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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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Kinsey jumped up from his chair, when he saw Steve and Ghost come into the office. A big smile creased his face.

"Hey, Kinsey," Ghost said, "we're here. Surprise!" He ran over to give Kinsey a hug. "We have another surprise, too."

Kinsey was taking it all in. His quiet office had suddenly become a noisy, people filled room. It felt like a party, already. Stevie and Mandy were running around hollering, and Linda was shushing them. Melody was hanging back, trying to be inconspicuous, and Ghost was babbling on and on, whether anyone was listening, or not. Steve just leaned against the wall, smiling, but looking tired.

"Well, Steve, you got 'em all back, safe and sound," Kinsey said.

"Um-hmm, and it wasn't easy," Steve said, and sighed.

"Yeah, I can imagine," Kinsey said. "You look beat."

Steve nodded. "I think I need to sleep for about a year, then maybe I'll feel ok."

Kinsey watched the kids for a minute. "What's the story...Ghost's face? What happened?" He really looked at the black eye and swollen mouth.

"A freak accident," Steve said. He didn't want to get into it right now. He knew Kinsey would never fully trust him again, anyway. No need to go into details at this point.

"Ok..." Kinsey said, as he raised his eyebrows. "Then, who's the girl? She looks the spitting image of Ghost."

Nodding, Steve said, "I'll let Ghost tell ya. Hey, Ghost, c'mere," he said, getting Ghost's attention. "You gotta introduce Kinsey to..."

"Oh yeah," Ghost said. He ran over to the couch, where Melody was sitting with Linda. Kinsey and Steve moved a little closer. "You gotta actually meet Kinsey," he said, grabbing Melody's hand, helping her up. "Kinsey, this here is Melody, my sister." He laughed. "We found her, and we didn't even know we was looking for her."

"Well, what do ya know. Nice to meet you, Melody. I'm Kinsey."

"Hey, Kinsey," Melody said, a bit shy now. "It was a big surprise to me, too."

Shaking his head, Kinsey said, "I'm trying to wrap my head around it. Sorry if I stare, but you two are so much alike."

"That's 'cause we're twins, Kinsey," Ghost said. "We're supposed to look alike"

Kinsey laughed. "You're right, and you've got to tell me the whole story. It's amazing. I mean, nobody knew."

"We'll tell ya everything, but right now we need to get Linda, Melody, and the kids settled in," Steve said.

"Of course. Her room is ready and waiting, and it's no problem opening up one for Melody," Kinsey said.

"Thanks, man," Steve said. "You want...I mean, how much, well, all the stuff in the U-Haul. What should we do with it for now?"

"Oh, well, bring in what you want. We'll put it in the other empty rooms for now. I was just thinking of what they need for today, or the next few days?" Kinsey looked at Linda.

"We can do that," Linda said, "but, Steve, don't you have to turn in the U-Haul soon?"

"Yeah, but not today. Why don't you tell me what you want out of there, for now. The rest can be situated tomorrow."

Linda named off several things she and the kids would need right away, and Melody did the same for herself. Some items were from the U-Haul, some were from the van.

"Come on, Ghost, let's start hauling it in." They all went outside, and began unloading. Even Stevie and Mandy were helping, by bringing in their toys.

Trudging up and down the stairs a few times got most of the essentials. "That's enough for now," Linda said, as she and the others went into the office, collapsing into chairs and the onto the couch. Kinsey brought in cold beer, and cokes for everyone.

"This is so nice of you, Kinsey, to let me stay here," Melody said. "I plan on getting a job. I don't want to be a free-loader."

"Aww, don't worry about it...take your time settling in," Kinsey said.

After a little while, Linda suggested they go get something to eat. It had been a long time since any of them had eaten anything, but snack foods.

"I can make us something," Kinsey said.

"No, you've done enough," she said. "I know there's a diner here, let's just all go over there." they all agreed with this.

Ghost and Steve rode with Kinsey, and they all met at the diner. Their favorite waitress was there, and was happy to see them. Introductions were made for Melody, then they all ate until they couldn't hold any more.

"I want to go get Spirit, now," Ghost said. "Then I want to go home."

"Ok, me too," Steve said.

Kinsey drove them around the corner to Zack and Trevor's house. This time Melody rode with them, as Linda and the kids went back to the Yew.

"You'll get to see Spirit," Ghost said. "I missed him so much...and Zack and Trevor, too."

"So you missed them, too?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, but not as much," Ghost said.

Kinsey pulled up into the driveway, and they all got out. Ghost was the first one to the door. He knocked, and waited. He knocked again. "Maybe they're not home," Steve said.

"They're in there," Ghost said. "they're in the kitchen, cooking, and..." he concentrated for a minute. "...and they have the music on." He banged harder on the door.

Finally the door opened. Trevor was surprised, and smiled. "Hey, you're back. Sorry, almost didn't hear you knocking. Y'all come on in. Hey, Zack, guess who's here?" As he turned toward the kitchen, his long ginger hair swung around his bare back.

Melody couldn't help but stare, open mouthed. Ghost caught her thoughts. He smiled his crooked smile. "They're together," he said.

She swallowed. "Uh, I know...but, damn."

Zack came out into the living room. "Hey, it's good to see y'all." He hugged Ghost and Steve. Noticing Melody, he did a double take. "Who's this lovely lady that looks like you, Ghost?" he asked.

"That's my twin sister, Melody," Ghost said. "This here is Zack."

Zack took Melody's hand and kissed the back of it. "Enchante, ma Cherie," he said in hisNew Orleans accented voice.

Melody giggled. "Thank you. I can tell you're from New Orleans. I've lived near there forever, up until a few days ago."

"Ahh, it is a pleasure, and you are right," Zack said.

Steve, watching this exchange, just rolled his eyes.

"Where's Spirit? I come to get him and take him home," Ghost asked.

"Here he is," Trevor said. He was carrying the sleepy cat in his arms.

Ghost reached out for him, and Spirit meowed long and loud, happy to see Ghost again.

Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

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