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Friday, April 17, 2015


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Steve got his phone, called, and listened to it ring several times. Finally, Zach answered, but he sounded half asleep. "Hello," he asked.

"Zach, Ghost needs to talk to Trevor, put him on," Steve said.


"Yeah, now...something's happened." Steve could hear Zach waking up Trevor, talking, and rustling.

"Yeah, I'm awake now...Ghost?" Trevor asked.

Steve handed the phone to Ghost, "Here, talk to him."

"Ghost...what's happened?" Trevor asked.

"Why ya wanna talk to me so bad," Ghost asked.

"Huh? You called here," Trevor said. "Oh, you mean the meeting you didn't come to. I wanted to see if you were feeling weird, or had a rash or anything. I think there's something left after the séance. Like maybe you didn't get rid of all of them...or something?"

"Are y'all tearing down the house in the morning?" Ghost asked.

"Uh-huh, and I don't want the bad stuff to follow me. Can you do something?"

Ghost took a breath. "Listen, Trevor, I have stuff happen on me, too, and I got scratches all over since then. And, tonight it pushed me down and made me sick, and Steve saw it. I don't have no more water, and it's mad about being a homeless bum, now."

"Shit, what are we gonna do?" Trevor asked. He didn't even think what Ghost just said was weird, and understood it all.

Just then, Ghost yelped, and threw the phone down. Trevor heard yelling, then the phone went dead.

Trevor stared at his phone, waiting to see if Ghost was still on the line. "Something just happened over there, Zach. It didn't sound good."

"You want to go over there?" Zach asked.

"No, but the phone went dead, and Ghost and Steve were yelling at something."

"Get up, we're going," Zach said. "We may not be good friends with them, but we dragged them into this. We have to help, if we can." They dressed quickly, and were out the door.

Steve had seen Ghost throw the phone, and yell. "What? What happened, Ghost?" He hadn't seen anything.

Ghost had backed away from the phone, and was holding out his hand. "Don't touch the phone, Steve, it burned my hand, and my ear," he said, showing Steve the deep red burn marks on his hand. "Get me some ice or something to put on's hurting bad."

Steve hurried to get ice. "What did Trevor say?"

"Just he has stuff going on, too. He has a rash, and well, weird feelings, and then the phone went off and burned me." He looked at the phone, laying where it had fallen on the floor. Steve went over to it.

"No, don't," Ghost yelled.

Steve reached out with the toe of his boot, and scooted the phone farther away...then again. He was afraid it might bite him, like a rattlesnake, or something. Then the phone started vibrating. "Fucker!" Steve yelled, then stomped on it until it quit vibrating, and was smashed into pieces.

That gave Ghost a fit of the giggles, and he and Steve fell onto the couch, laughing until they cried.

"I think I'm going insane, Steve. this is just too much...why are we laughing? I'm not happy, I'm scared," Ghost said. He started sobbing.

Steve wrapped his arms around him, in a protective hug, and yelled out to the room, "Leave us alone. Be gone with all of y'all fucking demons. We asked ya nice the other night, but now you made us mad, and we're not gonna be nice any more. We're gonna kick your hear us?"

Over in the hallway, a smoky form began to swirl around, and they could hear a low, scratchy laugh, echoing around the room, bouncing off the walls. Ghost put his hands over his ears, and screamed as loud as he could. He felt like the sound of the laughing was inside his head, and outside in the room, too.

That is when Zach and Trevor had driven up to the house, and were just about to knock on the door. They'd heard Steve yelling, and as they ran up the porch steps, heard Ghost scream. They froze, looking at each other. Trevor shuddered, and Zach rubbed his own arms, as chills broke out on them.

Zach didn't knock, but opened the door that Steve thought he'd locked, earlier. He and Trevor came in. Ghost was on the couch, still screaming, and Steve was coming out of the kitchen, holding a gun. They jumped, as Steve fired off several shots at the dark mist in the hallway.

"Go can't scare us any more," Steve yelled.

"Stop...stop," Ghost screamed. "It won't're shooting at a cloud." They all could now see the misty form.

"What can we do to help?" Zach hollered, over the noise.

Ghost hadn't even noticed that Zach and Trevor were in the house. Steve turned to see them, too. He looked like a wild man, his hair flying out in all directions, sweaty, and red-faced, and above all, his eyes were full of anger, and hatred for anyone who'd harm Ghost.

"You," he looked at Trevor. "You did this. You brought the evil to us." Steve was shaking, as he brought the gun up, pointing it at Trevor.

Zach reacted immediately, tackling Trevor to the floor. The bullet Steve fired, hit the doorframe, shattering wooden splinters all over. Ghost dove off the couch, without thinking, and knocked Steve off his feet. The gun went flying across the room.

"Get off me, Ghost, I have to kill him," Steve said, as he wrestled around on the floor.

"Steve, stop it...they're here to help get rid of the evil spirit," Ghost said. He grabbed Steve's hair, pulling hard, to turn Steve's face toward him. "Listen to's trying to get in make you do it's evil, since it has no form. It's using you, but you can make it stop...we all can..." He took hold of Steve's hand, and made Steve take hold of Trevor's hand. At this point Steve, had calmed a bit, so some of what Ghost was saying was getting through to him.

As soon as the four of them made a united circle against the demon, they heard a loud screech, slowly fading to nothing. Ghost closed his eyes and pushed as hard as he could with his thoughts, to get rid of the evil. Finally, he could feel it was gone. The others could, too. The tension eased, and they could feel the cool breeze coming through the screen door.

Ghost looked at each of them, in turn. "It's over," he said.

They sat there a few minutes, catching their breath. Steve broke the silence. "Oh, my God, Trevor. I think I shot at you. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to...I didn't even know what I was doing."

Zach stared hard at Steve. "You could have killed him. That's not ok. You can't just say sorry, then that's all there is to it."

Trevor put a hand over on Zach. "Leave it be, Zach, he didn't shoot me, so yeah, it's ok."


Trevor shook his head. "Steve, that thing had ahold of all of us. I get it, and you're right, I did stir things up, and brought it back, to only have it try to kill me, like it did my family. Only taking possession of make you do it for it." He looked down, as he rubbed his face, and sighed. "Are you ok's gone from you now?

Steve nodded. "Yeah, I think so. I don't feel it in me anymore. And thank God I didn't kill you on it's behalf."

Zach was still upset, but had seen that coming after Steve would not help things. Ghost had not said a word. He was still sitting on the floor, looking dazed.

Next part coming soon!

Peace, Love, & Writing

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