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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I've heard about there being other dimensions that exist alongside us in this time and space......unseen for the most part.  Or maybe it's called a parallel universe?   Just going to throw some thoughts out for y'all to ponder, along with a few incidents that may or may not have been a case of a parting of the veil.                                                            

Is this other place existing really close to us? Like in the same room, or following us around?   Is it there all the time or just when we think about it?   Are "we" in it too, another form of ourselves in a slightly different vibration frequency, living our lives in a similar way, but making different choices in our life?    That would be our other selves reality.  And could it be that when other people say they've seen you somewhere and you know you weren't there, maybe they had a glimpse of your other self.....what some would call your doppelganger?    I know I've seen people that looked exactly like someone I knew, then found out that person was not at that place where I saw them.   In fact, people have told me that they have seen me places other than where I've been.   I even had one lady, a stranger to me, swear I was this other lady she knew, even when I kept telling her I wasn't who she thought I was!

Maybe on this 'other side' that world is their reality and get glimpses of us and wonder about the same thing.   Can this other world person see us?   It would be weird if we could sort of tune in to them whenever we wanted, to see yourself doing things, wouldn't it?    Would you want to be able to cross back and forth?   It might be fun...or creepy!  

I have had a few incidents where I think there has been an opening, or parting of the ether, if you will, that makes me pretty much a believer in such things.    Don't know how anyone would go about proving it though.

Here's one that happened not too long ago.   I was looking for a certain written recipe for brownies.   I'd looked for days in all the places it should have been, several times.   Not there.   Definitely, not there.   So this recipe was distinct in that it was on blue paper and in my mother's handwriting, easy to distinguish.   I decided to just ask her where it was.   (she has been deceased for many years).   I was in there at the kitchen table and asked aloud.   Then turning my head to look at the clear drawer storage bin I have recipes in......there it was, right in front, easily seen!   I told her thank you, and proceeded to make the brownies!   So where was this recipe when I couldn't find it, and how did it come to appear right when I'd about given up ever finding it, just when I asked for help?   Could have been in that other dimension......could have come through a portal from the 'other side'.   Could have been my 'other self' had been using that recipe and forgotten to return it!   She just could have needed a little reminder!  

In the next installment of my story, I will tell of more incidents like this that have happened.    They all make me believe the 'other dimension' theory is true.

As always, feel free to comment as I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

Peace, Love, & Portals

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