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# 149 content


                                               CHAPTER 21

Steve drove over to the bank, in downtown Raleigh. As he looked for a parking spot, Ghost asked, "How are we gonna do this, Steve...just hand over a handful of cash to Kinsey and Terry?"

"Sure, or maybe we can get a card, and stick the money in there, ya know, like a happy vacation card, or even a thank you one. I'm sure we can find something that would work. We can write in there why we're giving it to them."

"Ok, get out how much to give them, then," Ghost said.

They went into the bank, to open up their safety deposit box. Steve took out two-thousand dollars in cash, to give half to each of them.

"I figure this will take them someplace nice," Steve said.

"I'll bet they will be so surprised, too," Ghost said. His eyes lit up at the thought.

"Ok, where to now?" Steve asked, as they left the bank.

"Well, before the grocery store, can we go by the magic shop, where I got my potions? I want to tell her that it worked."

"Sure, let's go," Steve said. He drove down the street, finding the little shop again.

The lady greeted them with a hug, when they came in.

"We came to tell ya the potions worked real good," Ghost said.

"Let me look at you," she said, as she looked into Ghost's eyes. "Umm-hmm, yes...I can see you encountered the evil spirit, Ghost. And, I can see you and everyone present were strong and united as one, and were able to banish the demon." She was nodding and smiling. "It was difficult and tiring, but you all are lighter in spirit now, for having rid the world of one more evil."

"That's right," Ghost said, "it happened just like you said."

"Are you in need of more supplies, today?" she asked.

"Don't look at me, that's his department," Steve said.

"Well, we don't have any more séances to do, but I need some more sage brooms. I used the others already," Ghost said.

"Ok, I'll be right back," she said, going to get them.

Steve paid for them, when she returned to the counter. "Thanks, and we will be back, if I know Ghost."

Back in the car, Ghost opened the package. "Hey, look...she put in some free samples, too." He pulled out several small vials of essential oils. "This here one is for calm...and this one is for energy. They all say stuff on the bottles," he said.

"What do you do with them?" asked Steve. "Do ya drink 'em?"

"No, you just smell them," Ghost said. "Here, smell this one." He held up an opened bottle under Steve's nose. "It's the calm you feel calm, now?"

Steve took a big inhale of the aroma. It smelled of oranges. "You know what...I think I do," he said.

They were pulling into the hospital parking lot, now. Inside, Steve explained his wanting to get the cast off early, but the person behind the counter wouldn't hear of it. Since it wasn't an emergency, and he did have an appointment for the coming week, she told him he'd have to wait. His regular doctor would have to examine his leg, as soon as the cast was off. They would have to come back, then.

"Well, guess I'll have to wait a few more days, Ghost," Steve said, as they went back to the car. They headed out down the road to the grocery store. "Let's try to get this done before they close up,ok?" he said.

"Ok, here's the list," Ghost said, taking it out of his pocket.


As the entered the grocery store, they saw it was already decorated for the upcoming holidays. There were fold out, honey-combed, paper turkeys, hanging from the ceiling. They were all twirling around in the breeze from the store's fans. One aisle was for left-over Halloween decorations, candy, and costumes. Most of it was haphazardly arranged on the shelves. Items for holiday cooking were stacked up on the end of the aisles.

"I don't know, Ghost...this is maybe too much for me, even," Steve said, as he stared at the bright colors.

"There's too many things to look at," Ghost said. "I think I'm getting dizzy."

They hadn't gone all the way into the store, yet, and the crowds of people were pushing past them, and bumping into them, too.

"Why is it all crazy, today?" Ghost asked.

"I don't know...I've never seen it like this, before. Here, let's move out of the way," Steve said, as he led them over by the baskets. "Do ya think we can handle it?"

"Yep, just hang on to me so I don't get lost from you."

"Ok, we go." Steve grabbed hold of a cart, and they headed for the first aisle. Ghost had to push the cart, so Steve could maneuver his crutches around. They managed to get everything they'd come for, plus some extra snacks. Finally, they were ready to check out. The lines were long, and people were getting cranky at the long wait.

"Steve, I think I need to get out of here."

Steve saw that Ghost had broken out into a cold sweat, and was breathing fast. "Ok, just go wait in the car. It may take awhile, but I'll be there as soon as I can." He handed the keys to Ghost. "See if you can re-arrange those books, so we can get the groceries in there."

"Ok, I'll try," Ghost said, and he headed out the door.

Steve watched him go, hoping he wouldn't have to go looking for him when he got done here. The line inched forward.

Ghost made it to the car ok. He got in and leaned his head back on the seat, letting the panic slowly decrease. After a few minutes, he looked at the back seat full of books. He knew the trunk was full; there was no more room. "How am I supposed to make more room?"

He got out to open the back door. The two boxes took up all the space. He decided to open them, to lay the books flat on the seat. "That'll have to do," he said, wiping sweat out of his eyes. He wasn't clammy anymore, just hot. Looking toward the store, he saw Steve finally coming out, and an employee was pushing the full basket.

"I moved 'em around as best I could, Steve," he said, when they reached the car.

Steve was relieved to see Ghost was still there. "We'll make it work...somehow. You might have to hold some of the bags, though."

In the end, that's what they did. As Ghost sat in the front seat, he had the bag boy hand him the last four bags. He barely got the door closed, and could hardly see over the top of them. He tried peeking around them, but that didn't work very well either. Steve started laughing.

"What? What's so funny?" Ghost asked.

"You...I can hardly see you."

"So what, you don't need to see me to drive, do ya?"

"Guess you're right," Steve said. He started the car, and drove out to the highway toward home. "We got a lot done after all, today."

"Uh-huh, and now we got good stuff to eat."

"Yes...I was getting tired of noodles," Steve said. When Ghost didn't say anything, he looked over at him. His head was resting on a box of cereal, and his eyes were closed. "Figures...Ghost gets to sleep, and I get to drive. That's just the way it is."

"What is it...what is it?" Ghost said.

"Nothing, go back to sleep."

Back at home, Steve woke Ghost up. "Hey, we're home. You have to carry all this stuff in."

Ghost woke, and said, "I'll be so glad when you get that cast off. Then you can do stuff, again."

"Me, too...but for now, it's all on you, so get busy," Steve said. He got out and went to unlock the front door. Spirit was meowing around, happy to see them again.

Ghost managed to get out of the car, and he carried two bags inside. Then he went back for more, then again, and again. Then he started on the books. After trudging back and forth so many times, he was done. He sat on the porch swing to rest. "Hey, Steve, can you bring me something cold to drink?"

Steve did, and they both sat there, slowly swinging, and relaxing.

"That store was so crowded. I think we did ok, though," Steve said. "You didn't wander off, and I didn't lose my temper. I did see a few thing that weren't on the list, though. When did you put those Christmas ornaments in there?"

"When you weren't looking," Ghost said.

"That's what I thought. Well, I put in a few extras, too," Steve said. "Oh, here...I found this on the door, when I unlocked it." He handed Ghost a sticky note.

"It's from Trevor," Ghost said. He started reading it out loud. "It says, Ghost, I need to talk to you. Come to Kinsey's tonight. Trevor." He sighed. "Why? Why does he have to talk to me. I got nothing to say."

"How should I know," Steve said. "Just go see what he wants. I'll drive us over there tonight. You know he won't stop bugging you, until you do go talk to him, so might as well get it over with."

"Fine, guess we'll go."

"Did he say what time to meet over there?" asked Steve.

Ghost gave him a look..."Well, I read the words to ya...did any of that sound like a time?" he asked.

"No, guess it didn't." Steve got up from the swing. "You want to eat something before we go?"

