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Song I like

 Song I like;

Hypothermic by Goodnight Texas


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One large dark pink flower with fuzzy looking yellow center, and a few green leaves.

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Flower of the Day - Sunflower

Flower of the Day - Sunflower


This is another challenge from Cee, that I’ve seen people take part in, so I thought I’d post some flowers, too. Why not? I have lots of flower photos, though I’m not sure of the name of them, most of the time. Anyway…here goes…and I’ll not bombard you with tons of flower photos…just one a day!

This one I know! It is a sunflower. I grew it myself last summer.


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I have begun the process of posting each installment/episode of "Two Souls: Into the Fire" onto my Word Press Blog.

I posted the very first one from the beginning of my story today, and it can be found here:

Thank you everyone, who has visited and enjoyed reading this fan fiction story. I appreciate it very much, and hope you will visit my WP blog also. It is at ...

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# 310 content

Back inside the house, Ghost poured himself another cup of coffee, got his meds out, and swallowed them all with his first big gulp of the hot liquid. He massaged his left temple, and Steve could see that his eye was twitching, already. He knew Ghost was more upset than he was letting on, and didn't want to upset him further by continuing the conversation.

"Come here, babe, I'm not mad at you," he said, wrapping his arms around Ghost. "I get what you're saying. Terry's our friend, and we're not cutting him off just because he went off the deep end." He kissed the top of Ghost's head. "Ok? You going back to bed for awhile?"

Ghost sniffled and nodded. "Yeah."

Steve watched him, as he slowly went down the hall. He still didn't want to see Terry anytime soon, or anybody, for that matter. He began cleaning up the kitchen. Afterwards, he went out to sit on the couch. He tried to watch TV for a little while, but couldn't work up any enthusiasm for it. Picking up a paperback, he tried to read, but after a page or two, closed the book.

"I'm so bored," he said aloud. He wanted to talk to Ghost...he needed to talk to Ghost...and not have all these serious discussions. He just wanted everything to be normal, again. He missed the jokes and laughs they used to have, but he knew Ghost had not been happy for a long time...even before their trip to L. A.

Sure, they'd had some good times along the way, but only for that short time, then Ghost would get quiet, again. That was one reason he'd had it in his head, that to make Ghost happy, it would be best if they went their separate ways. Maybe not forever, just for awhile, to find out what made them happy, and feel alive again. But, it had backfired, and now Ghost was blaming the omen for their dissatisfaction.

He scrubbed his hands over his face, and clawed at his scalp, scratching it, and tousling his hair. The thoughts in his head didn't go away, though. He sent up a random prayer to whoever might hear it.

"Please help us get right, again. I'm so tired of never knowing if we're up or down, anymore."

Getting off the couch, Steve walked down the hallway, just to peek in at Ghost. He wouldn't wake him. Opening the door a crack, he was surprised to see that Ghost was awake, sitting in bed, writing in his journal.

"You're still awake?" Steve asked, then felt stupid. Of course he could see that Ghost was awake.

Ghost nodded. "Come on in. I'm just writing stuff."

Steve sat down on the bed. "What kinda stuff?"

"Just stuff that happened lately, and trying to find some lyrics of some sort. I haven't in awhile, and now, it's like I forgot how to write a song," Ghost said.

"Yeah, I should play my guitar more often, too," Steve said. He went to get it, then strummed a few chords, getting the feel of it again.

Ghost wrote a few words, as they came to him, and hummed a sequence of tones, off and on, that Steve would replicate on the fret board.

"How did we get here?" Steve asked. "How are we changed now?"

"I feel it in my bones, in my head, in my heart," Ghost said, writing down the words. He then looked up, meeting Steve's eyes. They smiled, knowing this would be "Lost Souls" newest song.  Steve kept picking out notes, and Ghost wrote more words, and then they were done.

This...this was normal. This was what was missing...their lost souls back in harmony, again. They had been tested...been through the fire. They had been broken apart, but now were forged together even stronger, because of it.

They were Lost no longer.


This fan fiction story has come to an end. I appreciate everyone who has followed along,  visited, read, and commented on it. Hope you've enjoyed it. :)

I am going to be setting up a Word Press Blog for this story only. I'll be posting it over from the very first. I will leave a notice on this blog, when it is up and running.

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Here's a few songs that I feel goes along with the story of Steve and Ghost. Enjoy!

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# 309 content

After Ghost had slammed out the back door, Melody went to look out. "He's going out to the old cemetery."

