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Sunday, October 13, 2013


This happened a few months ago, right here in my living room.   I was sitting here at my computer desk, when I turned to get up.   My Grandson's small metal car had appeared on the floor right behind me.

Now, my Grandson and his family had been here four months before (they live in another state) and he had his toy cars here.  I'm sure one probably got left behind when they went home.  However, in the past four months, I know I'd moved the furniture around, swept the floors, etc. and had not seen a toy car at all.

I did not hear any noise of a metal car rolling toward me over the hardwood floor.   The cats, as usual were in the bedroom asleep, so I know they did not drag it out.

I got this weird feeling, like why is this here in the middle of the room......where did it come from?    I did not go pick it up right away, kind of waiting to see if it would move or didn't.

The cats did eventually come out into the living room, but they were very suspiscious of the little car.    They acted scared to go near it, and walked wide around it, like they were afraid it might come after them.    That is not normal behaviour for them, as they like to bat things around the house, whatever they think is a toy to play with.

Well, I left that toy car there all the rest of the day, then finally picked it up.    Now it is on the shelf by this desk........maybe it's waiting to make it's next move?    I don't know, but I see it looking (?) at me every day!                                                                           

Peace, Love, & Toy Cars



  1. You can keep it :) . We have enough. Maybe Finn was just saying "Hi!"

    1. Hey, yeah! Cool way for him to pay a little visit!;-)