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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


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It didn't matter where or when Steve and Ghost sang their songs to each other, they were filled with emotion. This one was no different, as they alternated singing the verses, and coming in together on the chorus.

Terry was blown away, hearing this one. In all the years he'd been listening to them sing, and having performed with them, jammed with them, been their friend, this one song seemed to make it clear to him. For the first time, he got it. He understood what their songs were all every song written by them, and all the song covers they did...all were a piece of the puzzle...a puzzle he didn't even know existed, until this moment.

Terry closed his eyes, as the realization hit him. They'd finished singing, and were waiting for him to say something, but he was overcome with the shock of his own reaction. His heart and emotions were touched as never before, and he couldn't deny them. He, Terry, the laid back stoner dude, who was all about peace and love, had just been given the true meaning of what real love was. He couldn't hold back any longer. He let his feelings wash over him, and he cried. From under his closed eyelids, the tears fell down his face. He put his head down on the desk, as sobs racked his body.

He realized he had never, and probably would never, have anything near what Steve and Ghost had, together. Through all their bad times, and good...nothing would, or could ever break them apart. He cried for his own loss, of never knowing this for himself.

Steve and Ghost stared at Terry through the glass window. "What's the matter with Terry, Steve?" Ghost asked.

"I don't know, but..." Steve said, as he hurried out of the booth, to see about him.

Ghost followed, scared that Terry had been electrocuted or something.

"Terry, what is it? Are you ok, do you need a doctor?" Steve asked, putting his arm around Terry's shaking shoulders.

Ghost knelt on the floor on the other side of Terry, looking up to his face. He took his hand, squeezing it. "Come here, Terry. It's ok, let us help you."

This was almost too much for Terry. He tried to get control of himself, then he grabbed Ghost, with one arm around his neck, and Steve with the other arm, and hugged them to himself, kissing both their cheeks.

"I love you guys, so much," he finally got out. He sniffled and wiped his face. "That song really got to me," he said. "I never put it together until now. All the songs y'all do...there's a reason, a pattern, something special y'all are saying to each other, right?"

Ghost and Steve both smiled, as they looked into each other's eyes, and nodded. "You got it, Terry," Steve said, still looking only at Ghost.

"Why didn't you ever say anything?" Terry asked. "Now, I can see the whole one of those 3-D finally came clear to me. Why? Did y'all always plan it this way?"

Steve was shaking his head. "Terry, we didn't plan anything; it just happened, and it still does. We can't explain it. The songs we write, they just come from somewhere...we just write what's in our hearts. The cover songs, we just play what we like, because they make us feel something inside. That's all. The only thing planned, is which ones we want to play in our show. It's different every time."

Terry took a deep breath, thinking. "Does everyone know this...was I the last one to figure it out?"

Ghost laughed, "Nobody's ever told us before...just you, Terry. I think Kinsey figured it out, awhile ago, but he never said anything. So, are you happy you know stuff, now? Are you still gonna play on our songs, 'cause we still need you to."

"I'm glad you know," Steve said, "but it's just between us, ok?"

"What about R. J....does he know?" Terry asked.

"Terry, R. J. is off in his own world, when we play. If he knows, he's never said anything, either," Steve laughed.

""What now, Steve?" Ghost asked. "Are we gonna do any more today?"

"I think we've all done enough for now. Now that we've gotten this going, I would like to come in with everyone, maybe in a day or two. That sound ok, Terry?"

"Yeah, whenever you want to. I'll get a few things ready, before then," Terry agreed.

"You gonna be ok, now" Ghost asked.

"I think so, Ghost...more than ok," Terry smiled, then turned to turn off the equipment.


They made their way out, and said their good-byes. On the way home, Ghost was quiet. Steve kept looking over at him, waiting for him to say something. It wasn't like Ghost to keep things in, for very long. But, he just kept looking out the car window at the stars. Steve wished he could read Ghost's mind, as something was definitely going on in there.

"Ya want to just keep driving around," Steve finally asked.

Ghost looked over at him, "Yeah, I'm not through thinking, yet."

Steve sighed, "Ok, will you talk to me about it?"

"Yeah," Ghost said, but didn't say anything else.

Steve drove around town, but most everything had closed up for the night. Then he headed out on the highway, for awhile, then back toward town.

"Steve, can we stop somewhere?"

Steve nodded, then pulled over at the next safe place, off the side of the road, cutting off the engine. Ghost got out and stretched, then walked around a bit, looking around at the darkened landscape.

Steve leaned up against the side of the car, letting the heat from the car's hood warm him. He waited, just watching Ghost. After a few minutes, Ghost came and climbed up on the hood of the car, leaning back against the windshield. Steve wanted to say something, but knew if he did, it would distract Ghost, and he'd have to start over. So, he waited, still.

"You know what?" Ghost asked, then, as he looked up into the night sky. "Terry was so sad."

"What do you mean? He was in a good mood, when we left."

"I know, but before that, I heard what he was thinking. He was happy for us, but sad for him, because he doesn't have somebody to love...and he thinks he never will." Ghost said. "I wish we could help him, ya know, maybe find somebody, so he'll be happy."

"I don't know about that, Ghost. He's been a bachelor all these years, and he has fun going out with lots of chicks. Maybe he'll find the right one some day."

"Yeah, I hope so, but he never goes anywhere, though. It's always the same people he hangs out with all the time. Maybe he'd find somebody, if he went places." Ghost said. Sitting up now, and getting excited, Ghost said, "Hey I know...let's give him a vacation to somewhere. Do ya think he'd like that?"

Steve smiled, at that idea. "Well, maybe you're on to something, there. I never thought of it before, but, yeah, maybe we could. Let's think on it some more, ok? We'd have to figure out some stuff, like where or when and how to do it, first." He was warming to the idea.

"Good, let's do that," Ghost said. "I'm ready to go home, now." He jumped down from the car's hood. Starting up the car, they headed home, this time with the radio on, so they could sing along.


Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

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