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Friday, April 8, 2016


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"Yeah, in here, Terry," Kinsey hollered, as he heard Terry come in through the back door of the club. Terry came into the kitchen, going directly to the coffee pot, for a mug of coffee. He then pulled up a chair, to sit with Kinsey, Linda, and Melody. He'd had cup after cup of coffee at home, staying awake all night, and now felt jittery on top of being exhausted.

Kinsey eyed him, seeing how rough he looked this morning. "What happened to you? Did ya pull an all-nighter? You look like something the cat dragged in." He chuckled.

With bleary eyes, Terry looked at all of them, there at the table. "Yeah, something like that," he said. He lit a cigarette, blew smoke up into the air, then shaking his head, he said, "I want to tell you two gals something. Both of your brothers are psycho. I've suspected it for a long time, and last night...well, it's official. They are the most messed up mother fuckers I've ever known, and I've known plenty." He stopped, as Linda and Melody both began defending Steve and Ghost. He let them run on for a few minutes, then held up his hand to stop them.

"Ok, you've said your piece, done the sisterly thing, now I'm saying mine." He paused a second, pointing to his arms and face. "You see these scratches here? You see this bite mark? You want to see the bruises? That's all from Ghost." He heard them all gasp.

"What...what are you talking about?" Melody asked.

"He attacked me," Terry said, as he stubbed out his cigarette. "Yeah, I came over here in the middle of the night, because your psycho brother," he looked at Linda, "called me, yelling and blubbering that he was gonna kill himself if I didn't bring Ghost home to him. He was drunk as a skunk, let me tell ya. Anyways, I come over here to get him, and he goes and freaks out. I'm telling ya, he was possessed by the devil. I swear it." He stopped, as Melody yelled.

"Liar! You're making this up. Ghost would never..."

"Hold on lady," Terry said. "I don't lie about something like that. I was there. I was attacked. And, guess what? I knocked the shit outta him. He was trying to wreck us in the ditch, then he kept coming at me. Then, when we got out, the other one, Steve, came after me. Shit, all the trouble I get for doing them a favor."  He lit another cigarette, and gulped some coffee.

"Another thing...ya might as well hear it from me...I came this close to killing both of them. I had my gun right up side Ghost's face, and he just growled...yep...growled at me, and tried to bite me again." He took another drink of coffee, sloshing some of the hot liquid out onto the table, as his hands shook.

"Well, the gun went off, but missed him. Then Steve came at me, and I was about to pull the trigger on him too, but the bastard was so drunk, he tripped over Ghost and face planted down the steps. I figure they deserve all the misery they can give each other, so I left it at that. They got lucky this time." He shook his head. He was done talking.

Kinsey, Linda, and Melody were stunned. No one spoke for a few seconds.

"Where's the gun, Terry?" Kinsey asked.

"I locked it in the safe," Terry said.

"We have to go out there," Linda said, getting up from the table. "Kinsey, keep an eye on the kids. We're leaving." She and Melody took off out the back door.

Narrowing his eyes, Kinsey asked, "You making that shit up?"

"Swear to God, just like I said, Kinsey," Terry said. "Ghost just freaked out on me." He got up to get more coffee.

"Something doesn't add up," Kinsey said. "Ghost was settled in on the couch in there, then you come in and he goes berserk. There's something you're not saying, Terry. Spill it..."

Next part coming soon!

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