"Naw, I'm not hungry, right now," Ghost said. "They were out here." He looked around the porch.

"So, they had to be out here to leave that note. What of it?"

"I just don't like them coming out here, that's all, and I didn't even know it."

Steve had to think a minute, to try to figure out what Ghost was really getting at. "What's the matter, Ghost? You've got something on your mind, I can tell. You've been in a pissy mood all day." He leaned up against the porch railing, watching Ghost. "First you didn't like the food I fixed, or the guy at the printer's shop. Then you didn't gush over the potions lady, and didn't go wandering off at the store. Now, you're mad 'cause Trevor happened to drop by. Oh, and you're not hungry, now...which is a're always hungry. So, what's going on?" He waited for Ghost to answer.

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# 148 content

In the kitchen, Steve scrounged around trying to find them something to eat. All he could come up with was ramen noodles, and some cheese that had dried up a little around the edges. Ghost came in, making a face, when he looked at the food, as Steve was dishing it up.

"That's it?"

"Yep, eat it or not, your choice. We really need to go get some groceries, and soon," Steve said.

"At the big store?" Ghost asked.

"Yeah, the big store," Steve said.

"Let's go today, and we can check if our book is ready to pick up. Oh, something else we need to do is get the money for Kinsey and Terry to take their surprise vacation on, too," Ghost said. He had to stop talking to shovel in some noodles.

"Well, guess we could," Steve said.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure the book is ready," Ghost said. "Do we have an crackers?" He got up to look in the cabinet.

"Oh, crap...I just remembered...I forgot to turn my phone back on," Steve said. He went into the living room to get it. "Kinsey said he'd called, but we didn't know." As he did turn it on, he saw they'd gotten several voice mails. "Hey, look at this...the printer called. The book is ready," he said, listening to the message.

"Told ya," Ghost said, and smiled.

"Why do we even have this thing? You're a wireless communicator all on your own," Steve said. He listened to the voice mail that Kinsey had left. "Hey, it says Trevor wants to talk to you, and to see him at the club whenever you can."

"Maybe later. I don't want to talk about that stuff, and especially not today, 'cause we're going to the store."

Steve shrugged, "Ok, we'll go to Raleigh as soon as you get ready."

They finished eating, and left soon after.

On the thirty mile drive, they discussed the CD they were in the middle of recording. "We have to decide for sure what songs we want on there, you know...what order, what cover art, any pictures...well, a lot of stuff...oh, and actually singing the songs. It's gonna take awhile," Steve said.

"Guess we'll be pretty busy, then. I kinda wanted to sing them for people first, though. I miss our shows, and it's been so long," Ghost said.

"I know, but if we have the CDs ready, then people can buy them at the gig," Steve said.

"And the book, too," Ghost said.

"Yeah, that's the plan."

Ghost leaned his head back on the headrest, "Steve, do you think we'll ever be famous?"

"Huh? I thought we already least in Missing Mile," Steve laughed.

"I know, but anywhere else?"

"I don't know. I don't think of stuff like that," Steve said. "I just do my music because I love it. It's not for money or fame. I'd do it on the street corner, if I wanted to...and I don't care if people like it or not, it makes me happy," he glanced over at Ghost. "Is that what you want? You want to be famous...a big star?"

"Not really, but it would be pretty cool, though," Ghost said. "Anyway, it don't really matter, 'cause I sing all the time...'cause I have to, ya know. It's just something I have to do."

Steve nodded, "Yeah, and you want everyone to hear you, and like you, and be the center of attention...and with your voice and personality, you do deserve to be heard by millions," he said.

"Well, yeah, I do like all that, but just me and you at the Yew is what I like best."

"Me, too...we'll do it again pretty soon...I'm sure we will."

Ghost was done talking about it, and he watched the passing scenery go by for awhile, and made up a little song about it. Then, he had another idea.

"Hey, when do you get that cast off, anyway?"

""Maybe another week or so, I guess. My appointment is in a few days, so maybe they'll cut it off then. I really am tired of it."

"Do you want to stop by the hospital, while we're in town? Maybe they'll cut it off already," Ghost asked.

"Well, it is a few days early, but guess it wouldn't hurt to ask. After we do our other business, we'll go by, and see what they say," Steve said.

They pulled into the parking lot at the printer's shop. As they went in, the clerk looked up. He remembered them. "Hi, we have your order ready. Let me call back to the stockroom."

Steve was on guard for any inappropriate remarks. After the last time, when they placed the order, he didn't want a repeat.

"They'll bring your books right up," the clerk said. "Uh...listen guys...I want to apologize again, for how I acted last time."

Steve nodded, but didn't speak.

"Ok, then...there are four boxes. You should take one to check if it's to your liking." He glanced over at Ghost, who was looking at pictures of old printing presses, that hung on the wall. "I looked through the sample copy. You've got a real interesting book, and I hope you sell a lot," he said.

Ghost turned and stared at the clerk. "Thank you, but you don't have to say that. You think it's the scariest thing you've ever seen. You're scared of us, and you're thinking you want us out of here as soon as possible, and never come back."

Steve smiled, hearing that.

"No, no..." the clerk protested. "I really like the book, and y'all can come back any time."

"Liar," Ghost said. "Just give us the books, and we'll leave." He turned away, staring out the windows.

The clerk frowned. "Excuse me, then..." He went to the back room.

"I don't like him," said Ghost.

"I don't, either," Steve said, "but, we don't need to start something...even though I'd like to bash his smug face in."

Ghost snickered. "Me, too."

The clerk came back, followed by a workman pushing a dolly. There were four pretty big boxes on it. Handing Ghost a copy, the clerk said, "Look it over. I think it will meet with your approval." He was all business, now. "I have to say that," he continued, "but, I really do like your book. It's really interesting, and I'd be honored if I could be the first to buy one." He was actually looking hopeful.

Ghost and Steve were looking through the book. Ghost was smiling, now. "It's a real book, Steve."

"Yeah, turned out better than I thought," Steve agreed. "Ya want to sell him one?"

"I guess, but I thought you wanted to wait until we had a show, and sell the CD, too," Ghost said.

"Oh, wouldn't hurt to spread the word early, here in Raleigh. Lots of the college kids come out to the club, and this would keep us in their mind for later. If this guy really does like it, he'll show it to his friends," Steve said.

"If he has any," Ghost said.

"I know, but if he really wants one, why not?" Steve said.

"Ok, guess so," Ghost said, "but I still don't like him." He looked over at the clerk. "Ya really want one?"

"Yes, I sure do. Me and some friends got interested in stuff like this, when we started watching those tv shows, you know, where they go hunting for ghosts in haunted places. I can show them this book, and tell them I met y'all, and y'all are real ghost hunters...right here."

"Ok, then, you can buy the first one. We're saving the rest for when our CD comes out, and we'll be selling those the Yew, over in Missing Mile, when we do our show," Steve said.

"Y'all are in a band, too?" the clerk asked.

"Not in a band, we are the band," Steve said.

"This gets better and better," the clerk said. "Let me know when it is, and if you have flyers, I'll put them up around here...hell, I'll print them up, if you charge."

"Yeah, thanks, we'll be sure to do that," Steve said.

The clerk took one of the books out of a box. "How much do I owe you?"

Steve looked at Ghost. They hadn't even thought about how much to charge.

"It's a real nice book," Ghost said. "How about..." he looked over at Steve for help.

Steve picked an amount off the top of his head, "Yeah, I think $25.00 ought to do it...but for you, I think we'll give you first buyers discount, and only charge you twenty. Sound good?"

