Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The creature's beady, black eyes stare at me without blinking. It's mouth opens and closes in a rythmic opens in a wide gape almost as big as it's head.

It glides and floats effortlessly in slinking undulation, slowly at first......then, darts quickly back to stare at me again.

What is the creature thinking, and does it even have thinking capabilities in that tiny brain?    If so, it must be plotting to create my perfect nightmare, for it has invaded my dreams on oh, so many nights.     At any given moment he will gather his minions with a silent summons.

They've never carried out a daytime invasion, as it has been very effective in the dead of night, but if it works, this could be their supreme coup d'etat.   They would be renowned in the annals of history.

It is time.

Everyone knows their position and are ready.   There is no turning back.   This will be their ultimate sacrifice.    On their leader's signal they will rise in unison, up from the depths, to show their solidarity.   They will no longer be captive, no longer be contained.

The glory day has commenced.   All over the world people will be awed and yes, frightened at their audacity to stage this takeover.

There will be no coming back for these brave heroes of their species, but they will have paved the way for generations to come.

Rise up!     Rise up!

Go forth into glory.........goldfish of the world!

Hope you enjoyed my nightmare.......yes, I have fish phobia.

Peace, Love, & Freaky Fish

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I've heard about there being other dimensions that exist alongside us in this time and space......unseen for the most part.  Or maybe it's called a parallel universe?   Just going to throw some thoughts out for y'all to ponder, along with a few incidents that may or may not have been a case of a parting of the veil.                                                            

Is this other place existing really close to us? Like in the same room, or following us around?   Is it there all the time or just when we think about it?   Are "we" in it too, another form of ourselves in a slightly different vibration frequency, living our lives in a similar way, but making different choices in our life?    That would be our other selves reality.  And could it be that when other people say they've seen you somewhere and you know you weren't there, maybe they had a glimpse of your other self.....what some would call your doppelganger?    I know I've seen people that looked exactly like someone I knew, then found out that person was not at that place where I saw them.   In fact, people have told me that they have seen me places other than where I've been.   I even had one lady, a stranger to me, swear I was this other lady she knew, even when I kept telling her I wasn't who she thought I was!

Maybe on this 'other side' that world is their reality and get glimpses of us and wonder about the same thing.   Can this other world person see us?   It would be weird if we could sort of tune in to them whenever we wanted, to see yourself doing things, wouldn't it?    Would you want to be able to cross back and forth?   It might be fun...or creepy!  

I have had a few incidents where I think there has been an opening, or parting of the ether, if you will, that makes me pretty much a believer in such things.    Don't know how anyone would go about proving it though.

Here's one that happened not too long ago.   I was looking for a certain written recipe for brownies.   I'd looked for days in all the places it should have been, several times.   Not there.   Definitely, not there.   So this recipe was distinct in that it was on blue paper and in my mother's handwriting, easy to distinguish.   I decided to just ask her where it was.   (she has been deceased for many years).   I was in there at the kitchen table and asked aloud.   Then turning my head to look at the clear drawer storage bin I have recipes in......there it was, right in front, easily seen!   I told her thank you, and proceeded to make the brownies!   So where was this recipe when I couldn't find it, and how did it come to appear right when I'd about given up ever finding it, just when I asked for help?   Could have been in that other dimension......could have come through a portal from the 'other side'.   Could have been my 'other self' had been using that recipe and forgotten to return it!   She just could have needed a little reminder!  

In the next installment of my story, I will tell of more incidents like this that have happened.    They all make me believe the 'other dimension' theory is true.

As always, feel free to comment as I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

Peace, Love, & Portals

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Do you like rocks?   Do you like stones?    I'm not talking about rock 'n roll, or the Rolling Stones, but I do like those, too.   I'm talking about real rocks and stones, the kind you find on the ground.   I've always had a fascination about them.   As a kid I'd pick up rocks out of the driveway, or really anywhere I'd find them, some regular gray ones, some that were more colorful.   My Dad had a rock polisher, so he'd put what I'd found in there and later on we'd look to see what happened.   It took awhile for the magic to happen, and we'd be anticipating the big reveal.   Those plain old rocks would now be so shiny and pretty.  I have no idea what we ever did with them, but we kept on polishing more and more. 