"He'll be back," Steve said. He reached for more bacon, and continued eating breakfast. "This sure is good. Y'all better dig in." And, so they did, but no one felt like making small talk, now. The only sounds were the clinking of their forks. Steve finished first, chugging his glass of milk last.

"Very nice breakfast. Are y'all leaving now?" He looked back and forth between Linda and Melody. "You can see we're not dead or anything."

Linda shrugged. "I should be getting back to the kids," Linda said. "You want to come, or stay here?" she asked Melody.

"I'm going with you."

"Well, we're gonna just chill out here for a couple of days, lay low ya know. We'll let Terry cool off, or whatever. I don't really want to run into him anytime soon," Steve said.

"Yeah, me either," said Linda, "but, I'm sure we will, and I may just let him have it. In fact, I know I will. He can't go pulling his gun out, threatening y'all, or anyone else like that. I don't care who he is." She went to get her purse and car keys. "Ready?" she asked Melody.

Melody nodded. "Yep, and Steve, tell Ghost I love him, and well...go out there and see about him. I don't like leaving like this, when he is so upset, but y'all need some alone time."

"I will," Steve said. He walked with them out to the car. "Don't worry about us. We'll be ok, and we'll see y'all in a few days." He watched them drive away, then got his jacket. He poured some hot coffee, with cream and sugar, into a thermos, then went out to find Ghost.

Crunching through the dried pine needles on his way to the cemetery, Steve made his way to his and Ghost's usual sitting spot. Sighing, he slowed, as he saw Ghost leaning against the old gravestone. It pained him to see the bruises on Ghost's face, knowing why he'd gotten them.

Ghost didn't look up, as Steve approached, but Steve knew Ghost heard him. He sat beside Ghost, poured a cupful of coffee into the thermos lid, and handed it to Ghost.

"Here...brought ya some coffee," he said. Ghost took it, taking a large swallow. Steve leaned back, waiting for Ghost to say something first, but he took a few more gulps of his coffee.

"Why do you do that?" Ghost asked.

Steve glanced over at him. "Huh? Do what?"

"You know, tell me how I should feel, how I should act. I'm capable of knowing that on my own. Maybe it don't match up with yours, but I do have feelings, Steve...good one, bad ones, or sad or mad ones...all the time, on my own. You keep telling me which one I should be feeling."

"I know you do," Steve said. "I don't get it, though, how you could be ready to kill Terry one day, and the next you're making excuses for what he did, like it was no big deal."

Ghost shrugged. "'Cause it's over. It's already done, and that won't change. We can hold onto what it was and be mad forever, or we can try to understand why it happened, and then move's done." He paused for a minute.

"Nothing good comes from thinking about it over and over...and, Steve, Terry is our friend. Something was making him crazy, and we'd be wrong to end it, when nothing actually happened."

Steve frowned. "What the hell, Ghost? Nothing happened? Were you off in la-la land when all this nothing happened? Look at yourself Look at me...even Terry...nothing happened? You gotta be shittin' me." He shook his head.

"What I meant was...we're not dead," Ghost said.

"You're right, we're not dead, so let's all just go get an ice cream sundae to celebrate," Steve said. "Every single one of us...a toast to not being dead...just beat up and being confused, and hating on everyone, and maybe even possessed by the boogyman. Hell yeah, let's go round 'em up. I'm paying." Steve took a breath.

Ghost stared hard at Steve.

"What? What are you doing?" Steve asked. "Stop staring at me."

" quiet...I'm trying to hear what you're thinking, why you're being mad at me," Ghost said.

"Fuck off...leave my thoughts alone. If you want to know something, just ask," Steve said, as he backed away a bit from Ghost.

Ghost shrugged. "Ok..." He broke off his gaze.
"Well?" asked Steve. "You gonna ask me something? Huh? Oh, you wanna know why I'm mad at you? It's 'cause you are acting like it was all a big, fat nothing last night. So what if it was this omen thing, whatever that means. It don't change the fact that Terry was off his rocker. I know he wasn't really wanting to kill us. Something went wrong and he snapped. But, damn, he could have done it...for real...then woke up to reality again. But, then it would have been too late...for us." He sighed. "Don't you see that?"

"Yeah, sure, of course I do, but it didn't happen." Ghost said. He stood up, brushing off the pine needles. "I'm done talking about it, now. I'm getting a headache. I'm going in. You can be mad at me some more, just keep it to yourself, ok?" He picked up his backpack, heading for the house.

Steve muttered, "Yeah, well quit reading my mind, then." He followed Ghost into the house.

Next part coming soon!

