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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The creature's beady, black eyes stare at me without blinking. It's mouth opens and closes in a rythmic opens in a wide gape almost as big as it's head.

It glides and floats effortlessly in slinking undulation, slowly at first......then, darts quickly back to stare at me again.

What is the creature thinking, and does it even have thinking capabilities in that tiny brain?    If so, it must be plotting to create my perfect nightmare, for it has invaded my dreams on oh, so many nights.     At any given moment he will gather his minions with a silent summons.

They've never carried out a daytime invasion, as it has been very effective in the dead of night, but if it works, this could be their supreme coup d'etat.   They would be renowned in the annals of history.

It is time.

Everyone knows their position and are ready.   There is no turning back.   This will be their ultimate sacrifice.    On their leader's signal they will rise in unison, up from the depths, to show their solidarity.   They will no longer be captive, no longer be contained.

The glory day has commenced.   All over the world people will be awed and yes, frightened at their audacity to stage this takeover.

There will be no coming back for these brave heroes of their species, but they will have paved the way for generations to come.

Rise up!     Rise up!

Go forth into glory.........goldfish of the world!

Hope you enjoyed my nightmare.......yes, I have fish phobia.

Peace, Love, & Freaky Fish

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