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Back inside the house, Ghost poured himself another cup of coffee, got his meds out, and swallowed them all with his first big gulp of the hot liquid. He massaged his left temple, and Steve could see that his eye was twitching, already. He knew Ghost was more upset than he was letting on, and didn't want to upset him further by continuing the conversation.

"Come here, babe, I'm not mad at you," he said, wrapping his arms around Ghost. "I get what you're saying. Terry's our friend, and we're not cutting him off just because he went off the deep end." He kissed the top of Ghost's head. "Ok? You going back to bed for awhile?"

Ghost sniffled and nodded. "Yeah."

Steve watched him, as he slowly went down the hall. He still didn't want to see Terry anytime soon, or anybody, for that matter. He began cleaning up the kitchen. Afterwards, he went out to sit on the couch. He tried to watch TV for a little while, but couldn't work up any enthusiasm for it. Picking up a paperback, he tried to read, but after a page or two, closed the book.

"I'm so bored," he said aloud. He wanted to talk to Ghost...he needed to talk to Ghost...and not have all these serious discussions. He just wanted everything to be normal, again. He missed the jokes and laughs they used to have, but he knew Ghost had not been happy for a long time...even before their trip to L. A.

Sure, they'd had some good times along the way, but only for that short time, then Ghost would get quiet, again. That was one reason he'd had it in his head, that to make Ghost happy, it would be best if they went their separate ways. Maybe not forever, just for awhile, to find out what made them happy, and feel alive again. But, it had backfired, and now Ghost was blaming the omen for their dissatisfaction.

He scrubbed his hands over his face, and clawed at his scalp, scratching it, and tousling his hair. The thoughts in his head didn't go away, though. He sent up a random prayer to whoever might hear it.

"Please help us get right, again. I'm so tired of never knowing if we're up or down, anymore."

Getting off the couch, Steve walked down the hallway, just to peek in at Ghost. He wouldn't wake him. Opening the door a crack, he was surprised to see that Ghost was awake, sitting in bed, writing in his journal.

"You're still awake?" Steve asked, then felt stupid. Of course he could see that Ghost was awake.

Ghost nodded. "Come on in. I'm just writing stuff."

Steve sat down on the bed. "What kinda stuff?"

"Just stuff that happened lately, and trying to find some lyrics of some sort. I haven't in awhile, and now, it's like I forgot how to write a song," Ghost said.

"Yeah, I should play my guitar more often, too," Steve said. He went to get it, then strummed a few chords, getting the feel of it again.

Ghost wrote a few words, as they came to him, and hummed a sequence of tones, off and on, that Steve would replicate on the fret board.

"How did we get here?" Steve asked. "How are we changed now?"

"I feel it in my bones, in my head, in my heart," Ghost said, writing down the words. He then looked up, meeting Steve's eyes. They smiled, knowing this would be "Lost Souls" newest song.  Steve kept picking out notes, and Ghost wrote more words, and then they were done.

This...this was normal. This was what was missing...their lost souls back in harmony, again. They had been tested...been through the fire. They had been broken apart, but now were forged together even stronger, because of it.

They were Lost no longer.


This fan fiction story has come to an end. I appreciate everyone who has followed along,  visited, read, and commented on it. Hope you've enjoyed it. :)

I am going to be setting up a Word Press Blog for this story only. I'll be posting it over from the very first. I will leave a notice on this blog, when it is up and running.

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Here's a few songs that I feel goes along with the story of Steve and Ghost. Enjoy!

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  1. the music is a nice touch, thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Martin! I appreciate your visits and comments. :)