"Perfect, thanks," the clerk said, "and listen...I'm really sorry I was so rude the other time. I really like you guys. My boss was giving me grief all that week for being unprofessional, but I'm new to this kind of job, so guess I went too far, when y'all came in. Anyway, sorry...and here's the twenty," he said.

"Sure, no problem. I think we're kinda getting to like you too, dude," Steve said.

"Ok, come back in when you get the dates and all for the flyers."

"We will. Ya ready, Ghost?"

"Uh-huh, but how are we gonna get all these in the car?" Ghost asked.

"We'll shove them in any way we can," Steve said.

The clerk helped trundle the load of boxes out to the car. After loading them, Ghost and Steve got in, and drove over to the bank for their other business in town. On the way over, Ghost kept admiring their book. "It's a real book, Steve, and we did it all ourselves," he clutched it to his chest. "It turned out so good, and the pictures, and my writing like I wanted. It's so cool, don't ya think so?"

"Yeah, we did good, Ghost," Steve said, as they both savored the feeling.

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# 147 content

As Ghost covered himself with the blankets, Steve came to the bed, and flopped down on top of them, holding Ghost down.

"Hey, hey...let me out...I can't breathe," Ghost said, his words muffled.

"Say please," Steve said, laughing. "Say you want me."

"Mmph...I can't say anything, Steve, I'm smothered under here." Ghost wiggled around, trying to get free.

"Say it," Steve kept on teasing.

"Steeeve, let me out, now."

"Say it, then."

"Ok, ok...pleeease let me out...I waaant you," Ghost wailed.

Steve pulled back the blankets from Ghost's face, and smiled. Ghost's hair was a big rat's nest of tangles and fly away static, and his eyes were a sultry, deep blue, staring right back into his own.

"Please Steve...I want you..." Ghost said in a whisper.

Steve gulped. His desire for Ghost was almost too much to handle. He bent his head down, dark curls falling over Ghost, and kissed him gently, his tongue finding Ghost's. He tasted the lingering flavor of warm coffee, with lots of cream and sugar. Then releasing Ghost from his blankets, he slowly undressed them both.

Ghost lay still, breathing hard, with his eyes closed. Steve traced his fingers over Ghost's body, being careful of the scratches. He placed his hand on Ghost's chest, where he could feel his heart beating.

"I love you, Ghost; you are my heart."

Ghost shivered and reached up for Steve, "I love you, Steve, and I want you," he spoke softly, as he pulled Steve closer for another kiss.

Steve pulled up the blankets over them, and gave Ghost what he wanted...

Sometime later, they woke and snuggled awhile. They were debating whether to get up or not, when they heard a car pull up out front, then a knocking on the door.

"Maybe they'll go away," Ghost said, giggling.

"No they won't; they know we're here. The car's here, and they won't stop knocking until we open the door," Steve said. He got up  and pulled on his pajama bottoms. "I'll see who it is, stay here."

Ghost could hear them was Kinsey at the door. He'd come all the way out here to see them. Grabbing a blanket to wrap around himself, he went out to say hi.

Steve and Kinsey were sitting on the couch, as Ghost came out from the bedroom. He was still tousled and flushed from their lovemaking.

"Hey, Kinsey," Ghost said, his voice a little raspy.

Kinsey was a bit embarrassed at catching them like this. Ghost sensed it, and said, "It's ok, Kinsey, we do this all the time...and we finished already. You didn't interrupt anything, this time."

Steve gave him a shut up look, but Ghost kept on talking.
"What? Kinsey don't need to be embarrassed; he knows we love each other. Right, Kinsey?" He came over and squeezed in on the couch between Steve and Kinsey, his blanket slipping down off his shoulders.

"Uh, maybe I should go anyway," Kinsey said. "I just came to see if y'all were ok out here, and evidently you are, so..." He was having a hard time getting the words out, as the smell of recently had sex, was distracting him, intoxicating him. He needed to get out and away from here, and the feelings he was having. He rose to leave, and Steve walked with him to the door.  

 Ghost, his ability to sense things seemingly having left him, was oblivious to the situation, now.

"We didn't even get to talk, Kinsey...don't go."

"Sorry, can't stay," Kinsey said, "I have to get back to town, to ya know."

He and Steve walked out to the car. "Sorry, Steve, I called, but you didn't pick up. I was concerned."

"It's ok, man. I must have turned the phone off."

"Listen, Steve, you have a good thing going here with Ghost. Just enjoy each each doesn't happen for everybody," Kinsey said with a smile.

Steve grinned, and said his good-byes, then went back inside.

Ghost was still on the couch, still naked, except for the blanket. He was staring at the tv, clicking the remote between their three snowy channels.

"Dude, what the hell was that?" Steve asked, standing in the doorway.

"Huh? What was what?" Ghost asked, not yet looking over at Steve.

Steve went over and took away the remote, clicking the tv off. "There's nothing on to watch," he said, as Ghost finally looked at him. "You saying all that about us in front of Kinsey, he was embarrassed, I think. I swear, Ghost you just don't have a filter on that mouth of yours, do ya?"

Ghost looked confused, "What's that mean? Kinsey's seen us before; it's nothing weird, and..."

Steve rolled his eyes. "Ghost, listen to me...sometimes you should think before you speak."

"Think about what?"

"Oh, my God, Ghost...think of what you're saying and how it will effect other people. You just run on and on about shit."

Ghost frowned, "Wait, I don't talk about shit. I never talk about shit. That's not something to talk about."

Steve's mouth hung open in astonishment. "Where's your mind at today, Ghost? Oh, Lord, I can't wait for an answer to that..." he said. He couldn't help himself, and started giggling, which turned into full on laughing. "This...this conversation, is...oh my God...making me crazy, Ghost...and you coming out here, with just a blanket on..." he couldn't quit laughing.

Ghost wasn't laughing, though. He was staring at Steve be out of control. The only thing he got from all this talk, was that Steve was laughing at him, because he couldn't talk right...and it hurt him; it hurt his feelings so bad, he began to cry. He pulled the blanket up to his face and sobbed into it.

Steve finally stopped laughing, and noticed Ghost. He got a stricken look on his face, and felt he'd been punched in the stomach. It clicked for him just then, and he was devastated that Ghost felt he'd been made fun him.

"Oh, Ghost, don't...I wasn't laughing at you, was just the situation. I'm sorry..." He tried to give Ghost a hug, but he flinched away.

"Leave me alone...why ya wanna hurt me all the time, Steve...why?" Ghost cried.

"Ghost, I didn't mean to..."

"Then why'd you laugh at me?" Ghost said, turning his wet eyes up to Steve, needing an explanation.

Steve realized that after all the years of being abused, bullied, and ridiculed, it was so ingrained in Ghost, that he was still insecure and vulnerable, and those feelings were always close to the surface. Ghost had only had one person besides his grandmother in whom he could trust, and that was him, Steve...and he wound up hurting him at every turn. It was unintentional, but still happened, because he himself didn't have a filter on his own mouth, and said things without thinking. But how to explain it to Ghost?

"I'm sorry, Ghost...I don't mean to, and I know I do the same thing, I say things without thinking first, too. I'm just a simple nobody, trying to make it in this world...just a fool with a quick temper and a big mouth. I usually regret what I've said, as soon as I say it, ya know, but then I act like a big shot, and don't like to admit I'm wrong about stuff," Steve stopped a minute, shaking his head. "Just slap me back to reality when I get like that, ok? Please...I would never on purpose hurt you or make you feel bad. Please believe me, Ghost; please believe in me," he said, and hung his head down.

Ghost knew Steve wouldn't be mean to him on purpose, but it still hurt deep inside...and he could never forget what he'd done in the past, but he could forgive him. He had to...he loved him. He reached over and pulled Steve close, in a hug.

