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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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Ghost and Melody walked a few blocks down, then over to the next street. The sidewalk was shady, and they were in no hurry.

"I'm really excited," Melody said. "When I woke up this morning, I had no idea this would happen...did you?"

"Um...kinda. Well, not that I'd find a sister, but I knew I had to find something. I dreamed it. I told Steve we had to go to these two little towns. I mean, we had to. Something was guiding me here," Ghost said.

"And just like that, he agreed?"

"Yeah, when I see things, he knows to pay attention."

"That must be nice to have someone believe in you. I had a feeling you two were together, more than just friends." She looked over at Ghost, and smiled. "I can tell he loves you, Ghost," Melody said. "You're so lucky."

Ghost shrugged. "I guess you're right. Sometimes I don't think so, though. It's been so hard to get where we are. I'll tell you someday..."

Melody looked harder at Ghost, and could see the sadness just below the surface. "It's ok...when you're ready. I have things to say, too. I know how hard it is."

She stopped in front of a two story house. "Well, here we are at my place, but not for long. Come help me pack." She led the way to an upstairs apartment. It was very small, and sparsely furnished. "Just start grabbing everything, ok? Let's put it all on the bed. What do y'all have room for me to take?"

"We got lots of room. We have a U-Haul truck, so you can take it all." He looked around the room. "Is the furniture yours?" Ghost asked.

"No, it stays. Just get everything out of the closet and dresser. I'll do the kitchen," Melody said, then went to get started.

Ghost opened a dresser drawer. "This is weird, Melody, getting your stuff."

"No, it's fine, go on."

So, he did, putting clothes, shoes, papers, games, music, and videos all on the bed, and floor, until everything was cleaned out. She came in to the main room, carrying grocery bags, and a big box of items from the kitchen, adding them to the growing pile.

"Shit, I didn't know I had so much," she said. "Now, just my make-up and bathroom things, and that will be all."

"You got any more boxes?" Ghost asked.

Shaking her head, Melody said, "No, just use the big garbage bags. Stuff everything in. I can sort it later on."

They worked a few more minutes, then heard Steve knock on the door. Letting him in, Melody said, "This is it, Steve. If it's too much, I can get rid of some."

He looked over the mounds of garbage bags, and said, "No, we got room. We just need to haul it down to the U-Haul...hah...I made a rhyme," Steve said, laughing at his own joke.

They all took what they could, and started down the stairs, with the first loads. On the way down, Steve asked, "Is there anyone you should let know you're leaving?"

"Um...yeah, I should tell the landlord, and my boss. He can send me my last paycheck. Give me your address, Steve." she said.

He wrote the Burnt Church Road address on a scrap of paper for her. "Ok, good, now I can stop on the way out. The landlord just lives down below here. I'll be right back," Melody said.

Steve and Ghost continued out to the U-Haul with their bags, then went up for more. In the mostly empty apartment, now, Steve stopped. Looking at Ghost, he asked, "You ok with all this? I mean, it's so sudden."

Ghost nodded. "I know, but yeah, it's right. It was meant to happen, Steve, and I'm happy. It's a weird feeling to have found out I have a sister. I can't explain it." Steve could see in Ghost's eyes how completely right it was.

"Come here," he said, pulling Ghost close for a hug. "I love you, Ghost, and if you say it's right, then I believe you."

As they kissed, Melody came in, saw them, and caught her breath. She sighed...Someday I'll have a love like that...

Finishing their kiss, they turned toward her, and she could tell what had been on their mind.  "Sorry, didn't mean to you want, I can come back later. You can be alone here for as long as you want," she said.

Ghost had his head resting on Steve's shoulder, his eyes closed. He knew it would be up to Steve if he wanted to get back on the road right now, so he waited.

Steve squeezed Ghost's hand. "Uh, yeah, could you? I mean, you can go see what Linda is doing down there in the van. Maybe she'd drive you over to the store, so you could tell your boss? And, we would...well, not be long, and...yeah..." Steve said, feeling a bit embarrassed to be announcing what he and Ghost were thinking.

"Sure, no problem. I'll do that," Melody said, backing toward the door. Come down and find us when you're ready, then." She closed the door behind her, as she left.

Steve stood there a minute, though. He didn't quite know why, figuring she wouldn't be back any time soon. Sighing, he said, "C'mon..." as he led Ghost over to the bed. It was now just a bare mattress.

For some reason, they both were feeling awkward, and shy. The window was open, and the curtains blew softly in the warm breeze. They could hear street noises, and an occasional word or two from people on the sidewalk.

"Ghost?" Steve started, then stopped, as he heard his voice echo through the stripped bare room. He wasn't even sure Ghost wanted to be with him right now. It was the weirdest feeling, he thought. He had been looking around the room, and out the window, trying to feel more normal. Then, when he looked at Ghost, all the doubt went away.

Ghost was sitting on the bed, just watching him intently. His eyes were dilated, and the blue in them was dark. Then, he licked his lips, and grinned that crooked grin.

Steve knew Ghost wanted it as much as he did, and joined him on the bed. Kissing Ghost had always made the ordinary world fall away. Running his hands over Ghost's body, and feeling him shiver in anticipation, was exquisite, and Ghost's warm hands on him, made him dizzy with desire. Afterwards, they lay in each other's arms, feeling the breeze swirl over them, cooling them.

"Mmm, that was nice," Steve murmured. His eyes felt heavy, and he wanted to sleep. He thought Ghost must have already fallen asleep. "Hey, we can't go to sleep," he said, nudging him. "We have to get going again."

"Uh-uh, let's just stay here forever," Ghost mumbled.

"Oh, I'd love to, but really, they're waiting for us down there," Steve said.  "C'mon..." he sat up, and pulled Ghost up, too. Ghost's hair was a tangled mess, and he was flushed.

Steve smiled. "You're adorable, you know."

"I'm a mess," Ghost said.

"Yeah, that too." Steve laughed, and tossed Ghost's clothes to him, and they both got dressed.

Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

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