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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

TWO SOULS: INTO THE FIRE...(ninety first installment)

91st installment content 


Steve, meanwhile, had left the house that afternoon with a mission in mind. The problem was, that he wasn't sure how to go about it. He'd never had any dealings with guns, or people who used them. He figured he could buy one at a gun store, but he was afraid they'd ask him what he wanted it for. And, if they did a background check, well...he was sure his record wasn't exactly spotless. So, he drove over to Terry's place. He knew he'd be at work at the record store, but maybe he could ask his advice.

Terry was busy with a customer, when Steve entered the Whirling Disc, so he just kept walking all the way to the back room, letting Terry know he needed to talk to him.

When Terry came back there, Steve just blurted out, "What'cha know about guns?"

"Uh...why, Steve? You planning on getting one?" Terry asked.

"Yeah, I gotta get one, and I need to know where should I get it," Steve said.

"You gonna go hunting this year?"

"Yeah, something like that," Steve said. "Only I never used one before. How do I get one, and how do I learn how to use it?"

"Well, if you're hunting dove, ya need a smaller rifle, than if you're hunting something bigger. It all depends. And, I guess the sporting goods store over in Raleigh would have shooting lessons, or something. Why don't you just go there and find out?" Terry explained.

"Well, it's not that easy, Terry. I need something now, today, and I need to know how to use"

"Wait a minute, Steve. What's going on? This don't sound like a hunting trip. What's the real deal?"

"Terry, if I told you, you wouldn't believe me, anyway. So, all I can say, is someone's been breaking into our house, and I'm gonna be ready for next time."

"So, do you know who it is? Did they take anything, did they threaten you and Ghost?"

"I know who it is, and it feels threatening, when they come in and harass us and spy on us all the time," Steve said. "So, ya gonna hook me up, or what?"

Terry thought for a minute, frowning. "Let me think...uh, I know a guy over in in cash only, no questions asked...but, are you sure this is how you want to handle it? I mean, just call the cops on the guy; let them do their job...get him off the street, ya know."

Steve nodded, then said, "I get ya, Terry, but this is a special circumstance. It's an old score I need to settle, so yeah, I need protection at the house."

"Well,'s the guy you need to see," Terry said, as he wrote down the information. "But, really..try not to kill anyone. Just scare him off. That'd probably work, too."

"We'll see, Terry...thanks," Steve said as he left.

As he sped off down the highway out of town, he didn't notice he was being watched. Terry needed a break, so he put his 'Be Back Later' sign on the shop door, and walked on down to the Yew. He needed to see Kinsey...let him know what was going on, now. He pushed open the door the the club, and hollered, "Hey, dude, where are ya?"

"Back here, Terry, c'mon in," Kinsey hollered back. Kinsey was doing some office work, but motioned for Terry to take a seat. After another minute of adding up receipts, he looked up. "What's up?" he asked.

"Uh, ya know I'm not one to gossip...heh, heh...but, I got something I want to let ya know about," Terry said.

Kinsey shook his head, and sighed. "Don't tell me, let me has something to do with those two renegades we call Steve and Ghost."

Terry nodded, "Yep, and it don't sound good."

"What did they do this wait...I don't even want to know."

"Well, here it is anyway. Maybe you can makes heads or tails out of it," said Terry. "I got no freakin' clue." He shrugged, then begin telling Kinsey what had just happened.

"So, Steve comes in, just a few minutes ago, and he goes - hey, do you know anything about guns? - Well, sure I do, I mean, I got one under the counter...almost shot Ghost, that time. Anyway, come to find out, he wants to buy one. Like right now. Says it's for protection out at the house..." he was interrupted by Kinsey.

"Protection...from what? They never had any trouble out there...why now?"

"Well, he says someone's been breaking in, and threatening them, and all kinds of shit...I don't know. Anyway, what I did, was I gave him the name of a guy over in Raleigh, ya know, he'll sell him one, for sure. So Steve takes off, and now I'm telling you. What'd'ya think?"

Kinsey sat back, closed his eyes, and rubbed his forehead. "Could be about that business last night. Probably is...I swear, Terry, I think they just go making up shit, so they can stay in trouble; can't wait to get in the middle of something...gotta go looking for it."

"What are you talking about?" Terry asked. "I was here for awhile; I didn't see anything going on."

"Well, you missed it then. There was plenty going on. I think they've finally gone crazy, this time," Kinsey explained. "Steve was in here ranting about some kid was a goddam vampire, and he was after them. I laughed in his face, and told him he was officially insane, and to get outta my office. But, then Ghost comes in and totally freaks...thought he was gonna die on the spot, and kept saying why did Steve tell me." Kinsey stopped, seeing Terry's reaction to this was the same as he'd had the night before.

"Then, Steve goes on and on about New Orleans, and murder, and Ann, and I don't know what all. Ghost was crying, and Steve was banging his fist on my desk, saying I have to believe him. And, it's something to do with that little kid, Nothing, and it's all his fault. Shit, Terry, I'd heard enough, and I kicked them out. That's the last I heard. I don't have time for this kinda crap...ya know?" Kinsey said.

"That's crazy, Kinsey. Vampires? I know that kid is kinda creepy, but he does a good job booking our gigs, stuff like that," Terry said. He thought about it a minute. "Well, you  know those other two in the band...they're kinda weird too, living out there in the *murder house, where Trevor's family got killed...but vampires?"

Kinsey nodded, "That's what they said."

"Sounds like Steve's been smoking some of that shit I gave him, and watching too many horror movies on TV," Terry said.

"Well, I don't know, but Steve with a gun? That is real trouble, right know how he is. I don't like it, I don't like it at all, Terry," Kinsey said.

"What are you gonna do about it?" Terry asked.

"What do you mean, me? All I know is he's not bringing it in here. I'm just scared they'll kill each other, trying to figure out how to use the thing."

They sat there imagining the many things that could go wrong.

"They'll probably be here tonight, to see the band. At least, that's what I heard 'em say," Kinsey said. "Should I just not let them in?"

"Kinsey, they're like our can't do that. These other guys...we don't even know them, really. They just showed up outta nowhere. Maybe you should tell them to get lost."

"Crap, Terry, I feel like I'm the mediator between two warring gangs. Why? Why me?"

"'Cause, dude, you're the only one around here that acts like a grown-up. You're the only one that can keep us 'kids' in line," Terry laughed.

"Hmmph, maybe I'll resign the position and let hell break loose...let everybody do whatever the hell that want to," Kinsey said.

"Good luck, man," said Terry, as he got up to leave. "See ya tonight at the show, I guess."

*reference to murder house = in the book "Drawing Blood", by Poppy Z. Brite, 1993, published by Dell

Next installment coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

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