"Ok, Steve, I'm ok, now...and I forgive you." He gave Steve a damp kiss, and as the blanket fell away, Steve was aroused, again. He pushed Ghost back into the couch cushions, framing his face in between his hands. Ghost caught his breath, closed his eyes, and whispered, yes.

Afterwards, they cuddled there on the couch awhile, enjoying the feel of skin on skin. "Ghost?" Steve asked.


"Uh, you've been naked all day long, and well, I love you like this, but gets to me, and I don't think I can handle much more for awhile, ya know." He kissed the back of Ghost's neck.

"Umm-hmm," Ghost murmured, but didn't get up.

"Yeah, so I need to get up and get something to eat...keep my strength up," Steve said as he sat up on the edge of the couch. "How about you, want something?"

"Just you, Steve, just you," Ghost said, smiling.

"C'mon, lets eat," Steve said, pulling Ghost up.

"Ok, guess I am hungry, too," Ghost said, as he walked back to the bedroom to find something to put on.

Steve watched him go down the hallway. He took a deep breath, as he shook his head.

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Monday, March 23, 2015


# 146 content

As Terry and Kinsey sat in the club's office, they could hear the cleaning crew moving their machines upstairs.

"When do ya figure you'll open up again?" Terry asked.

"That's a good question," Kinsey said. "I need to get it open as soon as I can, but man, what I really need is a vacation."

"I hear ya, Dude," Terry laughed.

"Yeah, it gets slow this time of year anyway. The holidays coming up, college kids taking their finals...but, then it'll pick up again for New Year's Eve parties," Kinsey said.

"Hey, I have an idea," Terry said, "why don't we blow this town for a couple of weeks...go somewhere we can relax, or cut loose, or whatever. Then we'll be in a better frame of mind when we get back." He was getting excited, now.

Kinsey was shaking his head no, but was warming to the idea, as he said, "Terry, that's a crazy idea. We never went on a vacation together before, in all these years. Besides, where'd we go?"

Terry could tell, Kinsey was actually getting on board, with this. "Dude, you name it. The possibilities are endless. What do you like to do...besides this club? What's something you always dreamed of doing?" He smiled and waited to see what Kinsey would come up with.

"Well, let me see..." Kinsey thought a minute. "If we're just talking..."

"No, man, we're planning it for real. This place will still be here when we get back," Terry said. "Now, name something...I'm open to anything."

Kinsey smiled, "Ok then, I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon...oh, and go deep sea fishing. That's my suggestions. Now, what's yours?"

"Those sound great, Kinsey. I'd like to do those too."

"Uh-uh, you get a choice, too," Kinsey said, "or hell, maybe we'll do it all."

"Well, ok then," Terry said. "If I gotta name two things..." he grinned, "I want to go to know, and Hollywood, and see some movie, I always wanted to do that." He was looking off into the distance with a dreamy look on his face, imagining how it would be. "Oh, I want to see the Statue of Liberty, and New York, too. That's it, those are my choices."

Kinsey was smiling, "Never knew you had dreams like that, Terry. After all these years, guess there's a lot we don't know about each other."

Terry shrugged, "Yeah, but now we do, and I kinda like it."

They continued to make plans. Kinsey forgot all about calling Steve and Ghost.

On Burnt Church Road, Steve and Ghost had slept around the clock. Right before noon though, Steve got up because Spirit was hungry again, and kept pestering them.

"Ok, cat, I'm up," he said, as he stumbled out to the kitchen. He gave the cat some food, and then started a pot of coffee brewing.  After freshening up in the bathroom, he looked in on Ghost. He'd wait until the coffee was ready, then wake him up. He figured they'd just chill out all day, as he was still dragging around, feeling tired, but not sleepy anymore. He poured them both a mug of coffee, then bringing them into the bedroom.

Setting the mugs down on the little bedside table, he sat on the edge of the bed, watching Ghost take slow, even breaths. He noticed the dark circles beneath his eyes. "I hope this hasn't been too much for him," he thought. Reaching over, he softly touched Ghost's cheek. He wished he could rub away the tiredness from him. Ghost's eyes flickered in his dream, and he mumbled something.

Then Ghost opened his eyes, seeing Steve staring and smiling at him. "Mmm I smell coffee," he said as he stretched. "Was it a dream?"

"No, I have your coffee right here," Steve said.

Ghost scooted up on the bed, and propped pillows behind him, taking the coffee from Steve. He warmed his hands, and inhaled the rich aroma. "Just what I needed."

They sat in silence, enjoying their coffee for a few minutes.

"Hey, Steve, are we doing anything today?"

"Not me, I'm just relaxing and doing nothing. I'm still beat from the other night."

Ghost nodded, and sighed. "Me, too."

"So, I'm gonna go get us some cereal ready," Steve said as he got up. "Come and get some when you're ready."

Ghost finished his coffee, then went into the bathroom to check in the mirror to see how his scratches looked this morning. They were still there, but not as red. Going into the kitchen, he watched as Steve cooked grits on the stove. "I thought we were having cold cereal."

"Yeah, this sounded better...sit down, it's ready." They ate, as Spirit romped around the house, making them laugh.

"You want to talk about all that shit the other night?" Steve asked.

Ghost shook his head, "No, it's's finished, and I don't even want to think about it."

"Ok, then," Steve said. He was tired of thinking of it, too.

"I had a dream," Ghost said. "It was something we talked about awhile back, but it seemed like it was really fixin' to happen, like soon."

"What was it we talked about?" Steve asked.

"About giving Terry a surprise vacation, you remember?"

"Oh yeah, for letting us use the studio, and recording our CD. What's happened your dream?" Steve asked.

"Well, it was Terry and and Kinsey. They're planning to go away on a vacation together. They were right here in my head, talking about it. So, we better find out, and see if it's true," Ghost said.

"Really...that's what you dreamed? Guess you're right then, we could send both of them off on a cool vacation...oh, it could be a combination one...a thank you, and a Christmas present for them both."

Ghost smiled, "Yeah, let's do it. Have you heard from Kinsey?"

"No, the phone hasn't rung, and I haven't called. I wonder...should I call him? I mean, we just woke up, maybe he's still asleep over there," Steve said.

"No, he's up already...I saw him...him and Terry, and they were talking about their vacation. I just told ya that. And, Zach and Trevor were over there, too, and those cleaning people were there. Why don't you remember these things, Steve?" Ghost sighed.

Steve shrugged, "Because, I'm not in your head, having your dream, that's why."

"Oh, well...all that is happening over there. I didn't dream that part...I just know." Ghost smiled.

"Uh-huh, well, if you know so much, what am I fixin' to do?" Steve asked.

"You're fixin' to call Kinsey, that's what you said."

"Yeah, I am, but there's something else, first," Steve smiled and gave Ghost a funny look.

Ghost pretended to think hard about it..."Uh, just's coming to me," he rubbed his head. I, I know ..." he flipped his hair back, because he knew it would get to Steve. You'll have to catch me first." He laughed, and started running through the house.

"Come here, you," Steve hollered. "You know I can't go chasing you around." He grabbed his crutches, and tried to corner Ghost.

Ghost had ran into the bedroom, and Steve came as fast as he was able. "Now you're trapped," Steve said, as he closed the bedroom door.

"Well, come over here and catch me then," Ghost said, as he dove onto the bed, and pulled the blankets over himself.

Next part coming soon!