Now I still find rocks in different places.  Some are out in the flower bed, some here in the house, some are river rocks, some are from places we've visited.  There are some that friends have sent to me, and lately there are some I've bought at a rock shop here in town.   I guess you'd say I have a collection going on!   I've been trying to identify some of them and remember what they are called.   Also, what properties they have for special circumstances......such as healing stones, some stones to increase intuition and psychic abilities, and many other ways you can use them.   It is all so interesting.  

This past week I got to break open my geode.   I got it at the rock shop, and it was just a plain sort of rough rock, but inside is supposed to be these really pretty crystals, some white or clear, some may be colored.    That is the fun of cracking it open.....finding out what is inside.

Here is what I did.   In preparation, I got out an old towel to wrap the rock in.   Then the hammer.   I had a little paper that told how and what to do, so I propped that up by everything and then took a picture.   Now it was time to crack it open.   Well, it was a lot harder than I expected.   Believe me, that rock was, well.....rock hard!   So I came down hard on it with the hammer.   Then again and again, and nothing was happening.   Then I put it on the concrete floor of the garage and tried again.   After several more blows, it cracked!    Opening up the towel, I found it in quite a few pieces.   I was kind of expecting it to be in just two pictures I've seen of them.   Oh well, I picked the pieces up and got a close up look at them, and they were so pretty!    All white crystals in interesting shapes and reflecting the light.   So I took another picture.   Now it has joined all my other rocks and stones, sitting there to be admired.

All in all I had fun breaking my geode, and will continue to go rock hunting in the future!

I will try to put a picture of the geode on here.  Hope it works so you can see it.  If not, just take my word for is pretty!

Peace, Love, & Rock On!


Just wanted to give a small update to the post I put on here about all my trouble with the new camera.    I did keep clicking on things, and something must have worked!   I did get to put a picture on from the new camera/computer place.   Still don't know where all the others are, but hope to find them in time.   At any rate I will continue to take pictures, because it is fun and I won't give up learning how to do this computer stuff!

Peace, Love, & Smile!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I bought a new digital camera the other day.  The one I'd been using for a year or so was acting strange.  I would put in brand new batteries, only to find that after taking a couple of pictures, the batteries would be all used up.   Sometimes, the camera would announce that the batteries were exhausted even before I took a single picture.              

I was thinking this can't be right!   So, I'd try different, brand new batteries....same thing happened.   Again and again.   Actually this is the second camera that has done this very same thing.   What could be going on?   I tried sticking a pencil eraser down into the battery compartment to maybe clean the terminals off, and that didn't work.  I then tried a Q-Tip, with no better results.   The weird thing was, was that the batteries were actually perfectly fine.   I tried them in other things and they worked.   So my conclusion was that the camera had just quit working right.

So, off I went to the store to buy a new one.   I told the sales lady that I was looking for a very simple digital camera....something with easy to follow instructions and no fancy gadgets.   She showed me a couple that were the best sellers of that type, and gave a long explanation of why they were so easy to use.   They even had a rechargeable battery!   Great feature in my opinion.   I bought one, brought it home and read the instructions.   Seemed pretty easy, so I charged it up for a little while, then took a few pictures to get the feel of it.   They looked pretty good.

Now, however, I wanted to add the pictures to the computer so I could keep them there and also if I wanted to share them to anyone, I could.

This is where I ran into trouble.   I plugged in the USB port to the computer and the camera and was expecting a screen to come up like it did from my old camera in order to import the pictures.   That was not what I got.   There were all kinds of weird websites that wanted me to set up an account with them.   Well, I didn't want to do that...all I wanted was my pictures on the computer.   So, I keep trying, clicking on this and that, and at one point got a screen that started putting all my pictures from my old camera (that was already in the computer) on to this new one's "special" page.   There was no stopping it!!  Then there were instructions on how to actually see my pictures, including the new camera's pictures, but they were so difficult to understand, I had no idea what to do.    I gave up at this point.   I later went back to find my pictures from the old camera just to see if they were still there....a few were, but most of them had disappeared into computer limbo or something...still don't know where they are.    

