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Thursday, October 10, 2013


It just occured to me that I own a fast food franchise.   It is open 24/7, but most of my customers show up for their meals early in the morning and late afternoon.   It is a specialized type of business, being that my clientel do not walk in or drive up to the take-out window.   They all fly in for their fast food.   This is convenient for them, as they are always in a hurry.   There is no landing strip or runways or beacon lights, but they are able to hover at will.    They are not picky about the menu, as there is only one item offered daily.    They will get a bit testy and give me dirty looks if the food is late in being served.   They will peer into the windows or sit on the fence surrounding the business and discuss amongst themselves the situation and what to do about it.   I can hear them.....I know they are planning a revolt.    I do try to keep food in stock, but occasionally will run out and have to make a run to the supplier for more.                

Most of my customers run in gangs. They are gang members.   For the most part they come in separately, but once in awhile two or more gangs will meet up in the parking lot.   There is occasional squabbling, poking, loud insults, chases, shoving, and even standing upon one another in their bid for the best place at the table.   Sometimes it is the larger gang members dressed in their gray uniforms that win the rumble.   Other times it will be the smaller stature, brown uniformed ones that will claim victory.   The losers will retreat for awhile, regrouping and making another charge.   There is another gang from down the way that will occasionally come to mount a seige against the regulars.   This is the even larger, noiser gang who are dressed all in black.   When they show up everyone else gives way, retreating to a safe distance.  No one wants to accept their challenge.   They don't stay long, just taking what food they want and are back on the streets and in the air looking for more places to conquor.                                         

A couple of times a year the mama's and the papa's will bring their young ones to the fast food free for all.   They are very good at instructing the little ones in how to act when out in public.  They feed them at first, but then must learn to feed themselves.    They learn fast how to eat on their own, and also to watch out for trouble, which can come at any time.   In time these small ones will be bringing their own offspring to my fast food joint.                                                                             

I do not charge for the food, at least in the normal way of paying.   All I ask is that they entertain me....and they certainly do that.   Through all the seasons, I enjoy watching the dynamics and antics of my feathered friends!                                                         

My franchise is my bird feeder in the back yard!                                                          

Thank you to all the doves, sparrows, and grackles, plus all the other kinds of birds I see daily and enjoy watching!                                                                                      

Peace, Love, & Tweets!

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