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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We were finally getting an indoor toilet. Time had passed us by, being that we were stuck way out here in the woodsy, forgotten land. There were yew trees, and pine trees, and it was peaceful.

Now, we're no naifs...we'd heard of the newfangled plumbing, but, why should we bother. We had no city water pipes or taps out here in the sticks... at least until recently. The encroaching populated cities were closing in our idyllic solitude. They were in a rush to incorporate our vast wilderness.

I don't know what we'll do with our ox. We've had that heifer for years. We use her milk to make our favorite cheese...Brie. At first, we thought the sex of the ox was male. Then she birthed a baby ox, and the rest was history in the making. We give Grace, that's her name, a rubdown every week to thank her for providing us with her oh, so creamy milk. We even bottle grams of it to sell at the farmer's market down the hill. We net a good profit.

I dread when those effin' drunkards from city hall come jutting their chins at us, telling us to quit this place...move on or be part of their @x!# beeping city. Oy! How I would love to cane a couple of those nibs. I'm firm in being jaded. I'll openly duke it out with them...and win. I'm no dozer. I've maced nitwits before...I'll do it again.

It's apt for those ragtag litho newspapers to get everyone riled up. But then, it would be nice to have that indoor plumbing, I dare say. Mi!

Words used from crossword game are underlined.

toilet                       naif                              openly                   nib
grace                       maced                         rub                         oy
gram                       drunkards                  net                          ox
woodsy                   sex                               quit                         juts                
dread                       jade                             litho                       Brie
yew                          doze                            caned                     apt
firm                          beeps                          rush                      rag
duke                         mi                                win                       ef

Hope you enjoyed my silly crossword story!

Peace, Love, Laughter!

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