Over the last few days I have been trying to find them, and to maybe push the right button to share one or two I did find.  I managed to get them to show up on a place I wanted them to go, but it refused to send it.    And that is where I am now.   Still lost in technology land with no answers...oh, I did find a help site for the camera, but they wanted to charge a fee for an answer.   No thanks!

At this point I suppose I will keep trying to figure it out one click of the button at at time and hopefully someday get to put a picture on here again!   Wish me luck!           

Peace, Love, & Smile!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


This happened a few months ago, right here in my living room.   I was sitting here at my computer desk, when I turned to get up.   My Grandson's small metal car had appeared on the floor right behind me.

Now, my Grandson and his family had been here four months before (they live in another state) and he had his toy cars here.  I'm sure one probably got left behind when they went home.  However, in the past four months, I know I'd moved the furniture around, swept the floors, etc. and had not seen a toy car at all.

I did not hear any noise of a metal car rolling toward me over the hardwood floor.   The cats, as usual were in the bedroom asleep, so I know they did not drag it out.

I got this weird feeling, like why is this here in the middle of the room......where did it come from?    I did not go pick it up right away, kind of waiting to see if it would move or didn't.

The cats did eventually come out into the living room, but they were very suspiscious of the little car.    They acted scared to go near it, and walked wide around it, like they were afraid it might come after them.    That is not normal behaviour for them, as they like to bat things around the house, whatever they think is a toy to play with.

Well, I left that toy car there all the rest of the day, then finally picked it up.    Now it is on the shelf by this desk........maybe it's waiting to make it's next move?    I don't know, but I see it looking (?) at me every day!                                                                           

Peace, Love, & Toy Cars


Thursday, October 10, 2013


It just occured to me that I own a fast food franchise.   It is open 24/7, but most of my customers show up for their meals early in the morning and late afternoon.   It is a specialized type of business, being that my clientel do not walk in or drive up to the take-out window.   They all fly in for their fast food.   This is convenient for them, as they are always in a hurry.   There is no landing strip or runways or beacon lights, but they are able to hover at will.    They are not picky about the menu, as there is only one item offered daily.    They will get a bit testy and give me dirty looks if the food is late in being served.   They will peer into the windows or sit on the fence surrounding the business and discuss amongst themselves the situation and what to do about it.   I can hear them.....I know they are planning a revolt.    I do try to keep food in stock, but occasionally will run out and have to make a run to the supplier for more.                

Most of my customers run in gangs. They are gang members.   For the most part they come in separately, but once in awhile two or more gangs will meet up in the parking lot.   There is occasional squabbling, poking, loud insults, chases, shoving, and even standing upon one another in their bid for the best place at the table.   Sometimes it is the larger gang members dressed in their gray uniforms that win the rumble.   Other times it will be the smaller stature, brown uniformed ones that will claim victory.   The losers will retreat for awhile, regrouping and making another charge.   There is another gang from down the way that will occasionally come to mount a seige against the regulars.   This is the even larger, noiser gang who are dressed all in black.   When they show up everyone else gives way, retreating to a safe distance.  No one wants to accept their challenge.   They don't stay long, just taking what food they want and are back on the streets and in the air looking for more places to conquor.                                         

A couple of times a year the mama's and the papa's will bring their young ones to the fast food free for all.   They are very good at instructing the little ones in how to act when out in public.  They feed them at first, but then must learn to feed themselves.    They learn fast how to eat on their own, and also to watch out for trouble, which can come at any time.   In time these small ones will be bringing their own offspring to my fast food joint.                                                                             

I do not charge for the food, at least in the normal way of paying.   All I ask is that they entertain me....and they certainly do that.   Through all the seasons, I enjoy watching the dynamics and antics of my feathered friends!                                                         

My franchise is my bird feeder in the back yard!                                                          

Thank you to all the doves, sparrows, and grackles, plus all the other kinds of birds I see daily and enjoy watching!                                                                                      

Peace, Love, & Tweets!