Tuesday, December 30, 2014


warning...adult content


Terry had been trying to find something to eat, in his darkened refrigerator. He was using a flashlight to see inside. Nothing but leftovers, but he grabbed some anyway. He thought he may have to put everything outside to keep it cold. Then he heard a loud banging on his door.

"Let me in, Terry...hurry!" Ghost was yelling.

"Ghost...what is it?" Terry asked, as he opened the door, pulling Ghost inside.

"Terry, you have to help. Steve is hurt, and I walked all the way here, and Kinsey said he couldn't help me, and you have a big truck, and maybe you can drive it to our house, because the phone is out, and no doctor can come, either, and Steve is freezing on the floor, and maybe he won't wake up, and...and...please help, Terry!"

Ghost was collapsing fast, and now his voice was raspy. Terry could hardly hear him. The cold and the yelling had taken their toll.

"Slow down, Ghost. Steve is hurt...how bad...and you came to get help?"

"Yes, I think he broke his leg. It was all crooked, and he hit his head...and there was blood all over, and he wouldn't wake up, Terry!"

Terry was thinking fast. The old truck hadn't been driven in quite a while. He didn't know if it would even start. And then, the roads were slick and snow covered, but if he could get the truck started up, it might just make it.

"Ok..ok, I'll try to get it started, hang on," Terry said. He got his coat, and they both trudged out to the lot. The doors were frozen shut, but Terry grabbed a can of de-icer from his storage room, and squirted it all around, and on the windows. They got in, and he turned the key. It took a few seconds, but finally started. Letting the engine warm up a bit, he looked over at Ghost.

"I'm not making any promises; this old truck might make it out there, or not, but I'll try. And, even if we have to walk part way, we'll get to Steve and help, however we can."

Ghost nodded, and whispered, "It's bad, Terry. He needs a doctor." He looked at Terry with such pain, that even Terry's eyes stung a little.

"We'll do everything we can, Ghost, and as soon as we can, we'll get a doctor for him, ok?"

"Ok..." Ghost said, as tears spilled down his cheeks.

Terry put the truck in gear, and slowly began driving through the deep snow. He couldn't even tell where the road was, now, and they kept loosing traction, as they kept slipping, on the ice under the snow. He definitely didn't want to run off into the bar ditch. He kept driving, though, and so far the truck was plowing on through.

"Ghost, I'm not sure where the road up to your house is...all the landmarks are covered up. You gotta let me know when you think I should turn."

After a long half-hour, Ghost told Terry to stop. He looked hard, trying to see if this was the opening to the dirt road. "I'm pretty sure this is it," he said.

"Ok, hope you're right," Terry said, as he made the turn.

"Yes! This is it," Ghost said. See how the trees are on both sides, but not in the middle? Keep going!"

Soon, they did find the house. The truck's headlights were pointed right at it. They jumped out, and carefully walked up onto the porch. Ghost opened the door. The house was dark, except for the group of candles, still flickering on the kitchen counter, almost burned out.

Ghost went over to Steve, still laying on the floor. Terry was hesitant, and came in slowly...afraid of what he'd see, afraid Steve was dead already, and afraid he'd have no idea what to do.  He'd brought his flashlight, and he propped it up by the candles, to give a little more light in the room. He went to see about Steve.

"How is he, Ghost?"

"He's still alive, Terry, but he won't wake up."

"Is he still bleeding?"

"I don't think so...hand me the flashlight," Ghost said, then shined it over Steve, to check.

He had stopped bleeding from the cut on his forehead, but his leg was still crooked, Terry noticed.

"Why won't he wake up?" Ghost asked.

"I don't know. Maybe it's better that he doesn't...at least for now. He'd know how much pain he was in, if he was awake," Terry said.

"Can we move him off the floor? It's so cold, maybe put him in bed?"

"Well, I don't think we should move him around too much...what if it makes it worse?"

"Yeah, but what can we do, now?" Ghost asked.

"Just wait, I guess, till the storm is over," Terry said. "You said Kinsey was still trying the phone, right?"

"Yeah, that's what he said."

"Well, he'll send an ambulance or something, when he can get through. The storm has to stop sometime." Just keep talking to him, I guess. He probably can hear you, even if he is out of it."

So, Ghost did. He talked as much as his throat would let him, and even tried to sing a little. Every now and then, Steve would flutter his eyes, and moan a word or two. Terry paced around the house, trying to think what else they could do. He found the broken apart cell phone, and put the batteries back in, tried it, but it still wasn't working. He could hear Ghost, still talking to Steve.

"Ghost, I'm gonna lay down on the couch, for a little while. Call me if something happens."

"Ok, Terry, and thank you for helping. I was so scared, I didn't know what else to do."

"It's ok...I'm glad you made it to town, and didn't freeze yourself." He got a blanket and settled on the couch. The only sounds were the wind blowing the ice and snow against the windows, in gusts. Ghost's voice was growing fainter, and Steve kept moaning off and on. Even so, Terry dozed off.

Sometime in the night, Terry woke; something was different. Then he realized the wind had stopped blowing. He got up to check on Ghost and Steve. Ghost was asleep, his head on Steve's chest. Steve was either asleep, or still unconscious, but breathing at least. He grabbed another blanket to spread over the two of them.

The house was so cold, ice had formed on the inside of the windows. He looked outside. The clouds and wind driven snow had gone, leaving behind a bright moon. If they hadn't ben in so much trouble, the winter wonderland would have seemed beautiful. He sighed, running his hands over his tired face, hoping somehow, someone would be able to get to them, soon. He went back to the couch, but couldn't get back to sleep.


Finally, the long night gave way to a bright dawn. Terry could hear Ghost waking up, over in the kitchen, so he went in to see how Steve was. "How is he doing?" he asked.

Ghost sat up, groaning. He was in a lot of pain from his fall, and from plowing through the deep snow. "He's breathing...and hot, Terry." He barely croaked out. He tried to swallow, but his throat was so raw, he couldn't.

"You ok?" Terry asked.

"My throat hurts so bad, Terry, and I hurt all over from falling and walking, and I can't hardly talk."

Terry smiled to himself. Not talking was a huge deal to Ghost. "Yeah, y'all had a rough day. Well, the storm seems to be over, so someone will get out here, I'm sure. I'll wait awhile, then if I can, I'll try to drive back to town."

Ghost just sat there feeling awful, for himself and Steve. Tears were falling down his face.

"Ghost, don't...it's gonna be ok, you'll see..." Terry said, with a catch in his own throat.

"But, Terry..." Ghost whispered. "I ain't never seen him hurtin' before. He's the one always helping me outta trouble, ya know?" he swiped at his tears.

Terry could tell how upset Ghost was...his mountain accent got thicker, every time he was in pain.

"I know...and Steve will tell you later how much he was glad he could count on you...that you were here to help him, when he needed you," Terry said. He sat on the floor, by Ghost, giving him a hug. "He adores you, ya know. I know y'all had that trouble back then, but everything's good now, right? He doesn't drink as much anymore, does he? He seems a lot better, anyway."

