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Thursday, February 19, 2015


# 129
warning: adult content


Ghost had gone on down to the cemetery, using the worn path through the woods, as he usually did. It had been awhile since he'd been to his grandmother's grave. Smiling, he took in the peaceful scene at her gravestone. It always calmed him to come here.

The fall leaves and pine needles had covered the ground, and he took in a deep breath of the crisp air. Kneeling, he traced his fingers over the engraved words on the granite headstone. Then, as he lay down, he let his mind wander a few minutes, preparing himself for any kind of communication from beyond.

"I'm here, grandmother," he whispered. He was almost asleep now, but murmured, "Tell me a story...tell me a story about good against evil."

Then, he was asleep, but in the dream that came to him, he saw his grandmother and himself, from a long ago day. He was begging for another story, as he did every day.

"Ghost child, you need stories like you need air to breathe. I will tell you a truth that you can call upon, whenever you need reassurance. To help you remember, I'll sing it for you..." She began to hum a lullaby, that turned into words of wisdom.

"When one comes upon choices in life, there are only two directions you can go...toward the goodness of creation, or toward the evil that lurks in the shadows, wanting to capture your very being. It is always your choice, but you must live with the consequences.

If you choose wisely, there are many ways to surround yourself with protection from evil. If you choose to let evil come into you, there is no one to help, nobody to guide you. You will be bereft...all alone. So, choose wisely, Ghost child. Evil is has always been, and will always be so.

Throughout time, it has been God's will to prevail over evil, at all cost. Do what you must, and know you can call on me. I love you, and will always watch over you."

The made up tune as the story, had turned into the advice he'd been seeking.


Trevor and Zach had watched Ghost, as he'd knelt down at the grave. They were close enough to have heard him whisper. Trevor poked Zach, "Is that all he's gonna do?" He mouthed the words, so as not to be heard by Ghost.

"Shh," Zach held his fingers to his own lips, and shrugged.

They waited. After awhile, Ghost awoke. Sitting up, he ruffled his fingers through his hair, then reached into his backpack, getting a sky blue marker. He began to write on the headstone. He then went around to the back, and dug around in the tiny crack, to see if there were any new messages. He pulled out the older notes, and read them over again. The guitar pick was still there, he noticed.

He felt around even farther into the opening, feeling there was another paper wedged inside. Pulling it out the tightly rolled message, he opened it, reading for a minute, then smiled and kissed it. He put everything back, then ripped a piece of paper from his current notebook, writing his own message. Folding it into a small square, he pushed it in with the other items.

Zach and Trevor were still watching, wondering what Ghost would do next. They didn't have long to wait, as Ghost scrambled backwards from the grave, and pulled out the hidden tin box he and Steve had placed there in secret. He brought out a white candle, and a packet of matches. He lit the candle, which smelled of cinnamon. As the wax melted, Ghost stood, then dripped puddles of it all along the top of the marker. He pushed his fingerprint into each one.

Looking around the area, Ghost held the candle up, at arm's length, in front of him. Turning slowly in a circle, he began a sort of chanting...calling to the spirits of the dead, that lay all around him. His blue eyes were dilated, having a far away look to them, there in the shadowy copse.

Zach and Trevor were mesmerized, as they stared, barely breathing.

Ghost called out the names of all the familiar spirits that surrounded him. Facing the grave, now, he knelt down, holding the candle high.

"Thank you for helping me. I love you...I miss you, so much..." He made the sign of the cross, and blew out the candle.

As the spirals of smoke drifted upward on the breeze, a small blue bird flew down and landed on the top of the grave marker. It only stayed a few seconds, but left one lone blue feather behind, as it flew away. Ghost smiled and picked up the feather, sticking it in his hair. He returned the candle to the tin box, hiding it again, behind a rock.

He stood up then, and seemed to look straight at Zach and Trevor. "Y'all can come out now," he said to them.

Trevor and Zach gasped.

"Come on, I know you're there," Ghost said.

They sheepishly untangled themselves from the bushes, coming to stand in front of Ghost. 

"It's ok," Ghost said, "I knew y'all were coming out here, even before y'all did. I was expectin' ya. Thank you for not interrupting while I talked to my grandmother."

"Uh, sorry...we were just interested to see what you do," said Zach.

Ghost grinned, "It's different every time, but it's not a secret. Anyone who wants to can come watch. It don't bother me none."

"Is that what you'll do at the séance?" Trevor asked.

Ghost shrugged, "Can't say. Guess it'll be different...I never know...whatever spirit comes through. I just do whatever feels right, then after that, I don't know any more. I do some things for protection, but then, it just takes over, and ya just have to watch and tell me what happened, for real...'cause I don't know what's real and what's just in my head, ya know?"

Ghost took a much needed breath. He sat down, looking like he was going to stay and talk for a long time. Zach and Trevor sat down, too, wondering what was going to happen next.

As Ghost continued, Zach nudged Trevor, "What do ya think?"

"It's weird,'s like he don't care if we're listening or not...or even talking about him."

"Yeah, like he's in a different place or something. He just keeps on talking...and I still don't know what he's saying," Zach tried to stifle a giggle.

"I know, me either," Trevor said. "Guess we can stay here with him for awhile. If he don't ever stop, we may have to go get Steve, or just put him in the car and take him home."

They kept smiling and nodding, as they listened to Ghost ramble on.

Then Ghost said, "...and I know what y'all just said...well, in half of me, but I'm just telling' ya stuff that is how I do it, and you can or can't see it, but I do...and you can or can't believe it today...but, you'll see later, it's all true." He paused a moment, looking at Zach and Trevor.

"And, if ya want to go get Steve, he's at Terry's, and I'm not through looking at graveyards. The one behind my house is older, and I like it, too. I have to go there next, 'cause I always do, but I'm hungry, and I have to get ready to go, and...and..."

Ghost blinked a few times, and shook his head. "What's going on?" he asked, looking confused. "Where are you? Are you still here?" He reached out his hands, feeling for Trevor and Zach, until he made contact with their faces. "Say something to me, so I'll know you're real," he said.

"Ghost, what is it? We're here, right in front of you," Zach said. He and Trevor were getting scared, now. They'd never seen Ghost this weird, before.


Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

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