morning, my daughter came home, and she started telling me about her night at the friend's house.

She said she'd been really scared, at one point, when she woke up and thought she saw a skunk under the bed, acting crazy!  I'd not mentioned my dream to her before she told me this.

I think she may have been afraid of the imagined skunk under the bed, and it caused me to somehow pick up on her thoughts, which made me have a dream about a skunk. It was a bit strange, but cool at the same time, that we'd both connected in the middle of the night like that.


The second one is a vision I had, many years later, of my daughter (she was a teen then). Her dad and I had gone to get groceries, about 30 miles away, and she was home alone.  On our way back down the highway, the car was warm, and the sun was shining in my I closed my eyes and felt half asleep.

Almost immediately, I "saw" my daughter. She was sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone to a friend. This friend lived out of town, and I knew her, but we'd not seen her in a long time. That was the vision I received.

When we did arrive home and opened the door, there was my daughter, sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone...just as I'd seen it. I just said to her to say hi to her friend S.

She finished her conversation, then asked me how I knew she was talking to S. I said I'd seen it in a vision on the way home!

We have had other psychic connections between us over the years, also. It is not scary...just amazing that it happens out of the blue like that!

Have you had similar dreams or visions? As always, comments are welcome!

Peace, Love, & Connections!

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