"Yeah, it's good. He only has a couple now and again. He hasn't tried to kill me much. And he did keep his promise."

"What was that?" Terry asked.

"That he'd go get help for his drinking and being mean to me...and he did go, over in Raleigh, and it helped a lot I think. But, he don't want me to say anything, and now I just did, so now he's gonna get mad at me again. And, I just want him to wake up and be ok, and if wants to hit me, he can...and I'll let him, 'cause...'cause...Terry...why won't he wake up?" Ghost was sobbing now, and coughing.

Terry felt Ghost's forehead, then Steve's. "Y'all are both burning up, Ghost... damn it...we need some help out here." He got up, and went to the front window, wiping his own eyes on the way.

"Hey, Ghost...what was in that thermos Kinsey gave you? It's still out in the truck."

"It's coffee," Ghost answered.

"I'm going to go get it, maybe it's still good," Terry said. He bundled up, and made his way out to the truck.


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Saturday, December 27, 2014


warning...adult content


Ghost immediately ran out onto the porch, to rescue Steve, but slipped and landed hard on his butt. He cried out, but scooted on over to Steve, and tried to pull him up.

"Ghost, stop...my leg is broke, I think. It hurts...stop pulling!"

"I have to get you inside, Steve. I have to drag you up the steps. Holler if you have to, but I'm not stopping," Ghost told him.

He yanked Steve's arms, again. An inch at a time, he pulled...and slipped back, again and again. Steve had yelled, but then passed out. Ghost saw that Steve's leg looked all crooked...not right at all. He was trying his best not to hurt Steve, but he could not stop. They would both freeze, if he did.

His hips and butt were aching, and his arm muscles were strained almost to their limit. Finally, he dragged Steve over the door sill, and closed the door behind them. It wasn't any warmer in the kitchen, but at least the wind was off of them.

"Steve, Steve...wake up...we're inside now!" He was scared Steve was already dead. He shook him, and listened for breathing, and a heartbeat. Both were steady and strong, but Steve still wouldn't wake up. Ghost found blankets to cover him with.

"What do I do...what do I do?," he said over and over. He was crying hard, and trying not to freak out completely. "This is a crisis," he told himself. "I have to keep it together...for now...think, think..."

Then he remembered the cell phone. He ran to get it, managing to remember how to turn it on...but, nothing happened. There was no dial tone, and when he pushed in Kinsey's number, it didn't work. Pushing all the little buttons did no good, so he threw the phone across the room, where it broke open, the battery falling out.

"Piece of shit," he yelled.

He went back to check on Steve. Steve was coming around, moaning and trying to open his eyes.

"Steve, wake up," Ghost hollered into Steve's ear. "Please wake up. I have to go get help."

Running back to the bedroom, he pulled on sweatpants, a flannel shirt, a sweater, and his Army jacket. Finding some boots, and a knit hat and scarf, he hoped that would be enough. He found gloves in the jacket pocket, and put them on. He went back in to the kitchen.

"Steve, I'm going to get help. Don't move...I'll try to hurry." He told him, then went out the front door. He had to push hard, as there was a huge drift blocking the way out. He couldn't see the porch steps, now, so took a big jump, hoping to clear them. He did, but fell face first into the snow. Struggling up, he took one giant step at a time, against the wind, his eyes stinging from the icy snowflakes hitting his face.

It was dark now, and he'd not taken a flashlight, but he knew exactly where he was. Breathing hard, he came to the main road leading into town. He had five miles to go, but he just knew it would take him a long time to get there. He wrapped his scarf over his face, except for his eyes, and kept walking. There was no cars on the road to flag down; there would be no traffic, until the roads were plowed.

I hope Steve is gonna be ok...I hope Kinsey knows what to do...I hope I make it into town, and don't freeze out here...

Snow had gotten over the top of his boots, and now was melting on his socks. It felt like walking in  ice water. He didn't like the squishy sounds they made, and he was chilled to the bone. Eventually, he came to the main street, but it was dark...no lights in the whole town. Reaching the club, he pounded on the door.

"Kinsey, let me in! Hurry, Kinsey...open the door!" He got no response.

Going around to the back parking lot, he tried the door there, but it was locked, too. He banged on the door, anyway, hoping Kinsey would hear. But, when it didn't work, he looked around the lot. He saw the recycle bin, full of empty beer bottles. Grabbing one, he backed up until he could see Kinsey's upstairs window. There was a faint light on in there. Taking aim, he threw the bottle at the window. It only went halfway up, before rolling back down the overhanging roof of the club, right below the window. Trying again, he did hit the window, but it wasn't hard enough to break it. Again he threw a bottle, and this time the window shattered. Tinkling glass rained down on the street, disappearing into the snow.

"Who's out there?" Kinsey yelled out the broken window, as he looked over the parking lot.

"Kinsey, let me in," Ghost yelled back.

"Ghost...is that you? What the hell are you doing out there? Just a minute, I'll open the door," Kinsey said.

As he opened the door, Ghost fell in, then scrambled up. "Kinsey, you have to help. Steve's hurt real bad."

"Did you walk all the way here? Come and get a blanket. There's a heater in the office," Kinsey said, as he led the way. He hurried to turn on the small space heater. Ghost followed, then collapsed onto the couch.

"What are you talking about," Kinsey asked. "What's wrong with Steve?"

Ghost finally caught his breath enough to say, "Steve is hurt. He fell down and broke his leg. I thought he was dead, but he just hit his head, too, and I dragged him inside...and the phone don't work. I had to leave him on the floor, and come and get you, and you gotta come and help," he said, and began crying. "I didn't know what else to do, Kinsey."

"This is bad, Ghost. The roads are blocked...no one can get out there. I'm going to call 911, but they may not even be able to get here," Kinsey said.

Kinsey's cell phone was out, too, but the desk phone was still working. He listened for a minute, then slammed down the phone. "I can't believe it...a recording saying there are outages, and no calls are getting through."

"What are we gonna do?" Ghost asked. "We have to help Steve, before he freezes to death. Our heat went out, and he can't even move on his broke leg."

"Ghost you better hold it together...I mean it," Kinsey looked at Ghost, hard.

Ghost nodded. "I know, I'm trying to."

"Let me think," Kinsey said. "Ghost, I'm too old to be out in this weather...I just can't do it. But, I want you to go get Terry. I know he's home. He has that big old truck in his lot, and it's got those huge tires, and 4-wheel drive. Maybe, just maybe, he can drive it out there. That's all I can think of...now go."

"But, what about his leg, Kinsey? He needs a doctor to fix it."

"I know, Ghost, I know...but, for now, just stay with him and make sure he stays warm. I'll keep trying the phone. That's all I can do, right now," Kinsey said. "Oh, wait a minute..." He ran upstairs. When he came back down, he handed Ghost a thermos. "Hot coffee...now go..."

Ghost bundled up again, and made his way over to Terry's.


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Monday, December 22, 2014


# 105
warning...adult content 


No one else but Trevor and Zach knew about their living situation. They had cleared the vines from the bedroom, and patched the roof. It wasn't easy. As soon as they chopped off a trailing vine, it would grow right back. But, they were determined to do it, and finally the vines gave up; content, for now, to grow over the outside of the house, nearly obscuring it all together. And now, even in the cold and snow, the vine was a healthy, deep green. 

