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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


You've probably heard of the 5 Ws of good reporting......that being to ask and answer these questions:    What, Why, Where, When, Who, and also How could be asked.     

Here are my answers to those questions about my writing.


What is it?   My writing.
What do you write about?    Everything I think about.   I like to write things down in all different types of formats.    I've tried all kinds of styles over the years and found them all to be fun to do.   I have written fan fiction , diarys, journals, memoirs, plays, poetry, dream journals, fiction, observations, lists, children's stories, adult stories, letters, and now even Tweets, and FB messages, and now this blog. 

Some of the earliest writing I ever did was in the form of diarys and fan fiction.   I kept diaries almost from the time I could put pencil to paper.   Fan fiction was probably next. I would make up stories using characters from tv shows I liked, sometimes mixing up the people from one show into another show.   Yes, there were some strange combinations.....think Perry Mason meets Bonanza!    And many more of this type.   Then there were the plays, as I called them, written exactly as you'd see them on a page with stage direction and scenery and acts.    Lots of these were about the popular bands and singing groups of the day.   The memoirs would be a longer form of the diary entries, with much detail included and my thoughts on them, from everyday happenings as I remembered them.    Yes, there were some that I later destroyed, because......ahem.....just because I'd not want anyone to come across them (but now wish I'd kept).     

This is just some of the things I write about.    I love to write and I will continue this writing blog next time, adding more to the What of my writing, then continuing on  to the other Ws.     

(here is an example of one of my observations......the W in the title and in this text...should it have an apostrophe between the W and the small letter s?    I wouldn't think the W is something that could be posessive, as in owning something, but I'm not sure. I will have to look it up and will report what I find to you.    That is something else I love to do......research! =  or what I formally call 'looking stuff up'!)

Until next time, hope I've entertained you with this little bit of writing!

Peace, Love, & Writing!

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