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Friday, September 4, 2015


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Steve got another cup of coffee, taking it outside to the front porch. If Terry didn't want to eat, then fine, he wasn't going to say any more about it. It did seem nice out here. He rocked the porch swing slowly, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and the peaceful feeling he got from living way out here in the woods. 

He thought of his sister, and her two kids. They'd be playing out here in the front yard pretty soon...and calling him Uncle Steve...oh man, I'm an uncle...he smiled at that thought. The screen door squeaked open, and Ghost shuffled out in his knee socks, and a blanket wrapped around him. Sitting down on the porch steps, he sipped his own mug of hot coffee.

"Terry is in there staring at a piece of toast," he said.

"I know. Maybe he'll eat it," Steve said.

Ghost shrugged. "I don't know...I think he was talking to it. He said, 'I have to eat you, but I'm afraid you'll choke me'..." He laughed, which made Steve start laughing.

"Oh, man....I needed that," Steve said, holding his stomach. "It's killing me, but that's just too funny."

"I know," Ghost agreed, but had stopped laughing. He was staring out into the woods, with a far away look in his eyes.

"I think I had a dream...about an earthquake and evil fog. Was that a dream?" Ghost asked.

"Well, if it was, then we all had the same one...even Kinsey," Steve said.

"Um-hmm, that's what I thought," Ghost said. "It wasn't a was a mass hallucination for all of us. That's why nobody else remembers."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Just what I said, Steve. That's the was only for all of us...all of us that was at the demon house. It's back...and it's putting visions and stuff in our heads." He nodded, as if this was a true fact.

Steve frowned. "For real? that same evil demon we got rid of?"

Ghost thought for a minute. "No, another one...not as bad, but it sees it's chance to come forth now. See, we opened the portal to the underworld, when we did that séance. The underworld...that's where the demons all hang out. So, when we busted the biggest, baddest, badass demon, this other one wants to have the boss position. It's trying to get us to let it come and be known, since we all know that they're there now. Just us that did the house demon. That's why nobody but us sees these things, and hears thing on the news. It's all fake...for real fake...made just for our minds, and they hope we'll be freaked out enough to do another séance, so it can come out and take over." He looked up at Steve, nodding his head.

"Ghost, I feel like I want to say that's bullshit...but in a way, it makes sense," Steve said. "At least it's an explanation. So, what should we do...just in case? I really don't want to go bustin' demons again."

"Me either...ever. I don't want to deal with 'em ever again. But, they'll keep on until we pay attention," Ghost said.

"Well, too bad. Can't you close the door  on them, or sage them away?" Steve asked. "Do some of your hocus-pocus on 'em." He was talking like this was a real situation, but inside he was thinking it was crazy talk.

"Yeah, but that would have us doing all that 'crazy talk' stuff, like we did before," said Ghost, picking up on Steve's inner thoughts.

Steve grinned, "You're good at doing that, ya know...hearing what I say inside."

Ghost smiled, "Yeah, I know, you come through loud and clear.'

"So, ok...I suggest we just ignore the fake stuff, now that we know it's fake. Then, they'll give up and go somewhere else," Steve said.

"Ok, guess so...they can come knocking, and we won't answer," Ghost said. "But, what if they make the fake stuff feel so real that we believe it? You know, like lies, and seeing weird shit, and things it says about all of us...I mean, it could put bad stuff in our heads."

"Well, if I hear any trash talk about any of us, I'll know it's not true. We need to tell the others about all this," Steve said.

"Yep, and we can start with Terry," Ghost said, getting up to go inside. "I need breakfast, anyway. Come on, Steve...Terry will think we're crazy, so I need you to help."

At the table, Terry had eaten half a piece of toast, and now was almost falling asleep sitting there.

"Hey, Dude...we got some need to listen," Steve said, as he jiggled Terry's shoulder.

"Huh? What? Oh, ok, I'm awake...a little bit," Terry said.

They told him everything they'd been discussing. "Ok," Terry nodded. "Mission Ignore Fakeness is on. I'll call Kinsey. He's still over at Zach's, so he can fill them in."

With that settled, boredom was setting in. None of them felt ready or well enough yet to go anywhere, though. Terry called Kinsey and explained their plan, then he went back to bed, hoping when he woke up he'd feel better.

Steve strummed his guitar for a little while, just for it's soothing tones. His mind couldn't concentrate on any songs yet, but running his fingers over the frets, and hearing the strings vibrate, always made him feel better.

Ghost had gotten his journal and curled up on the couch to write...he never missed a day, if he could help it. He hummed along to Steve's music, and they both fell into a familiar, comfortable routine.

Terry, still trying to rest, was listening, and it helped him feel better, too. He smiled to himself. His two best friends, besides Kinsey, were out there, and it seemed so peaceful and normal...something they'd do any time together. He'd stayed over before, but those times were after partying too hard, and he always wondered what Steve and Ghost did when they were alone.

They were a crazy pair, and he thought maybe they were just as crazy all the time...but, this here, this normalcy was what he realized was the one constant that allowed them to be each other's soul mate. Their name 'Lost Souls' was so right for them...except they weren't lost...they'd found each other. It was testimony for all the lost souls in the world, that you don't have to be forever lost...

Terry finally drifted off to sleep. Steve continued to play softly, for awhile. He could hear Ghost humming, and the scratching of his marker, as he wrote in the journal. He'd never really read any of them, only a peek or two, or when Ghost would show him a certain part. He smiled, as he imagined what Ghost wrote about...was it dreams? made up stories? every day happenings? He knew he kept a separate notebook for song lyrics, and he had some for his art work...he recognized those, but this one was new.

It had a picture of an Indian dream-catcher on the cover. It was fancier than a spiral...this one was bound. He'd gotten it for Christmas, and it wouldn't take him long to fill it with his writing. He looked over at Ghost.

"What 'cha writing about?" he asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.

Ghost finished his thought, before he looked up.

"Huh? This journal?"

"Yes...what is it about? Is there a theme?"

Ghost looked puzzled. "I don't know, I just write what comes. I don't think about it." He shrugged, tracing his fingers along the sides of the book. "This one will turn into whatever it is meant to be...just like the others," he said.

"Oh, me something then," Steve said.

Ghost looked down at the page he'd just finished, as if it was a revelation to him, too. "Hmm, the book says, 'I went to live with Ghost on Christmas Eve. I am happy, because Ghost is a writer, and I was meant to be written in. He is not afraid to write what he thinks...even if it's messy, or silly, or profound." Ghost looked up at Steve. "That's what I wrote...that's what the book said to me." He smiled his crooked smile.

Steve laughed. "Thank you, Ghost, for being so amazing. I love your writing." He put his guitar down, and slowly closed Ghost's book, keeping his hand on top of Ghost's. Ghost did not pull away, instead, he looked into Steve's eyes.

Steve took Ghost's face in his hands, and they kissed. As their tongues touched, they both felt a familiar twinge of need for each other. Without a word, Steve rose, and helped Ghost to his feet. They went arm in arm down the hall to Ghost's bedroom. It had been awhile since they'd pleasured one another, and so this time was extra tender and loving...though not quiet.

Terry was awakened, at first disoriented. Then, he understood what he was hearing, and grinned. This is what it's all about, he thought, loving someone unconditionally. He ached for wanting someone like that in his life. He vowed to stop playing around...from now on, to get serious about his quest for true love.

Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

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