Trevor brought Zach his hot milk. "We don't have much food here. Do you think we should try to make it into town?"

"You mean drive?" Zach asked.

Trevor looked outside. "Guess we can't. The car is covered, and so are the streets. We could walk; it's not that far. Maybe the little store is open."

"Yeah, let's do that," Zach agreed.

"We'll need to dress warm, though. Put on whatever you have, Zach. We can go see Kinsey, too."

A little later, they did begin walking to town. The drifts were piling up, and even on the road, it was higher than their knees. It took them awhile to get to the little store, on the main street.

"What's going on, Trevor?" Zach asked, as he looked around. His toboggan hat was smashed down over his hair, and the lens of his glasses kept frosting over, so he had to scrape it off with his fingernails. That meant taking off the socks he was using for mittens.

"How do people do this? I mean...live in the cold? It was fine this morning, but now I'm freezing."

"You get used to it, Zach. It's only for a few months. Then, we'll be burning up like it was this summer."

"I think I'd rather be hot," Zach said, shivering.

The little store was not open. It was dark inside.

"This whole town is deserted, Trev. What do we do, now?"

"Let's go over to the club. Maybe Kinsey is there."

They went on down the street...the only people out in the storm, it seemed.

Trevor pounded on the big front door of the Yew. "Kinsey, let us in...we're freezing out here." He kept pounding.

Then they could hear locks being opened, and as soon as the door cracked open, a bit, they pushed their way in, nearly knocking Kinsey down.

"Hey, what are y'all doing out in all this? Everything, ok?" Kinsey asked, shutting the door behind them.

"Where is everybody?" Zach asked. He took off his hat and glasses, then shook out his hair.

"Y'all are the only fools walking around out there," Kinsey said. "Want to tell me why?"

"We ran out of food, and the store isn't open. Ya got any to spare?" Trevor asked.

"Yeah, come on back," Kinsey said, leading them back to the storeroom. "Pick out what ya need. Do y'all have heat out there?"

"Yeah, we got heat, lights, water...just no food," Zach said, as he looked over the shelves.

"Well, that's more than most people. I have my generator, but if this lasts much longer, it'll go out, too."

They sat and talked awhile. Kinsey tried to get them to stay, but they wouldn't.

"No, guess we'll go back. Now we can eat, and we'll be fine," Zach said.

They got up to leave, and as they opened the door, the wind gusted in with more snow. It seemed to be getting worse. They continued back through town, and out to the house on Violin Road.

Back over on Burnt Church Road, Steve and Ghost lit some candles, and Ghost finished up their potato soup. It was filling, and warm. They didn't notice the house growing colder, little by little. After eating, they tried to get back into their work, but mainly just sat and stared into space.

"I'm sooo bored, Steve," Ghost said, as he twirled his fingers through his hair. "Steeeve, I'm booored."

Steve just looked over at him. "So, what do you want me to do about it?"

"I don't know, think of something," Ghost said.

"Do ya want to sing?"


"Do ya want to play a game?"


"Do you want to take a nap?"


"Well, shit, Ghost, you think of something. Go get your battery radio - maybe something is going on about the storm."

Ghost sighed, and slowly drug his feet as he went down the hallway into his bedroom, to get it. "There's nothing on it, Steve," he said as he came back, standing in front of Steve.

"Here, let me see it," Steve said, reaching for the radio. He turned the volume, and tuning dials...nothing but static. "Hmm, guess the station over in Raleigh is out, that's what's wrong." He turned it off.

"Now what?" Ghost whined. "I'm getting cold again."

He went over to the propane floor heater. "Steve, this thing isn't hot...it's broke, I think."

Steve frowned, and came over to look. "What the hell, Ghost? It was working earlier." He turned the switch off and on again, and felt of it. "There's no flames, no pilot light, no nothing."

"Do something, Steve; we're gonna freeze tonight," Ghost wailed.

"No, we're not, we have blankets...go check the stove."

Ghost went to the kitchen, and found that the stove's burners wouldn't light, either. "It don't work," he hollered. "Did it run out of stuff?"

"It shouldn't have; they came and filled it up not two weeks ago. Maybe it froze in the tank outside. I never heard of that happening, but maybe..." Steve said. "I'm going to go check. Maybe it just needs snow scraped off." He went to get his coat and gloves. "I'll go see - you stay in here and close the door. Try not to let the cold wind get in here. I'll be back in a few minutes."

He went out on the back porch, and Ghost closed the door. He wanted to get some coffee, but now he couldn't heat it up. He held his cup over a lit candle, hoping that would help.

Steve had made his way over to the tank. It was covered with snow, so he took the broom he'd taken with him, and tried to brush some of it away. His teeth were already chattering, and the wind cut through his coat like he wasn't even wearing one.

"This is crazy," he muttered to himself, then wished he'd kept his mouth shut, as the blowing snow made his teeth ache, too."

He did manage to uncover the tank a bit, but it wasn't helping much. He started back to the house. Just as he stepped on the bottom step, he slipped on the ice that had frozen there. He hollered, as he went down, backwards into the snow. It wasn't too bad, the snow bank was soft. He came up, flinging snow around, trying to get his footing.

He made it up the first step, then his feet went out from under him again. This time, he fell face first, hitting his head on the top step...hard. He was knocked out.

Ghost had not heard him fall.

He was out for only a few minutes, but was a little dazed, though. He began to pull himself up to his knees, to crawl on up to the door, but a mind-stopping pain shot through his left leg.

"Oh, my God," he thought, when he could form thoughts again. "Ghost!" he yelled. "Ghost, help!" he kept yelling, but the wind was snatching his words away. He couldn't reach far enough to bang on the door. He tried, anyway, and slipped farther back down the steps. Crazy thoughts were  swirling in his brain...

Gonna die two feet from the door...why the hell did I go outside...Ghost is gonna cry, say it's his fault...maybe they'll find me in the spring...I gotta get inside...

He yelled some more. Ghost was still trying to heat his coffee. He now had several candles in a group, for more fire power. He thought he heard a noise, but figured it was just the wind. Then he remembered that Steve was still outside. When he concentrated on this thought, he could hear in his mind, a yelling so loud, he covered his ears.

"That's Steve! Steve is yelling in my head!" He ran to the back door, pulled it open, and saw Steve lying at the bottom of the steps...still yelling.


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Friday, December 19, 2014


warning...adult content 


Ghost woke first, mid-morning. The wind was howling outside. His blankets were nice and warm, from body heat, but the room was cold. He took a blanket, wrapped around his head and shoulders, and went to make coffee. Then, he went to wake Steve.

"Hey, move over," he said, as he got into Steve's bed.

"What's the matter?" Steve mumbled.

"It's snowing, and it's cold. I made coffee."

"It's snowing?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, go look outside," Ghost said, wrapping himself around Steve's warm body, shivering.

"Maybe in a minute, I can't move 'cause you're all over me," Steve said.