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Friday, March 20, 2015


# 145 content

Trevor and Zach kept talking about the séance, and their plans for finding a place to live. They'd had enough of the old murder house, even if the bad spirits were gone from there. Kinsey's rooms, upstairs from the club, were ok, but they really wanted a place of their own. As they settled their minds on a few things, they kept yawning, needing sleep now.

"I'm going to take a quick shower," Trevor said. "I feel all itchy and sweaty." He headed for the bathroom.

Zach stripped down to his underwear, then got into the crisp sheets on the bed. With the curtains pulled, and the lights out, it would maybe be dim enough in the room to sleep through the day. He'd just drifted off to sleep, when Trevor came back into the room.

"Zach, look at me." He was standing there completely naked.

"What?" Zach pried his eyes open.

"Look, I'm all covered in a rash."

"Huh? Turn on the light," Zach said, He sat up and stared at Trevor's body. "Damn, what happened?" he asked, as he saw red bumps spread all over Trevor's front and back.

"I don't know. I felt itchy for awhile, but this is weird. It still itches. Why is it on me?"

"Hell if I know...go shower, maybe it'll make it feel better. Are you allergic to something?" Zach asked.

"Not that I know of. I didn't eat anything weird, or roll around in anything last night."

"Last night...maybe it was the demon that did it, or maybe just stress from all that happened," Zach said. "It'll go away, don't worry."

"Well, I hope so," Trevor said, then went back to take his shower.

After a few minutes, Zach came in and joined him. He pulled back the shower curtain, which made Trevor scream. "Damn, Zach, I thought I was in that movie Psycho, I heard the door open, then the curtain flew open...what?" He noticed Zach was just standing there with a big grin on his face.

"Oh, come on in, then," Trevor said, grinning back.

And, Zach did come into the shower, and he did attack Trevor, and Trevor didn't mind...didn't mind at all.

Back at the Sacred Yew, Kinsey had come home to the stale, smoky smelling club. He knew the cleaners were going to be there tomorrow, but he hated looking at it. The place was his baby; he'd worked hard these many years, to make it everything he wanted...a job, yes, but also his life. He had regrets...for closing himself off to a loving relationship, and the club was all he knew, now.

It looked forlorn and mistreated, and so empty. He slowly went up the narrow stairs to his apartment. He was exhausted after the long night, but made himself a cup of hot tea and a cold chicken sandwich. As he ate, he went over what had happened out at Trevor's house. He'd always kind of believed Ghost had psychic powers, but this thing tonight, seemed straight out of a horror movie.

The things he'd seen and heard, really got him thinking. "Dammit, guess I have to be a believer of the after-world, now," he said to himself, in his silent room. He'd seen evil, close up, and if he believed in evil beings, then the opposite must be true, too...God, goodness, angels, heaven and hell, good versus evil. Just like he'd always heard. He hadn't prayed in years, not really, but now he felt the need in him.

So, sitting at his rickety table, chicken sandwich in front of him, he remembered Ghost's prayer. He'd just talked like he was right there in the room with God....and now, he was sure the prayer was heard. If that was all you had to do, well, he figured he could do it, too. Taking a deep breath, he began.

"God, it's me, Kinsey. I haven't been in touch in a long time. Sorry, I've just been through a lot of stuff, lately. I'm sure you already know my troubles, so I won't detail them, now. Just...I need to say something about what I saw last night," he stopped, clearing his throat, and taking a gulp of his tea.

Rubbing his face, he sighed, and continued his talk with God. "I got first hand proof of evil in this world. And, I saw first hand proof of your goodness and light shining through your faithful son, and my friend, Ghost. I admit I'd been questioning this subject for a long time, but now, I have no doubts. Just keep a watch over us all. I know you're always around, and want us to call on you when we need help with this life on Earth. So, guess that's all for now. I feel better for having this talk...Amen."

Kinsey did feel a lightness of his soul...a more hopeful feeling, a lessening of his depression. He smiled, then finished his sandwich. Raising his cup of tea in the air, he toasted..."To you," he said.


Everyone who'd been at the séance stayed inside their homes, sleeping for the next twenty-four hours. One by one, each would get up for a quick snack or a drink, or the bathroom, but would get back to sleep with no trouble. They each felt strange, like they'd taken a sleeping pill, and would not remember much about getting up, at all.

The next morning they were all being talked about around town. The old guys at the hardware store gathered as usual, and gossiped about what they'd heard, and about Kinsey.

"Y'all seen Kinsey, lately?"

"Not since yesterday."

"Friend of mine saw him at the diner, along with those kids, and Terry...said they looked like they'd been up all night."

"Maybe we should go check on him."

"Yeah, if he hasn't shown his face by noon, guess we should."

They continued their morning of coffee drinking, and playing checkers. About an hour later, Kinsey did poke his head out of the club's front door. "Hey, guys," he waved over at them.

"Hey, Kinsey, come have some coffee."

Kinsey walked over and sat in one of the porch rocking chairs.

"How's it going? ...Ya been sleeping one off? ... Fixing to come check on ya."

"Everything's fine, guys. I just needed a break. The cleaners are coming today, though. I've got to get the club up and running again, ya know," Kinsey said.

"They ever find out what caused the fire?" one old guy asked.

"No, not yet, but they suspect it was old wiring in the kitchen area," Kinsey said. He knew it wasn't, and didn't like lying, but he wasn't about to mention what really happened.

"Any of those kids coming by, today? I'd think they would want to help you out with getting things in order," the guy said.

"I figure they'll be by sometime," Kinsey said. "Well, thanks for the to get back to it," he said, going back across the street. He knew they'd be pumping him for answers if he stayed any longer. He got back to work. In a little while, he heard knocking on the back door. It was Terry, still looking disheveled.

"Hey, Kinsey," he said. "Man, do you feel as bad as I look? I think I slept forever...lost a whole day."

"Yeah, me too. I just came back to the living, this morning...such a weird feeling," Kinsey said.

"You think it's got something to do with the other night?" Terry asked.

"I imagine so, Terry. We were all tired after that."

Terry nodded in agreement. "I'm keeping the shop closed today, too. I'll hang around here and help out, I guess. Give me something to do, ok? Where is everybody...they been here at all?"

"Nope, just you. I expect they'll show up sooner or later. The cleaning crew will be here soon. Until then, I guess we could do some inventory."

"Sure thing," Terry said. They went back to the storeroom to get to work.

The cleaning company did arrive with their heavy duty equipment. They assessed the smoke damage, then started up their noisy machines. Trevor and Zach came in a few minutes later. They needed to get a change of clothes, or at least see if they had any that didn't smell too much of smoke, and take everything else to the laundry.

"Y'all doing ok?" Kinsey asked. He could tell they were feeling pretty good, the way they were smiling.

"Yeah, we're good," Zach said. "We got lots of sleep, but Trevor has a bad rash...maybe from that thing the other night."

"It's going away already, though," Trevor said.

"Well, Terry and I are still feeling the effects of it. We're still all tired out, no energy," Kinsey said.

"Terry's here?"

"Yeah, I got him counting stuff in the storeroom."

"Well, we're gonna do laundry...want to send some of your stuff with us?" Trevor asked.

"Sure, hang on, I'll gather up some," Kinsey said.

Zach and Trevor went on down the hallway to see Terry. "Hey, how's it going?" Zach asked.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" Terry asked.

"Just going to take some clothes to the laundry. How ya look like crap." Zach said.

"About like I look," Terry laughed. "That business the other night about did me in. I can't seem to shake it off."

"I know, we can't either. Oh, I got some kind of rash from it, too," Trevor said.

"No shit? Well, are y'all moving back in the house, now?"

"I don't think so. We need a fresh start...gonna find us another place. Do you know of any...any we could afford?" Zach asked.