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Sunday, April 17, 2016


# 308 content

As Steve and Ghost refreshed themselves under the warm spray from the showerhead, they could feel the tension and pain from the night before leaving them. Gently lathering up with shampoo and soap, they cleansed their wounds. Their hands gliding through the slick bubbles on their bodies, they were overcome with the need to bring some happiness and pleasure to each other. Loud in their abandonment of lovemaking, they cried out in pleasure and pain.
In the kitchen, Melody smiled, hearing them. She was happy they were together again, and was dying to know what happened. Terry had scared them so bad with his words this morning. Surely, it wasn't as bad as he'd said. She finished the large breakfast she'd been making, then went to join Linda out on the front porch.

"Well, it's ready to eat," she said, as she sat down on the swing beside Linda. Sipping her fresh cup of coffee, she gazed out over the clearing in the yard.

"Any sign they're up, yet?" Linda asked.

"Um-hmm, they're up and in the shower, and are having there." Melody laughed.

Linda grinned. "You don't say?" She laughed, too. "That business Terry was talking about, well, that scared the shit outta me. I was afraid to even come out here, ya know?"

Melody nodded. "Me, too, but I still want to know what really happened."

They sat there a few more minutes, listening for any more sounds coming from inside. "I hear them. Let's go's time to eat," Linda said.

Back in the kitchen, they found Steve looking a little confused.

"Hey, you're up," Linda said.

Steve whirled around, looking startled. "What the hell? Y'all are here? God, you scared me. I was just trying to figure out how this food got cooked."

"Oh, Steve, you hurt yourself," Linda said, seeing his bruised face. "What happened?"

"It's nothing, Sis. I just fell down is all, but you're gonna freak when you see Ghost's face," he said. They could hear Ghost coming down the hallway.

As Ghost walked into the kitchen, the girls gasped, not at the cuts on his face, but because he was completely naked.

"Oh, shit," he said, frozen for a second, before running back down the hall.

Melody and Linda looked at each other, then burst out laughing. "Oh, my God...Did you see that?"

"It's ok, Ghost, come back," Linda said.

Steve hollered, "Put some clothes on, Dude." But, he was grinning, too." He looked at the breakfast food that was ready. "Well who's hungry?" he asked, and began filling his plate with eggs, bacon, and biscuits.

Linda and Melody busied themselves with filling glasses with milk, and trying to keep from giggling.

Ghost re-appeared, and tried making a joke about it, but the girls could tell he was still a bit embarrassed. "Here, sit down and eat," Melody said, handing him a full plate. She whispered in his ear, "Don't worry about it; we're all family here."

He shrugged. "I know, but I sure didn't know y'all were here."

"I didn't either," Steve said, coming to the table with his plate. "They scared me, too. Anyway, why are y'all here? I mean, you can be here any time ya want, but...why are you here?"

Linda and Melody took chairs at the table. "We came to see if y'all were ok," Linda said. "Terry told us what happened, and we were afraid he'd killed y'all."

"That fucking asshole, he pulled a gun on us, for real...and shot the damn thing," Steve said. "Lucky for us he's terrible at shooting a gun. I don't know what he was going on about, but I'm done with him. You don't go threatening your so called friends with death, and then go back to normal after that...uh-uh, no way."

"We can't not see him, though," Ghost said. "He lives in town."

"Well, we sure as hell don't have to have anything else to do with him," Steve said.

"What if that was part of the omen, too...then, what?" Ghost asked. "If he was being made to do that, we can't just leave him alone to deal with it."

Steve frowned. "Ghost, I know that, but damn, can't you be angry at what he least for a day or two...teach him a lesson...don't mess with us. I mean, we could be dead now, for real dead, omen or no omen."

"I can be mad," Ghost said. I have this to show for how fucking mad I was at him last night." He pointed to his face. "And, I hated him...I hated him, and I tried to kill kill him when he was driving over here to kill you." He was breathing hard, now. "I tried to wreck the car. I...I would have died before I'd let him kill you. Steve. So, don't tell me I don't get mad." He glared at them all. Pushing back his plate, he got up from the table. "I can't eat, not now. My mouth hurts." He left the kitchen, heading down the hallway.

They were all shocked at Ghost's outburst. "I'll go see about him..." Melody began.

"No, wait," Steve said. "I started it, and I'm glad he did get mad. We all should be. Just let him be for awhile."

Ghost came back through the kitchen, then, with his backpack and jacket. He grabbed a biscuit off the table, then stomped out the back door, letting the screen slam behind him. He'd not said another word to them.


Next part coming soon!

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