"That's 'cause I'm so cold."

They snuggled a few minutes, until the warm, rich, coffee smell brought them to the kitchen. After pouring each of them a mug, Steve looked out the window. "Yep, it's snowing...seems early though, it's not even Halloween, yet."

Ghost took his coffee out to the living-room, then opened the front door. A blast of cold wind and snow blew through the screen.

"Shut the door," Steve hollered.

"Ok, guess I can't go sit on the swing, then."

"Good observation, there, Ghost," Steve teased. "Guess I can't get into town either. I was supposed to go to work, again." Steve picked up his phone to call Terry. "Hey, Terry, we're snowed in out here," Steve said, when Terry answered. "I'm not gonna get over there today. What?" he listened. "Yeah, we'll be ok...call and let us know." He hung up. "Terry said don't come in 'cause the whole town is without power. He's not opening, anyway," he told Ghost.

"Do we have power?" Ghost asked.

Steve looked at him funny. "What do you think, Ghost? For real...do you think we have power, or not? Just...I don't know...look around...what do you think?"

Ghost looked around the room. "Hmm, guess we do, 'cause I made the coffee."

"No, guess again," Steve said.

"Well, the lights are working," Ghost said, as he flipped the switch.

"Yes, that's it. The lights are on...and anyway, the coffee pot isn't electric. It's made on the stove, and the stove runs on propane, way out here."

Ghost sneered, "I know that, that's not what I meant. I meant why do we have power, and they don't?"

"Oh," Steve said, thinking a minute. "That, I don't know. Just a fluke, I guess."

"Well, shouldn't we tell somebody?" asked Ghost.

"Tell them what...that...gee, we have power out here, maybe you should come turn it off, like everybody else?" Steve snorted.

"No, Steve...just ask why."

"You're killing me, Ghost, with all your whys, what ifs, and how comes. Just be happy we have it," Steve said, now tired of the conversation, already. He went to the kitchen to find something to eat. "Guess we'll just have to have cereal today, unless you plan on cooking?"

"Maybe later, Steve. I'll make potato soup."

"That sounds perfect, can't wait," Steve said.

They busied themselves for awhile, Ghost working on his pictures, and writing copy for the book. Steve played his guitar, and tried to make a plan for making a CD of their songs.

"What do you think we should use for the cover picture, Ghost?"

"Well, we could use one of these here pictures, I guess. They look pretty cool. Maybe this one?" Ghost handed one over to Steve.

"Yeah, both of us are in it, but so are these 'spirit' people," he said.

"I know, that's what's good about it. See, our name is 'Lost Souls?', so these spirits are some lost souls...get it?"

"Oh, yeah, now I get it. We look pretty good here, too."

"Ok, this is the one, but is it going to be in color, or should I just color them like last time? And, how many can we make?" Ghost asked.

"Well, we made a lot, last time...I think it was 100. So, maybe more than that. I need to talk to some people about all of this; people who do this kind of stuff, 'cause I don't really know. The tape we did by ourselves. This time it should be more professional," Steve said. "I liked the songs we picked. We need to record them in a studio...maybe Terry's, again?"

"Yeah, Steve, that was real fun, and we sounded good."

"Yeah, but we need to practice a lot more, first," Steve said. "How's the book layout coming along?"

"Good, and I'm still writing stuff. The pictures fit good, too. There's something I wanted to ask, though. I want it to be a book, but I want just my own writing on the pages...you know, not typed. Can they do that?"

"Well, I think so; we'll ask the printer, but if that's what you want, we'll do it somehow," Steve said.

They continued working awhile. Ghost decided to start cooking, and went into the kitchen. He got the potatoes boiling, and had just started back to the living-room, when the lights went out.

"Steeeve, the lights went out," he whined.

"Yeah, I can see they did, Ghost." He sat up from the couch, where he'd been stretched out.

It wasn't night yet, so they could still see, but it was darker because of the snowy, gray day.  "Better find some candles, and the flashlight," Steve said.

"Yeah, at least we have the stove and the heater," Ghost said.

"Your grandmother had the right idea. The heater runs on propane, too. At least we won't freeze."

"But, it's still cold in here," Ghost said.

"Well, get another blanket, then. We'll be fine."

Ghost went to find candles, and to check on his soup.

Kinsey wasn't having an easy time of it back at the Yew. The whole town was blacked out, and as evening came, his club and apartment above, grew cold without heat. And, he was losing money, because he couldn't open. Terry had made his way over earlier, to discuss the situation. 

"How long do you figure this'll last, Kinsey?" he asked.

"I don't know, but the last weather update was saying it was a freak blizzard, and might last all week. Even the electric company can't get out to repair the lines, yet. Guess we'll have to make the best of it," Kinsey said.

Yeah, look at it out there...probably three feet already, and still coming down," Terry said. He looked over at Kinsey. "What now?" he asked, seeing the worried look on Kinsey's face.

"It's Steve and Ghost. You know how it is, Terry...I always worry about them. They drive me crazy, but...you know."

"Yeah, I know. I did talk to Steve, earlier. He said they're fine, and not to worry. I'm sure they'll be ok. We've all been through snowstorms before, and besides, Miz Deliverances's old house was made for stuff like this. And, all that work we did on the house, back in the summer, remember, the new roof, and some insulation should help. Aren't they on propane out there, too?" Terry said.

"Oh, yeah, I think they are.  They're probably better off than we are, here in town. We have that little generator, but it may not last long. If it goes out, we have no other heat, and the pipes could freeze in here," Kinsey said. 

They kept looking out at the wind-driven snow, making drifts higher. 

"Do you think they have enough food?" Kinsey asked.

""That, I don't know, but for a day or two, yeah, they'll be fine," Terry said. "What about those other two, Zach and Trevor? Ya worried about them, too?" 

"Yeah," Kinsey said, "especially out there in that creepy house. I don't even know if they ever had any lights turned on, or water. Well, they're closer to town. Guess they could walk in, if they have to. I don't think their car could make it until the streets are plowed, though," Kinsey shrugged. "Well, if they do show up here, I'll let 'em in, but this isn't any better...it's cold in here, too. I'm going to find some candles...you can hang out here if you want to. Maybe we can get in a game of pool, before it gets too dark."

"Sure, I'll go rack them up," Terry said, happy to have something to do.

Zach and Trevor weren't worried at all. They were having fun. Zach had never seen this much snow before, being from Louisiana, so he was out in it, doing things he'd only heard about.

"Hey, Trev, look...I'm making a snow angel...hey, look, I'm making a snowman!" 

Trevor joined him for a while. "You never did any of this when you were a kid?

"No, never. New Orleans doesn't get snow, well...maybe a couple of flakes, every ten years or so. Hey let's have a snowball fight," Zach said, as he started balling up snow. 

After having fun, Trevor announced he was going in. "I'm freezing, Zach. You're gonna get frost bite. Let's go in."

"Yeah, ok, guess I'm not really dressed for this weather, anyway," Zach said. He'd never had a need for a coat, so he'd put on one of Trevor's.