"Hmm...not right off, but I'll ask around and if something turns up, I'll let ya know," Terry said.

Kinsey came in then, with a duffle bag of dirty clothes. "Here ya go guys, and here's some money for the machines. These ought to last me a few days."

"We'll bring 'em back as soon as they're done, Kinsey," Trevor said.

Kinsey looked out into the club. "Looks like they're about done down here. Oh, have y'all heard from Steve or Ghost? I haven't, and it's not like them to be holed up for very long. I'm getting worried. Maybe I should give them a call."

"Yeah, we haven't heard from them, either. But, I do need to talk to Ghost about some stuff. Tell him to either call me, or come by, ok?" Trevor said.

"Will do, guys," Kinsey said, as they left.

"Hey, Kinsey, it's break time, right?" Terry asked.

"Yeah, it's break time. I can't get much going, either," Kinsey laughed. They grabbed a beer, and went to relax in the office.


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


# 144 content


The diner in Missing Mile had opened early, and a few regular customers were already there, sipping their first cups of coffee, and opening newspapers. They all looked up, as the whole gang came in. Everyone knew them, and said hey, then went back to their breakfasts. They did steal glances at the motley group, though, as they situated themselves around a large booth in the corner of the room. Most figured this crew had been up partying all night, but were surprised that Kinsey was among them. He was the elder, and a respected business owner in town.

Terry was known as the town's aging hippie, and no one was surprised to see him hanging with the younger crowd, as they all played gigs together. Zach and Trevor were the newcomers to town, but were fitting in pretty good here. Of course Ghost and Steve were well known, and their up and down relationship was always a source for gossip.

This morning, they all looked bleary eyed, and scraggly, and Ghost's hair and shirt was soaking wet, and they all smelled of sage. They seemed oblivious to the stares, though, and were in a noisy, talkative mood. They ordered pancakes and coffee, all around.

Catching bits of their conversation, the onlookers heard things that didn't seem to fit together...

"Do you remember anything, Ghost?"

"Did you hear that horrible scream?"

"What was that black shadowy thing?"

"Is it really gone?"

"Are we gonna tear the house down, now?"

The waitress brought their food to the table, and everyone got quiet, as they ate...they were starving.

"I never used my pancake word," Ghost said, as he took a bite of his pancakes.

Trevor nodded, "Yeah, I didn't have to use mine either," he said.

"Dude, you were scaring the crap outta me," Terry said. He could laugh about it now. "You were saying all kinds of crazy stuff in those weird voices. How did you do that?"

"Did you know what you were saying?" asked Zach.

Ghost shook his head, "No, I wasn't there. It was the evil demon talking through me."

"Where were you?" Kinsey asked. "There for a few minutes, we couldn't even see you. What did you see, and did you feel weird?" Kinsey asked.

"Well, at first I felt like something was pushing me...then nothing, until Trevor tried to chop me with the big knife. Then I saw what looked like a black tornado. Did y'all see it, too?"

"Yeah, we saw it, and we didn't see you anymore," Zach said.

"Well, I was there, and I grabbed Steve, and..." Ghost said.

"So you're the one that grabbed me? Man, I thought it was the black cloud," Steve said.

Terry laughed at that. "Dude, you screamed like a little girl."

"I know I did, and you would, too, if that thing came after you."

"Ok, then it made us see a black tornado, instead of me," Ghost said.

"You said awful stuff, too," Kinsey said

"It wasn't me, it was the evil," Ghost said, again. "Anyway, did y'all get some it all cleared up, now?"

"Yeah, finally...I think I can let it go now, and like you said, I can go on and make the rest of my life whatever I want to," Trevor said.

"Ok, guys, I'm beat," said Kinsey. "I'm going home. There's still lots to do to clean up the club, but I have to go to sleep for a long time, now. See y'all another day." he smiled. "Oh, and I'm paying for all this. Later, guys." He went to the counter, paid the bill, and went on home.

"Are y'all going back to the house?" Steve asked.

"Not today," Trevor said. "I've had enough of that place. You ready to go crash at the motel, Zach?"

"Definitely, let's go," Zach said.

Terry, Steve and Ghost were left at the table. Ghost's eyes were closing, and he kept nodding off, and jerking awake.

"Hey, Steve," Terry said, "I got some of that good weed at the house. Y'all want to relax a bit before ya head home?"

Steve looked down at Ghost, who'd leaned against his shoulder. "Naw, this one looks relaxed enough. Gonna get him home, but we'll take a rain check, ok?"

"Yeah, sure thing...and I'm taking myself home, too...maybe get a little more relaxed before I crash. See y'all later," Terry said. He ruffled Ghost's hair, "Ya did good, kid." He smiled, and headed for the door.

Steve got up, and pulled Ghost up, leading him toward the door. "C'mon, Ghost...time to go home. Thanks for breakfast," he said to the waitress as they left.

As soon as they went out the door, the other customers all started talking about the interesting morning at the diner.

Steve got Ghost into the car, then drove on down the highway to their little house in the woods. He planned on getting Ghost to bed, and feeding the cat, then sleeping the rest of the day. He was wiped out. As he drove the last few miles to the house, he kept thinking of what they'd done. He was still wired up from it, and even as tired as he was, he wasn't sure he could go to sleep, yet. Ghost was already lulled to sleep by the warmth of the sun shining through the car windows, and the movement of the car. He drove into their driveway.

We're home, Ghost," he said, shaking Ghost awake. "Let's get inside. Spirit is probably hungry. Then we can go to sleep."

"Ok, I'm coming," He scooted across the big car seat, and out the door. Steve grabbed their supplies, and they went inside. Spirit wound around their ankles, meowing.

"Hey, kitty, we're back...are you hungry?" Ghost asked. He went to get the cat some food, and a bottle of water for himself. He gulped it down, as he went down the hall to his bedroom. As he took off his still slightly damp clothes, Steve came in and stopped short.

"Oh, my God, Ghost. Look at you. Did you see that? Does it hurt?"

"What...see what?" Ghost asked.

"You're all scratched up, on your chest and back...turn around...there's marks all over you, Ghost. What the hell happened?"

Ghost looked down at himself, seeing long scratch marks, some oozing tiny beads of blood, some just raw and red. He looked at Steve in confusion. He was scared. "Steve, what is it...make it go away." He ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and to get a wet rag to wash off the blood.

"Don't you feel that...doesn't it hurt?" Steve asked, as he dabbed at the marks on Ghost's back.

"I didn't feel anything, until they sting."

"Here, let me put some medicine on them," Steve said, as he got some antibiotic ointment from the medicine cabinet.

"It must have been the evil spirit that did this, when I was gone...or something...but, I didn't know it. It must have been really mad at me for telling it to leave. Do you think so?"

"Sounds weird to me," Steve said, "but, I don't have any other explanation for it."

"Well, I don't like it, but I'm glad we did it," Ghost said. "I'm just glad it's over, and this is all it did to us, ya know?"

"Do ya think anyone else got scratches?" Steve asked, as he checked himself for them. "I don't have any, but maybe Trevor?"

"We'll ask him when we see him again," Steve said. He was finished putting the ointment on. "Well, that's all I can do for it right now, but if anything gets worse with these, I'll take you to the doctor."

"Ok, but right now I'm tired of thinking about it. I gotta go to bed," Ghost said, going back into the bedroom. "You going to bed, yet?"

"Well, I don't feel sleepy yet, but I'll snuggle with you for awhile. Maybe I'll go to sleep, too," Steve said. He locked the front door, and got into the bed with Ghost, giving him a hug and a long, tender kiss. He was hoping to get something started, but Ghost was already asleep. "Maybe later," Steve said, and he did fall asleep.

