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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I bought a new digital camera the other day.  The one I'd been using for a year or so was acting strange.  I would put in brand new batteries, only to find that after taking a couple of pictures, the batteries would be all used up.   Sometimes, the camera would announce that the batteries were exhausted even before I took a single picture.              

I was thinking this can't be right!   So, I'd try different, brand new batteries....same thing happened.   Again and again.   Actually this is the second camera that has done this very same thing.   What could be going on?   I tried sticking a pencil eraser down into the battery compartment to maybe clean the terminals off, and that didn't work.  I then tried a Q-Tip, with no better results.   The weird thing was, was that the batteries were actually perfectly fine.   I tried them in other things and they worked.   So my conclusion was that the camera had just quit working right.

So, off I went to the store to buy a new one.   I told the sales lady that I was looking for a very simple digital camera....something with easy to follow instructions and no fancy gadgets.   She showed me a couple that were the best sellers of that type, and gave a long explanation of why they were so easy to use.   They even had a rechargeable battery!   Great feature in my opinion.   I bought one, brought it home and read the instructions.   Seemed pretty easy, so I charged it up for a little while, then took a few pictures to get the feel of it.   They looked pretty good.

Now, however, I wanted to add the pictures to the computer so I could keep them there and also if I wanted to share them to anyone, I could.

This is where I ran into trouble.   I plugged in the USB port to the computer and the camera and was expecting a screen to come up like it did from my old camera in order to import the pictures.   That was not what I got.   There were all kinds of weird websites that wanted me to set up an account with them.   Well, I didn't want to do that...all I wanted was my pictures on the computer.   So, I keep trying, clicking on this and that, and at one point got a screen that started putting all my pictures from my old camera (that was already in the computer) on to this new one's "special" page.   There was no stopping it!!  Then there were instructions on how to actually see my pictures, including the new camera's pictures, but they were so difficult to understand, I had no idea what to do.    I gave up at this point.   I later went back to find my pictures from the old camera just to see if they were still there....a few were, but most of them had disappeared into computer limbo or something...still don't know where they are.    

Over the last few days I have been trying to find them, and to maybe push the right button to share one or two I did find.  I managed to get them to show up on a place I wanted them to go, but it refused to send it.    And that is where I am now.   Still lost in technology land with no answers...oh, I did find a help site for the camera, but they wanted to charge a fee for an answer.   No thanks!

At this point I suppose I will keep trying to figure it out one click of the button at at time and hopefully someday get to put a picture on here again!   Wish me luck!           

Peace, Love, & Smile!

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