"I'm making some cocoa, can you drink that?" Trevor asked.

"No, but go ahead, if you want some," Zach said. "Cocoa has caffeine in it too. Maybe I'll just have hot milk. I like it fine."

Trevor went into the kitchen to prepare the drinks. He still didn't know how or why they had running water and electricity. They'd never had them turned on. He didn't want to think on it too hard, though. The old house gave it to them, maybe it would take it away, if they questioned it.

Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


warning...adult content


Ghost and Steve were at home now, and had started eating their pizza. Ghost was drinking his Scuppernong wine, right from the bottle, and Steve had cracked open a beer. It was late afternoon. Outside, the wind had picked up, making the air chilly, as it swirled leaves around. Every time a gust would rattle the back door, Ghost would jump and look.

"What's got ya so jumpy, Ghost?" Steve asked.

"Nothing," Ghost answered, as he stared at the back door.

"Yeah, something is getting to you. Are you fixing to have a meltdown, or what? After earlier, I mean...you feel ok?"

"It's something, Steve...it's Nothing," Ghost said, and jumped again as the door rattled.

"That's just the wind...and, what are you talking about, anyway? Is it something, or nothing that's on your mind?" Steve was confused.

"Steve...it's something I'm bothered about, and that is Nothing. I think he wants in, and he's banging on the door...and, I'm scared, and you should go on and do something about Nothing...out there" Ghost started pacing around the living room. "He's either alive, or his spirit is alive, and it's coming after us. I can't forget about it. It's gonna keep on, and on, and on, until he's outta there...somewhere else...like, I don't know...but, can you please do something about Nothing?" He was really frightened.

Steve was shaking his head, "No, I can't do it Ghost. I'm not gonna. I'd die if I had to go do that. I'd freaking lose it, Ghost. What if I dig down there, and it's all moldy? What if it's all gooshy and liquid...what if it stinks? Oh, God...I just can't."

"But, Steve, what if you did, and he wasn't even there. What if he came alive, and clawed his way out, and he's roaming around right now?" Ghost's eyes got wide, as he thought of it. "Oh, shit...I know why he's trying to get in here..he's looking for his head, Steve!" He shuddered, and started sobbing.

Steve's eyes had gotten huge, too as he could picture this. "Stop it, just stop it," he said. "That whole thing you just said is impossible. That'd never happen in a million years." He hoped he sounded convincing.

"You don't know," Ghost said. "It could be real."

"Yeah, and it could be just you telling one of your dream stories," Steve tried to laugh it off.

"Well, you need to go look, anyway...like now, just in case," Ghost urged.

"Like hell I will," Steve said.

"So, ya wanna wait until he breaks in here tonight? Do you wanna deal with it in the dark...huh? Is that what ya wanna do, Steve?" Ghost asked.

Steve stopped for a minute. Ghost had a point. He didn't want to go out to the graveyard in the dark...not tonight, anyway. "Crap, ya got me, Ghost. Guess I'll have to go now, but you're coming with me. Oh, we're bringing our guns, too, just in case we have to kill him again."

"Fine...let's do it then," Ghost said. He got up to go get the guns, and their jackets. "Here," he said, handing Steve his gun. "It's loaded, and the safety is on."

"Where's the shovel?" Steve asked. "Did we leave it out there?"

"I think so," Ghost said, as they went out back. He looked over the yard, not seeing it anywhere. "We'll need the wheel barrow, too...but, Steve...where are we gonna move him to?"

"I think I know. You remember that old trailer house that him and the others were staying at...way across the woods? It's abandoned, still...falling down...so, that's where we'll put him. Sorta like he'd be coming back home, ya know...and it's far away from here. Ok?"

"That's perfect, Steve," Ghost said. He began wheeling down the path.

They slowed, as they reached the spot. Peering through the trees, they kept looking for signs of any disturbance, since they'd been here the last time. It looked the same. The branches still covered the make-shift grave.

"Ok, now we dig," Steve said. "It shouldn't be as hard as last time." He jammed the shovel down into the dirt.

It did go faster, this time. After about a dozen shovelfuls each, they could see the top of the garbage bag. It still looked intact.

"You ready?" Steve asked, looking at Ghost. "We gotta pull it up, and into the wheelbarrow."

"Is it liquid, yet? It had a tear in it already, remember? I don't want none getting on me this time," Ghost said.

They grabbed hold, and began pulling. It did feel a little sloshy, and some bits of fluid seeped out the earlier rip.

"C'mon, Ghost...lift it. We almost got it in." Steve was struggling.

Suddenly, Ghost turned around and vomited.

"What tha..." Steve yelled. "Ghost, what's the matter?" Then he felt a wave of nausea overtake him, too. He let it spew. He was trying his best to block out the fetid smell of Nothing's corpse, but they were being enveloped in it, along with their partially digested pizza, and alcohol.

"Oh, God, Steve...I'm dying," Ghost sputtered, as he was between rounds of heaving. Steve was in no better shape now, either.

After a few minutes, their stomachs empty, they continued to gag, but went on with their plan.

"Well, Steve, it wasn't too messy...it didn't rip open much more."

"Yeah, that's good...but, damn...that smell nearly killed me. I thought I was going to pass out, but I was afraid I would fall in on it, ya know," Steve said. "It still stinks, but less than in that hole. We'll come back and fill it in." They took off toward the old trailer.

"Are we going in the right direction?" Ghost asked, looking around.

"Yeah, it's a little farther on."

They soon found it, and rested a minute. "Are we just setting it in there, or digging another hole?" Ghost asked.

"We better dig," Steve said. They found an out of the way spot, almost under the trailer, to start digging. Now, the ground was hard packed, so it took them awhile.

As they finished, they covered it as best they could, and left. It was almost dark, now. They still had to fill in the graveyard hole. Finally, they made it back to the house, exhausted and filthy. In the kitchen, the remains of their pizza, left on the table, was too much to handle, so Ghost chunked the leftovers out in the trash barrel.

"I'm gonna be in the shower forever, Steve. I might not ever get this nasty shit washed off," Ghost said.

"Well, I have to have some hot water, too, so I'm coming in with ya," Steve said. "We'll just have to share."

They took off their grungy clothes, throwing them out in the back room, to be washed, later. The steaming water felt good on their tired bodies. Ghost just stood there, with his eyes closed, letting the strong jets of water soothe his aching muscles. His long hair turned a darker shade of blond, and it streamed down his back. Steve was behind him. He opened the shampoo and squirted it onto Ghost's head, and began massaging it in.

As the soap ran down and off, Steve bent his own head over Ghost's shoulder and wet his hair, then turned and gave Ghost a long, watery kiss. Ghost reached for the shampoo, and washed Steve's hair.

"You've got funny hair, Steve," Ghost laughed, as he watched Steve shake his head, the curls bouncing back.

"Yeah, but you love it," Steve said, grabbing the bar of soap, using it, then handed it to Ghost. They were both slippery, and so was the tub. Ghost almost fell, but Steve caught him. They realized this could be more than just a shower, so they took full advantage of their nakedness. The hot water began to run out, and this too was refreshing, after their bodies had been heated from steam, and passion.