Trevor and Zach had gone back to the motel to crash. Instead of going right to sleep, though, Trevor wanted to talk about all that had happened.

"Zach, do you really think it worked? I mean, I feel like it did, and Ghost put on a good show...but, was it just a show? Maybe he can manipulate our minds, like he can read our maybe he just made us think it was real," Trevor said. "What do you think?"

"Why are you questioning it, Trev? It was least it felt real. Yeah, I was scared of that black cloud thing for real," Zach said. "And besides, Ghost wouldn't trick us, I don't think. He's pretty honest, and well...not to put him down or anything...I like him a lot, but he's kinda...well, he don't seem all that smart. He wouldn't know how to pull a scam on us. I think he was scared, too. It all happened like it did, and we either accept it or not." He shrugged, "That is, until we have proof otherwise."

Trevor nodded. "Yeah, I see what you're saying, but how could he just disappear? When I was swinging that machete at him, he was just gone. That don't make any sense."

"I know, Trev, but he didn't for real disappear, he couldn't have. It was just that thing got all in the way, and made us see it instead of Ghost," Zach said. "I'm confused as hell. I can't explain just happened. We all saw the same thing."

"I know, but now we have to go back in there. We have to make sure, but I'm not looking forward to it," Trevor said.

"Why? Just bulldoze the place down, and be done with it. There's no need to go back in."

"Yeah, but I'd always wonder," Trevor said.

Zach shook his head, "Dude, you're just inviting trouble."

"So, are you coming with me when I go maybe tomorrow?" Trevor said, smiling.

"Yeah, you know I'll do it, too" Zach sighed. "Then, for sure we can forget it, and look for another place to live."

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

TWO SOULS: INTO THE FIRE ... #143 (the seance, part 2)

# 143 (the séance, part 2) content

Ghost began to talk, as he shivered. "It's so cold here, and dark." His voice sounded like a little boy.

Trevor gasped, "That's my little brother."

Ghost spoke again, "Trevor, yourself...go hide." It was a woman's voice, this time, very thready and faint.

Trevor started sobbing, "My mother...that's what she said when she was dying, right over there in the hall."

Steve wasn't even paying attention to where the camera was pointing, just pushing the button over and over, click-click-click.

Then Ghost said, in a deep man's voice, "It's too fucking hot in here. Might as well be in hell, than try to raise a family in this godforsaken town. Might as well be dead."

Ghost was pouring sweat, now. He got up from the table, and began acting out what had happened that night of the murder/suicide. He was making chopping motions, as he went from room to room in the house. He was out of the circle of protection. In the bathroom, he acted out poking at the little boy wedged between the toilet and the tub. "I can't reach you back there, you little bastard," he yelled. Giving up on trying to kill the boy, he acted out taking his belt, hanging himself on the shower rod.

The guys were staring wide-eyed, as Ghost came back to the table. He got right up in Trevor's face, and shouted. "I wanted to kill you, too, but you got away. I didn't want any of you here...this is my house, not yours. I made him do it...the same as they made me do it to my family, over a hundred years ago. I've been trapped in this evil so long, I've become the evil, and passed it down to everyone that has ever lived on this property. And it will be you next, to carry on the evil, Trevor. This is a warning...get out now, or I will possess you and you will kill everyone you love."

Ghost's face was scaring everyone, now. He was snarling the words, gnashing his teeth, and hate was blazing in his eyes. In the back of Kinsey's mind he remembered, this wasn't the first murder that had taken place in this house.

Then, Ghost's voice changed again, to a high-pitched sneer. "You'll never get rid of're too scared...little prissy faggot boy...don't know how to fight. Can't stand up for himself...hahahah."

At this, Trevor stood up, knocking his chair over, and shouted back at Ghost. "Shut up, shut think you're evil? Well, you're not. You're dead and you have no control over us...over me. You'll not possess me or anyone here. Now go away...leave us alone. It ends here." He grabbed his machete knife and started swinging at Ghost.

Everyone jumped out of their chairs, and out of the way, screaming for Trevor to stop. Ghost was able to move fast, and then he seemed to least to everyone there. In their minds was projected a dark, swirling, black mist, where Ghost had been. Ghost was still there in the room, but nobody could see him, now. This stopped Trevor from swinging the knife.

Ghost had ran to Steve, as he came out of his trance. He grabbed Steve's arm, and as Steve couldn't see him, he screamed, thinking the demon had grabbed him. Ghost let go of him, and remembered one more thing he was supposed to do.

There was one more little bottle on the table, the one labeled 'in case of demons'. Ghost grabbed it, and in his own voice, yelled..."Here, you fucking demon...look me in the will be gone from here...forever more." As the mist seemed to turn, Ghost threw the contents of the bottle full on into the swirling, black mass. There was an ear-splitting scream that emanated from the demon, and as it died away, so the mist evaporated.

Ghost stood there shaking, looking at everyone. They all were in shock. Trevor had dropped the machete, and fell to his knees, crying, "It's over, it's over." Zach was crying and hugging Trevor. Terry had backed up clear to the far wall, outside the circle of candles. He looked dazed. Kinsey was actually under the table, staring out from under the cloth, but was still writing, without even looking.

Steve's vision had come back, as had everyone's, and he was down on his knees, thanking God that Ghost was back. Ghost felt like he was having a heart attack. He was drained of energy, and breath. He felt lightheaded, and little sparkles of stars came into his vision...then everything went black, and he fell to the floor in a faint.

Steve crawled over to him, begging him to be alive, to wake up...something. "Ghost, wake up, it's over. You did got rid of the evil spirit." He held Ghost's limp body in his arms, and smoothed back his hair. "C'mon Ghost...please wake up." He looked around the room at the others, "Get me some water, go get me some water."

Terry stumbled into the kitchen, where he found a bottle of water on the counter. "Here it is, Steve," he said, giving it to him.

Steve dabbed some onto Ghost's face and hair. Kinsey came out from under the table, grabbed the bottle from Steve, saying, "Like this," and he dumped the whole bottle into Ghost's face. Ghost came up sputtering, wiping water off him. "Ya trying to drown me or something?"

"You're back, Ghost, you're back," Steve hugged him close.

"What happened?" Ghost asked, looking around the room, confused.

"What do ya mean?" Steve asked.

"Did it work? I don't remember anything," Ghost said, running his fingers through his wet hair.

"Did it work? Guys, what do y'all think, did it work? I'll say it did," Steve laughed. Everyone agreed and high-fived each other, congratulating Ghost.

"That was the awesomest thing I ever seen," Terry said, "and I wasn't even trippin'"

Trevor and Zach gave Ghost a big hug, "Thank you...I think the evil is gone...I can't feel it, anymore," Trevor said.

Kinsey had gone around blowing out the candles, when he noticed something. It was light outside...the sun had come was dawn. "Guys, look..." he pointed to the bedroom, and to the windows. The vines were going away, curling up and turning brown. The sun was able to shine through, now.

"Wow, I never seen it without the vines," Zach said.

They all wandered around looking; the whole house had a fresh feeling, already. "Bring me the sage, and a lighter, Steve," Ghost said. "I still have to cleanse the house, to make sure." Lighting the bundles, he walked into every room, spreading the sage smoke around until they were burnt out. "Now, it's over," he sighed.

"What now," asked Trevor.

"Go on with your life, Trevor. This chapter is closed. The evil should have no hold on you now, or ever again. It's up to you what you make of it, from now on," Ghost said.

Terry was gathering up the chairs and table, while Steve packed up Ghost's things, and the camera and recorder. "I say we all go to the diner and have a celebration breakfast," Steve said.

