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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Do you like rocks?   Do you like stones?    I'm not talking about rock 'n roll, or the Rolling Stones, but I do like those, too.   I'm talking about real rocks and stones, the kind you find on the ground.   I've always had a fascination about them.   As a kid I'd pick up rocks out of the driveway, or really anywhere I'd find them, some regular gray ones, some that were more colorful.   My Dad had a rock polisher, so he'd put what I'd found in there and later on we'd look to see what happened.   It took awhile for the magic to happen, and we'd be anticipating the big reveal.   Those plain old rocks would now be so shiny and pretty.  I have no idea what we ever did with them, but we kept on polishing more and more. 

Now I still find rocks in different places.  Some are out in the flower bed, some here in the house, some are river rocks, some are from places we've visited.  There are some that friends have sent to me, and lately there are some I've bought at a rock shop here in town.   I guess you'd say I have a collection going on!   I've been trying to identify some of them and remember what they are called.   Also, what properties they have for special circumstances......such as healing stones, some stones to increase intuition and psychic abilities, and many other ways you can use them.   It is all so interesting.  

This past week I got to break open my geode.   I got it at the rock shop, and it was just a plain sort of rough rock, but inside is supposed to be these really pretty crystals, some white or clear, some may be colored.    That is the fun of cracking it open.....finding out what is inside.

Here is what I did.   In preparation, I got out an old towel to wrap the rock in.   Then the hammer.   I had a little paper that told how and what to do, so I propped that up by everything and then took a picture.   Now it was time to crack it open.   Well, it was a lot harder than I expected.   Believe me, that rock was, well.....rock hard!   So I came down hard on it with the hammer.   Then again and again, and nothing was happening.   Then I put it on the concrete floor of the garage and tried again.   After several more blows, it cracked!    Opening up the towel, I found it in quite a few pieces.   I was kind of expecting it to be in just two pictures I've seen of them.   Oh well, I picked the pieces up and got a close up look at them, and they were so pretty!    All white crystals in interesting shapes and reflecting the light.   So I took another picture.   Now it has joined all my other rocks and stones, sitting there to be admired.

All in all I had fun breaking my geode, and will continue to go rock hunting in the future!

I will try to put a picture of the geode on here.  Hope it works so you can see it.  If not, just take my word for is pretty!

Peace, Love, & Rock On!


  1. Fun!! I learn something about you every day! Not sure if you knew or not but Amber shares your love for rocks. We turned her "collection" back over to her last weekend. It was sad to see it leave as we have had a life time of fun helping her keep them and learn about each one. She will share it with her kids now and it can grow even bigger!

    1. Oh, that is awesome! I had no idea she liked rocks and stones either! Now the 3 E's can learn about them and start collecting, too!

  2. Finn would love something like this! He must get his love of rocks from Grammy. Every time we go to the park, the parking lot at the mall (lots of rock bedding) we have to pick some up. I have to limit him or I'll be there all day.

    1. Haha, you're probably right! He does love the rocks and I still have one he gave me when we were there! He'd have fun cracking a geode open!