A little later, they made hot chocolate, and Steve tried to play a game of cards with Ghost, but as usual, Ghost had no idea what the cards meant, so Steve made up silly rules as they went along. At least it was taking their minds off the earlier events.

"I still feel guilty, Steve...I mean, being clean, playing cards, and laughing, ya know; because, he's dead, and can't do that stuff anymore."

"Yeah, but it's done, it's over, and all them vampires are not human, anyway. So, we can't keep from being ourselves...because we are human. Just try to forget about it, ok?

"But, should we still be worried about Twig, and Molochai? I haven't sensed them in awhile."

"I wouldn't worry, then," Steve said. "They probably sensed in their own way, that Nothing was gone, and they have no back-up. Probably went on to something else, like stuffing themselves with ho-ho cakes, and chartreuse," Steve reasoned.

Ghost laughed, "Yeah, they always did go for their ho-ho's"

They continued their game for a bit longer, then went to bed. Everything was peaceful, during the night, as it grew colder. As they slept, the first big snowfall of the season began to fall.


Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

Monday, December 15, 2014


warning...adult content 


When they picked up the pictures, the photo clerk looked at them funny. He'd seen the strange pictures that developed. Ghost just smiled at him, but didn't explain.

At the diner, they ordered their pizza, then sat in a booth while they waited for it to be ready. Looking through the pictures, Ghost said, "These all turned out good." He handed them over to Steve. He flipped through them all, but was frowning. He kept looking closer.

"Ghost, there's something weird about these graveyard ones. Look...what's that? These people in here, they weren't there when we were there. And, this one's got a blob of something on it. Ya sure your camera was working right?"

"Let me see." Ghost looked at them again. "I don't see anything weird. This is exactly what I took a picture of...I remember."

"This...this with the weird people and the blobs?" Steve asked again.

"Yeah, sure."

"You saw people and blobs out there? I didn't see anything at all like that," Steve said.

Ghost grinned, "Oh, those are the spirits, Steve. The ones I was talking to...at all these places. I guess you couldn't see them? Huh, I guess the camera could, and I could, but not you? That's weird."

"No, what's weird is you can see them. Is this what you actually see, like all the time?"

Ghost shrugged. "Well, I saw these ones, and I can see others, all the time, but only if I want to. I can block it out most of the time, like now." He looked over behind Steve. "But, if I unblock it, I can see them everywhere. Like over behind you...there's two blobs, one orange and one green. They're just saying hi to me." Ghost waved at them.

Steve whirled around, hoping to catch sight of one of the bobbing spirits, but of course he couldn't. "There's nothing there, Ghost. You gotta be pulling my leg."

"Well, they're gone now..you scared them away," Ghost said.

"How can you live like this, Ghost? Seeing spirits, hearing voices? I'd have been in the looney bin years ago, if that happened to me."

Ghost laughed. "Guess I'm used to it, and guess you already live in the looney bin, living with me."

"Yeah, guess I do," Steve laughed.

Their order was ready, and they headed home.


                                                  CHAPTER 19

Zach and Trevor were getting ready to go into town, when Zach's phone rang. He'd slowly gotten back into his obsession with electronics. He had a cell phone and computer again. Trevor had made him promise to never break into accounts and switch things around, ever again. But, he was still tempted. He did fire off a few bogus newspaper items...just for fun, and to let Eddy know he was ok. He knew she still looked for them. He knew she'd loved him, and still did. But, after all that had gone down, it just wasn't going to happen the way she'd wanted it to.

Even now, after he and Trevor had exiled themselves down in Jamaica for all that time, he was still jumpy, every time the phone rang. He knew the time had run out for the FBI to prosecute him, but he didn't know if they could somehow re-open the case.

So, he let the phone ring. "You gonna get that?" Trevor asked.

"No...they'll leave a message, I guess," Zach said.

"Ok...well, you ready to go? We could get some pizza or something, then go by and see Kinsey, and see if he's heard anything about Nothing," Trevor said.

"Yeah, let's go." Zach heard the phone beep with a voice-mail message. "See, a message," he said. He listened for a minute. "That was Kinsey. He wants us to come in on Saturday to do our show, and something about Steve and Ghost getting cancelled."

"Wonder what that's about?" Trevor asked, as he pulled into the diner's parking lot.

"Don't know," Zach shrugged, "but, we'll find out when we get over there."

They ordered their pizza, and waited at a table. "Wonder if Kinsey called Terry and R.J. and Calvin? I mean, if we're playing Saturday," Zach said. "It's weird that Nothing isn't booking it, ya know?" he thought for a minute. "I still think they're involved, somehow, don't you?"

Trevor looked up, "Hmm? What...who's involved?" He'd been drawing in his small notepad.

"Dude...Steve and Ghost. I think they're involved in Nothing's disappearance."

"Oh, that. I'm sorry, Zach. I love to hear you sing, and glad you're having fun in the band, but all this other stuff...I just don't get into it like you do."

"Yeah, I know, but don't it bother you, that a person is just gone?"

"Not really...I didn't like him much, anyway. He probably just took off with y'all's money, and will never be heard from again. You can do all that manager stuff, anyway, like you said," Trevor said.

"Yeah, you're probably right," Zach said, and dropped the subject. "What are you drawing, now?" he asked.

Trevor turned the note pad around.

"That's not birdland stuff," Zach said.

"I know. I'm trying something different. I think I've got all that settled...at least most of it. I can't keep drawing the same stuff as my dad did, over and over. It's been done too many times, already," Trevor sighed.

Zach frowned, "But, what about the house? Is it finished with it? What if it tears up this new stuff...what if it gets mad, and tries to kill us again?"

"Guess we'll just have to wait to find out. Ya up for it, Zach"

"There's just two things I'm not up for, ever again...coffee and mushrooms. Anything else I can deal with...with you, if you still want me to."

Trevor smiled. "You know I do." He leaned over and kissed Zach. "

"Mmm...maybe we should just go back home?" Zach raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, but aren't you supposed to talk to Kinsey?" Trevor asked.

"Oh, yeah, well, after then? You're getting me all bothered here, ya know?"

"I know," Trevor kissed him again. "That's the idea," he grinned.

"Oh, God, Trevor....I don't think I can wait. Is there someplace...I mean..." he swallowed hard, as his eyes searched the room.

Trevor squeezed Zach's hand. "I have an idea," he said. "Come find me in a few minutes, ok?" He got up, heading down the far hallway, towards the men's room.

Zach sat there a few minutes, trying to look normal, his thoughts racing. Everyone will know, he thought, as he scanned the room. At this time in the afternoon, though, there were only a few other customers...an older man, reading a newspaper...a mother, with two small children keeping her occupied...and two teen girls, probably skipping class, trying on make-up at their table.

Zach eased out of the booth, and straightened his shirt, and tugged at his jeans. Damn, these jeans are getting tight, he thought, then noticed the bulge in front. Oh, God, I've got to walk across this room..please, nobody notice...please... He did make it to the hallway, but didn't see the older man glancing up at him...smiling, and nodding.