"Pancakes," Ghost laughed. "I want pancakes,"

"Me too," Trevor said.

They all agreed, so headed out to their cars. It had been a long, crazy night. As they pulled away from the house, they could see that the vines were dropping leaves, leaving the house in full view.

Next part coming soon!

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TWO SOULS: INTO THE FIRE ... # 142 (the Seance, part 1)

# 142 (the Séance, part 1) content

As they entered the kitchen, Zach flipped the light switch, but nothing happened; the old house remained in darkness. Shining their flashlights around, they could see the dust motes hanging heavy in the still air, yet the leaves on the vines were rustling, as if a breeze was stirring them. Kinsey and Terry hadn't been in the murder house in years. Their eyes were wide, taking it all in.

"Dude, what do ya think?" Terry whispered over to Kinsey.

"Kinda spooky," Kinsey said. His normal voice echoed off the walls.

Trevor led the way into the living room. "Just put the card table in the middle, I guess," he said. Terry had brought the table, and some folding chairs for the event. He and Kinsey set it up, and arranged the six folding chairs around it. Then, taking a tablecloth, he spread it over the table, and set a battery lantern he'd brought, in the center.

"Ok, now what?" Terry asked.

"Ghost, what do you need us to do?" Steve asked.

Ghost had been walking around the edges of the room, getting the feel of the place. "We can all sit down, now," he said, as he put his backpack up on the table.

"Trevor, Zach, y'all sit on either side of me," he said. His giggling had stopped as soon as he stepped into the house. Now it was all business.

They all took a chair, as they watched Ghost take out his magic supplies. Giving Kinsey a notepad, and marker, he said, "This you should write down everything that happens, as best you can, 'cause when things get started, it might happen fast. Terry, did you bring the recorder?"

"Yeah, it's right here."

"Ok, turn it on, now," he instructed. "Steve, you take pictures. I put the camera on night vision, so it won't flash, but we'll see what happens."

Steve nodded, taking the camera in front of him.

"Uh...let's see, what else?" Ghost thought for a minute, trying to remember the steps he'd planned. "Ok, Zach, here's a bunch of candles. Light them, then put them around in a big circle around us and the table. And here, Trevor, take this," Ghost handed him a box of salt. "Inside the circle of candles, pour an unbroken line of salt, all the way around."

"What's it for?" asked Kinsey.

"It's to let us have a space of protection against whatever shows up," Ghost said. "They can't cross our least I hope not."

Steve was impressed at the way Ghost was taking charge, setting things up, assigning duties, and explaining it all. Yesterday he was scared to get out of the car. He wondered where he'd come by all this information. It wasn't in any instruction book. Then, he remembered...Ghost was from the mountains. There was lots of inherent psychic gifts imbedded in Ghost's very being...a kind of knowing...a knowledge passed down for generations. He was able to tap into this consciousness without even trying. He'd seen it happen before. Now he felt confident that everything would be ok, and that Ghost was in control. He continued to be awed, as he watched.

The others could feel it, too. They'd never seen Ghost be his real self...just the wounded child, and the silly side of his personality. Even Kinsey and Terry didn't fully know him as well as Steve did, although they'd been around him for years. Trevor and Zach hadn't even heard him sing, yet.

As Steve looked around the group, sitting there in the circle of candles, with shadows flickering on the empty walls, he could sense the anticipation building.

Ghost continued his preparations with complete concentration and authority. He took out more items from his backpack, one by one, setting them on the cloth covered table.

"This here is the instructions for the ointment. I'll mix up this, and this..." he said, as he took little vials out. He explained every piece, and explained every step, and what he expected to happen. He also suggested to everyone how they should or shouldn't react, to the best of their ability.

He pulled out his sage brooms. "These are for after, to cleanse the whole house." Then he reminded them of his and Trevor's safe words. Next, he pulled out the silver, cross necklace, and put it around his neck. "This is for my protection, as the contactor." He took a moment to think.

"Guys, I have no idea what's gonna happen. I'm just gonna say whatever I think of, so try not to laugh, ok? I might go out of here...I mean, like a trance, or something, where I'm letting the spirit speak through me. I'll probably sound weird, and maybe say mean things to y'all. But please don't get fooled. The evil will try everything to get us out of here. Just try to stay, and give me support. I'm doing this 'cause y'all asked me to," he said, looking at Zach and Trevor.

"Now, if y'all have a question you want answered, go ahead and ask it. It may speak, or just bang on the wall, or lift the table, or, don't be surprised." He looked at each of them to see if they were understanding. They all nodded that they did.

"Ok, any questions before we start?"

"Yeah, what I want answered is why did it make my father kill my whole family but me?" Trevor asked.

"And..." Zach added, "Can you make it go away for good, and leave us alone?"

"I'll try to make it go away, and I'll ask your question too, Trevor, but you ask too, 'cause it's your house, and your family," Ghost said. "So, are we ready?" They all agreed that they were.

Ghost closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The rest of them held theirs, darting their eyes from Ghost to the shadows in the corners of the room, scared of what would happen.

Ghost began with a prayer of protection and strength, in his own unique way.

"Lord, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Mary, Joseph, and all the Saints above...well, all y'all up there...please hear this prayer. We're gonna try and undo some kinda evil that's been causing a whole lotta trouble down here for Trevor, and Zack too, 'cause they love each other, and live in this here murder house. And, it was Trevor's father that killed them all except him. He wants to know why, and we all want the evil to go away forever. So, can you help us, be here to protect us, and give us the courage and strength to make it happen? We don't mean to cause any offense to y'all, in case y'all are against doing a séance, but we didn't know how else to do it. So, anyway....that's all...amen."

Ghost opened his eyes. "Ok, now I'm gonna mix up this stuff."

Kinsey was writing as fast as he could...faster than he thought possible, even. The marker seemed to have a mind of it's own, putting down everything. He held on. Steve was snapping picture after picture, aiming the camera at everything and at nothing.

Ghost looked at the paper that Steve had drawn the instructions on so he could read them. Kinsey glanced over at the paper, but it just looked like hieroglyphics to him. Then, going step by step, Ghost put drops of one vial, into the mortar cup, and sprinkled the powdery one on top of that, then another few drops of a different liquid, and he mashed them all together with the pestle, into an oily ointment. It smelled of sage and roses.

Taking his finger, he dipped it into the mixture. He smeared it onto his forehead, in the shape of a cross, and did the same for everyone else. He took three deep breaths, and said, "If there are any spirits here, let us know, now."

They waited in silence. "Ok, then...everyone hold hands," he said. "We are all in agreement together. We call you to come and be known to us." The little battery lantern flickered once, then went out. Only the candles remained, to light the room. They all jumped. Trevor on one side of Ghost, Zach on the other, and they could feel each other's heartbeats in their fingers.

"Thank you for giving us a sign," Ghost said. "I have to ask you some questions, now. We need an answer...a clear answer. Who are you? Are you Trevor's father?"

Kinsey looked down at his paper, "Ghost," he whispered, "it made me write no, about ten times."

Ghost smiled, and thanked the entity for the answer. "Why are you bothering Trevor and Zach? Why the vines...why? And, are you evil? Are you a demon, or just having fun with them and the house? We'd like to have it stop. I'm asking real nice, ok? Please stop with the dirty tricks, and scaring them. them...and...and..." Ghost had asked the questions fast, and now he had a strange feeling coming on him. He felt so cold, he began to shiver...his teeth chattering. He jerked his icy hands from Trevor and Zach, Everyone else let go, too. All were staring at Ghost.


Next part coming soon! (the Séance, part 2)

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