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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


They skittered away from me. They always do, the little devils. They are fast. I sometimes catch one, but it's not easy.

Laughing at my attempts, they form little armies, taunting me. I curse them. I get angry, stomp my feet, find another weapon in my arsenal, hoping to find one that will annihilate them for good.

I've learned that they are tricksters. They have many hiding places and love to skitter out at me...a suprise attack...only to disappear again.

To look at them, you'd think they are innocent of any evil intent towards me. I know better now. I've come to believe they have some kind of rudimentary intelligence, enhancing their mission.

The ones I've captured are disposed of immediately, but it hardly matters. Multiplication of their species is rapid, and they don't mourn the loss of their comrades.

Where do they come from? How do they get in here? I don't invite them in. I'd never do that.  They are sneaky. If ever you look into any dark recess of this place, you may catch sight of a few, catch them congregating...formulating their plans. I shake my head, knowing they will be gone if I run to get my chosen weapon.

They've been around for centuries, their kind. I'm sure of it. They are a primitive sort, yet hardy...impossible to completely wipe off the face of the Earth.

I've dissected a few that I was lucky enough to catch. They made no sound as I pulled and prodded them apart, even as they crumbled into nothingness. I was surprised. Their bodies disintegrated into a bit of hair, a bit of fluff, back to the dirty little Hell they came from. I shudder at the remembrance of it. I don't pull them apart for curiosity's sake any more.

I chased one the other day, though. A tiny one skittered across the floor right in front of me. I'd caught a glimpse of movement from the corner of my eye. As luck would have it, I had my weapon in hand already. I smashed the bloodless bugger flat. The only witnesses were the others of it's kind, already trapped, on the way to their doom.

I sensed a rustling, a whisper of movement behind me. Whirling around, I dangled my latest victim in front of the others.

"Hah! Look at your future, you devils," I sneered.

Flinging the deceased into their midst, I scooped up the whole lot of them. Their execution was at hand. As today's invaders were being disposed of, I heard their final, collective thought.

"We'll be back."

I sighed, "Waging war on dust bunnies is a never ending job."

Peace, Love, & War

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