Zach reached the men's room, and knocked. "Trev...are you in there?" he whispered through the edge of the door frame. He heard the lock being opened, and Trevor opened the door, pulling him inside. He hugged Zach, and reached around to lock the door again.

Trevor had already stripped his clothes off. Zach ran his hands over Trevor's body, and through his long hair, letting Trevor remove his clothes. They were not aware of anything else, but each other. They were not aware that their moans and cries of pleasure were carried out into the restaurant, although muffled.


Now sweaty and relaxed, they rested a few minutes, sharing after kisses. Then, after refreshing themselves with wet paper towels, they came out of the room and into the main dining area, holding hands, not caring at all, now, who was looking.

The woman and her kids had already left. The teen girls looked up and giggled, as Trevor and Zach passed by. The older man smiled at them, saying 'good for you', as they continued to their table. They couldn't stop smiling at each other. Their pizza was waiting for them, and they dug in...they were starving, now.


Next part coming soon!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014


I would like to take this time to thank Crystal Martin for nominating me for the Liebster Award! It is such an honor! Crystal is an awesome blogger herself, and you can find her blog at http://crystalrmartin.blogspot.com . Her blog is called "The Write Life"

Now, I would like to make some nominations, and pass along this wonderful award, to the following bloggers. You are under no obligation to accept this award. Just know I  really enjoy reading your blog, and feel you deserve to be recognized. In no particular order...

1. www.AnotherBadConversation.com

2. http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com

3.  http://Fuleitswhatiburnmydese.wordpress.com

4.  www.nourishingdays.com

5.  http://sheeryhall.blogspot.com

6.  http://collectintexasgal.blogspot.com

7.  http://awordofsubstance.wordpress.com

8.  http://thecyborgmom.blogspot.com

9.  http://berkeley34.wordpress.com

10.  www.rejectreality101.com

11.  http://writerbeeblog.wordpress.com

Congratulations on your nomination! If you choose to accept, there are a few requirements, as I've listed below. It is only to help promote your blog, along with others that you enjoy reading, and making new blogging friends!

1.  Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog onto your blog.
2.  Display the award on your blog, by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a 'widget' or 'gadget'.
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6.  List these rules in your post about the award.
7. Answer the questions you've been asked about yourself.
8. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

Here are the questions Crystal asked me...

1.  What is your favorite childhood memory? 
      Riding my bike all over our neighborhood, with friends. Then a slumber party I had in 6th grade...it became the talk of the school, for awhile.

2.  Which of your characters do relate to the most, and why?
      Ghost, in my fan fiction story...because he is psychic, an empath, and has ADHD. He is quirky and strange, and vulnerable. 

3. If you had to pick an Avenger to save the world, which one? Justify.
     I had to look these up, as I had no idea who they were. After reading about them a bit, I'd 
     pick, Havok. He has the power of the plasma blast, he can enter parallel worlds, and he   
     was recruited by Captain America for the Unity team.

4.  What does the Fox say? 
      I think he is like 'Swiper' on the kids show, "Dora the Explorer". He is a fox that gets in 
      trouble for swiping things. He says... "Awww Man!" when he gets caught.

5.  What is your favorite book, or movie...or both?
      Book = "Lost Souls" by Poppy Z. Brite (I write my fan fiction on this book)
      Movie = "Snakes on a Plane" or "That Thing You Do" 

6.  How do you combat writer's block? 
      Can't say I've ever had this, but for those in-between times, I just free-write pages of 
      whatever comes to mind. 

7.  What is your favorite writing beverage? 
      Hot coffee, and iced tea.

8.  Have you ever attempted NaNoWriMo, and if so, were you successful? 
      No, never tried it, but I did do the OctPoWriMo during this past October. I did finish this 
      and published a poem for every day of the month. (on my other blog ... http://teleportingweena.wordpress.com

9. Do you have a writing routine?
     Not really. I write whenever and wherever. I take a spiral notebook with me when I go 
     out, and get a lot done while sitting in waiting rooms. At home, I like to write late at night.

10.  What music do you write to, if you do? If not, what background sounds fill your writing 
        I usually have it completely quiet, as having ADHD, I get too distracted with the tv on
        When I do put on music, it is always either the Eagles - the very best of, or the Steve 
        Miller Band - greatest hits 1974-78. Sometimes, I'll put one song on repeat, for hours.

11.  Pantser or Planner?


Now for the random facts about myself...

1.  My favorite color is black.

2.  I like all kinds of creepy things, including spiders.

3.  I have a tattoo... "Ghost" that I designed myself.

4.  I am afraid of fish.

5.  My spirit animal is the Tiger

6.  I burn incense every day.

7.  I can play the violin.

8.  I paint pictures with acrylics.

9.  I've won ribbons at the local fair...for my peanut butter cookies,
      and for antiques I've found.

10.  I've been doing old fashioned scrapbooking since 4th grade (I have a lot)

11.  I posted my diary entries from when I was 10 years old, every day corresponding
       to the day of every day last year.


Now for the questions for my nominee's to answer...

1. What celebrity do you most resemble?

2.  What is your favorite food type?

3.  Is a picture worth a thousand words? Tell why/why not.

4.  Do you play a musical instrument?

5. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

6.  What is your favorite sound? What is your least favorite sound?

7.  Are you a morning person or a night owl?

8.  Cats or Dogs?

9.  What is one quality you admire most in others?

10.  Favorite music? Do you listen while writing?

11.  Name a book you read over and over.


Congratulations to my nominees! Thank you again, Crystal, for my nomination! 

Happy Blogging!!! :)  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


warning...adult content 


Kinsey was stunned. "Ghost...what are you saying? What do you mean?"

Ghost was crying so hard, the ladder was shaking. Kinsey finally could get his feet moving, and ran over to steady the ladder, to help Ghost get down.

"Come down from there, Ghost," he ordered.

"I can't...Steve will kill me, this time. I wasn't supposed to tell."

"You get down here, now...I'll deal with Steve..." Kinsey said. "Ghost! NOW!" 

Ghost shakily began climbing down, then fell into Kinsey's arms. Kinsey stroked his hair. 

"Now, come in the office. We'll figure this out," Kinsey said. He led Ghost back down the hallway, then closed the door to his office. "Sit down...let's hear it."

Ghost wouldn't meet Kinsey's eyes. "Kinsey, we had to."

"Had to what?" Kinsey asked. He steeled himself for the answer.

"Kill Nothing," Ghost whispered.

Kinsey closed his eyes...Please, Lord, please don't let this be true," he begged. "Go on..." he said. 

"Kinsey, he was at our house. He broke in, and attacked me. He bit me on the neck, and was drinking my blood...look, you can still see it." Ghost pulled back his hair, showing Kinsey the fang marks on his neck, still visible, and now looking infected.

"And then, Steve came home, and we tried to make Nothing stop, but he wouldn't...and we had our guns...and we both shot him in the head...and...and...his head was gone. He was dead... for sure dead."

Ghost stopped talking, and looked up at Kinsey, but his eyes weren't focused on Kinsey, they were seeing the scene from a few days ago, as if it were happening all over again.

