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Sunday, February 15, 2015


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Trevor was in a psychotic fugue, or something, just like when Zach first met Trevor at this house. He'd came at him then, too, trying to kill him. It had been a long time since he'd had to use his computer systems passwords to unlock Trevor's mind. He couldn't even remember what it was he'd said, that last time. Something had to work, though, so he started saying anything he could think of.

"Trevor, we have to get ready for the Halloween show tonight. We won't stay here anymore. Let's burn the place down, right now. Coffee...I'll make strong coffee for you. Mushrooms, Trevor, remember? Ghost will clear away the evil. You can sing on stage with me."

Zach kept on talking, trying to break through and calm Trevor down. Trevor kept on slashing the vines, his hair flying, and sweat running down his face, mixing with the tears. Each time the blade cut through a vine runner, Zach thought he could hear it screaming.

"I love your hair, Trevor. I love you. Draw me some comics. You can make out with Ghost, and I won't get mad. Let's go back to Jamaica..."

Suddenly, Trevor whirled around, his eyes blazing as he stared at Zach. "You're an idiot, Zach."

Zach backed up out of Trevor's reach with the knife. "What?"

"I said you're an idiot." Trevor said, breathing hard. "All that crap you just said...I heard it all. I don't need any code words to make me calm down. And, I can't believe you said I should make out with Ghost. What do you think I am...a whore, now? Now that you taught me everything, that I'd just go be with anyone but you? That kills me, Zach, that you'd think that, that I'd want to do that."

Breathing hard, Trevor dropped the knife.

Zach was afraid to say anything, now...the wrong thing might set Trevor off again, but he had to say something. "Uh, Trev...I'm sorry. I thought I could calm you down. You were scaring me, and..."

"Shut up, just shut up, Zach," Trevor said. He brushed past Zach, on his way outside.

Zach was frozen to the spot. He needed to go to Trevor, but now was afraid to...afraid Trevor was breaking up with him. He looked back into the bedroom. The vines were growing back...putting feelers out toward the doorway.

"You fucking house...look what you've done. You couldn't kill him before, so you try this way. Well, it's not gonna happen. Never...never." He ran out to confront Trevor.

As he came outside, he saw Trevor at the car, bent over the hood. He was crying. Zach came up, slowly, and reached out his hand. He smoothed back Trevor's hair. "Trev, I'm so sorry. Let me hold you, please." He thought Trevor wasn't going to turn around, but he did, and fell into Zach's arms.

"I'm sorry Zach. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to yell at's just this evil house. I couldn't stop."

"I know, and it had hold of me, too, I think. I couldn't stop the words from coming, even when I didn't want to say them."

They stayed in their embrace, there by the car, for a few more moments. Zach dried Trevor's tears, and kissed him.

"We have to go back in there," Zach said. "We have to get our stuff."

Trevor nodded. "What if we don't get out alive, Zach?"

"We will...we have each other," Zach said, more confident than he actually felt.

They walked back around to the back door of the house. Everything seemed fine to look at, but there was an underlying feeling of a presence, waiting and watching. As fast as they could, they gathered up clothes, notebooks, sketchpads, comics, food, and anything else they could carry. They dumped it all in the car.

"That's it then?" Zach asked.

"Yeah, except for the séance," Trevor said.

Zach frowned, "Are you serious? Even now, you want to do that?"

"Yeah, even now," Trevor nodded.

Zach sighed and shook his head. He knew he'd go along with it, too. He knew it wasn't really over with Trevor...maybe it never would be.


                                                    CHAPTER 20

After a little while, Trevor asked, "Where will we go, now?"

"Well, Kinsey said we could stay there, if we wanted to," Zach said. "That's probably what we should do, at least until we find another place. What do you think?"

"Yeah, guess we could go on over there to the club. It's early, but we can unload our stuff, get all this settled, before y'all do the show tonight," Trevor agreed.

Still, they didn't leave. For some reason, they were finding it hard to get away from the house...they kept talking of the séance, the upcoming party, and even though they felt the need to go, there was the house...trying to pull them back in. Finally, Trevor gave himself a shake, to break the spell. "Let's just go, we'll be back, when Ghost does the séance," he said. Yet, still they stayed a bit longer, discussing Ghost and what he'd be doing.

"You know what," Trevor asked, "I'm still curious about what Ghost is going to actually do over here, ya know. Do you think it will be scary, or maybe it will be stupid to even do it."

"So what if it is? We'll see what happens, when we do it, right? Don't be freaking yourself out, before it even happens," Zach said.

"Yeah, I know, you're right, Zach."

"Hey, Ghost said he was going over to the cemetery, didn't he? I have an idea...let's go find him," Zach said, grinning. "Let's find out what he does over there. He's got secrets, I'll bet, secrets of his powers. I want to..."

Trevor interrupted, "You want to go spy on him?"

Zach smiled, "Yeah."

Trevor shrugged, "Fine with me, just don't go accusing me of anything, this is your idea."

"I know, and I won't" Zach said. He started the car and pulled out to the road. They'd never been to the cemetery before, but had passed by it on occasion. They'd admired the angel statue out by the entrance.

After a few minutes, they pulled into the little cemetery lane, stopping there. "That angel is pretty cool looking," Trevor said. "I'll bet I could draw it."

"Later," Zach said, "we're trying to find Ghost. I think we should just start walking around, but maybe be kinda quiet, you know, out of respect."

"Hah, what you really mean, is be sneaky," Trevor laughed.

"Yeah, that, too."

Zach pulled the car over to the side of the little road, and they got out. "How are we supposed to find him? This place is really big," Trevor asked, as they looked around the grounds. There were so many trees, it was hard to tell how far the graves went back, and they had no idea of where Ghost's grandmother's grave was located.

"Well, guess we just start where we are and work our way in," Zach said.

It was only mid-afternoon, but very shady, and eerily quite. "Ya getting scared yet, Trev?"

"No, well maybe. Let's keep going."

They wandered down the path, looking left and right as best they could, seeing no sign of Ghost. They were almost at the back perimeter of the graveyard, when Zach stopped walking. He pointed up ahead of them. "Shh...there he is."

They tried not to crunch on the dried leaves, as they went forward, using the trees to hide behind. They got as close as they could, without being noticed, and just watched Ghost. They had gotten there at just about the same time as he had.


Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

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