"Ghost? Ghost?" Kinsey shook him, but he was too far gone, back into reliving it. Kinsey was worried now. Steve was the only one that could ever bring Ghost out of his trances. He needed Steve over here, now, even if Ghost was afraid of him getting mad.

Ghost started talking again, in a faraway kind of voice. "Steve and I buried him in the graveyard, and later we thought we heard him coming back alive, but we were scared to look," he gulped. "And he was a vampire...he was half a vampire..." Nodding his head, Ghost continued, "He tried to kill us before, back in New Orleans, and...and...it was his fault that Ann died...and me and Steve barely made it out of there alive. 

So, that was the next time...the other night, 'cause Steve warned him, and we killed him, 'cause he wasn't a real person, just like a spider...and we can't have spider webs gettin' on us no more, ya know...." 

Ghost was breaking down into what Kinsey thought was nonsense. He reached for his phone, to call Steve. He hoped Steve had his phone with him. It rang several times, before Steve answered. 

"Steve, where are you? This is Kinsey. Get over here, now...Ghost is in trouble...he needs you."

Steve hollered at Terry, as he ran out the door, "That was Kinsey...Ghost's in trouble over there."

Terry ran out, too, leaving the shop open and unlocked. They were at the club in a matter of seconds, banging through the back door of the club.

"What is it? Where's Ghost?" Steve panted, as he looked for them.

"In here, Steve," Kinsey shouted. 

Steve ran up to Ghost, who was still staring into space, wide-eyed, and talking crazy.

"So, it was me and Steve, then, and blood and brains all over...and he didn't turn into dirt, like the other ones we killed. So I don't think we're murderers, 'cause they aren't really real, except maybe he was - at least half, but that half was bad too...'cause he was going around drinking blood, and that half probably knew better, but it didn't  care, and then..." Ghost kept babbling on.

"Ghost!" Steve grabbed him, and tried to shake him back to reality. "Ghost, wake up!"

Ghost looked at Steve, but there was no recognition in his eyes. "So then, Steve had to clean it up, and then the bag leaked on me, and later, we saw them at our house, and..." 

Steve was still trying to break through to Ghost. Finally he was quiet, and seemed to be back.

"Hey, Steve...why ya shaking me?"

Kinsey and Terry were just taking it all in. Terry hadn't heard much of it, but Kinsey was trying to fill him in.

"Ghost, you must have freaked out. I had to wake you up. You were talking crazy shit, Ghost." Steve knew it wasn't crazy talk, though, but was trying to throw Kinsey off. "Are you ok, now?"

"Uh-huh," Ghost said.

"What were you doing...before?"

"I think I was drawing on the wall, then I'm here and you're shaking me," Ghost said.

"Ok, well go get some water or something. I need to talk to Kinsey for a minute."

Ghost was still a little dazed. He felt dizzy, when he got up, but Steve steadied him, and pointed him to the door. He stood in the doorway, like he was lost, looking around, not knowing which way to go. Steve turned him in the right way.

"Go get some water from the bar," Steve said, as he gave Ghost a little push in that direction. Ghost went down the hallway, and Steve turned back to face Kinsey. He shut the door.

"Uh, thanks for calling me, Kinsey," Steve started. "He hasn't done that in awhile. I think he'll be ok, now."

Kinsey wanted to ask so many things, but was having a hard time knowing where to start. Terry was first to break the awkwardness.

"Dude...scared me half to death. What set him off this time? Kinsey...?"

"Yeah, what was going on in here?" Steve asked.

Kinsey looked hard at Steve. "I got some things to say, and I want some answers...real answers."

"Uh...maybe I better go check on him, first," Steve said, backing toward the door.

"NO! You stay where you are," Kinsey said. "First of all...did y'all kill Nothing?"

Steve knew he couldn't think of a lie, fast enough.

"Answer me!" Kinsey yelled.

"Kinsey, it's not like you think. We think we did, but he might come back...they do that ya know...the vampires."

"Cut the crap, Steve," Kinsey said. "If you believe that shit, then you're as crazy as Ghost. I heard y'all's story, before, and it's ridiculous. If ya'll killed that kid, you're in a lot of trouble."

"So, it's against the law to kill vampires? What about them killing Ann, and trying to kill us?" We're just defending ourselves. They're evil...and they're really in the world, and they need to be gotten rid of, however it has to happen," Steve said, breathing hard.

"So yeah, Ghost and I shot his fucking head off. One less bloodsucker in the world." 

Terry was staring at Steve. This was the first time he'd ever heard Steve sounding like he totally believed in stuff like vampires. 

Kinsey rubbed his hands over his face. "Steve, I think you believe what you're saying...and Ghost, too, but I just can't."

"Well, what do I have to do, or say then?" Steve asked. "You gonna call the cops on us? Turn us in for killing someone you don't even believe exists?"

"Well, there you got me, Steve. I'd be a fool to go to the cops with a story like that. But, Steve...we both know Nothing was real."

"Hey, Steve," Terry said, breaking into the conversation. "Why don't we go dig him up...see if he's still there?"

Both Steve and Kinsey looked at Terry like he'd gone crazy, too.

Kinsey threw up his hands. "Ok, I'm done...y'all do whatever the hell you want. I'm out of it. I know I should report it, but I can't jeopardize my business, and I would hope for your sake, Terry, that you'd feel the same. That's all. Now, go get Ghost, and get outta here. Leave me alone...and until I figure this out for myself...y'all aren't doing the show on Saturday. Maybe in a few weeks. I just gotta have some peace around here. Now, go..."

Steve went for the door. "It's all true, Kinsey, it's all true."

He and Terry left. "I'm done for the day, Terry. I've gotta get Ghost home. I'll try and come in tomorrow, ok?"

"Yeah, go on. Make sure Ghost is ok," Terry said. He just remembered he'd left the record shop open.

Steve went to find Ghost. He looked behind the bar, but then saw him over at the wall. Walking up beside him, Steve saw the large drawing Ghost had done.

"I like it, Ghost," he said.

Ghost turned to face him. "I didn't mean to tell, Steve. It was this," he pointed to Nothing's leaf. "Kinsey saw it, and figured it out. Then, I couldn't...well, I had to..."

"I know, Ghost. It's ok."

"You're not gonna kill me for telling?"

"No, I'm not...and Kinsey isn't going to say anything, either. But our show is cancelled for this weekend. He said maybe later."

"What do we do, now?" Ghost asked.

"Well, Terry wanted to go dig him up...see if he's still there."

Ghost looked frightened, "Uh-uh, not me. But, I don't like him being there. He don't belong with the good dead people. You have to move him, Steve. It's ruining our graveyard. I'm scared he's gonna come out and get in the house."

"Damn, Ghost! Why ya wanna go saying shit like that for?"

"But, Steve..."

"But, nothing...just drop it. You got me all spooked, now," Steve shivered. "Let's get outta here. We'll go get your pictures, then go home...maybe get a pizza to go, ok?" 

"Yeah, guess so," Ghost agreed. 

They left, and did exactly that. 


Next part coming soon!

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