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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


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Steve slammed down the hood of his T-bird. "You want to cancel this whole going to the ocean thing? We can, ya know...right now." He gave Ghost a look.

Ghost slowly walked to the car and got in. "No, I don't want to cancel it, but I need you to be careful driving, Steve. The omen..."

Steve sighed. "Ok, I'll be careful," he said, putting the car into gear. He spun gravel though, as he sped off down the driveway and onto the dirt road toward the highway.

"Steve!" Ghost yelled.

"Put your seat belt on...we're gonna go fast." Steve said, then laughed, as he saw Ghost clenching the arm rest tight, preparing for a crash.

"Whoo-whee," Steve hollered, getting the feel of the T-bird, again. "This here is driving. Sure beats that old U-Haul, any day."

The wind from the open windows, was blowing their hair back. By the time they got to the Yew, Ghost felt like he'd been holding his breath the whole way. When Steve pulled to a stop, in back of the club, he took a deep breath.

"What a ride," Steve said.

"I'm riding with Linda, next," Ghost said. He got out of the car, his legs shaking.

" scared? You don't like my driving?"

Ghost shot him the finger, as he went inside the back door of the club. Steve kept laughing.

Down the hallway, they found Kinsey at his desk, going over invoices. "Hey, guys," he said, looking up as they came into his office. "What's up?"

Ghost had plopped down on the old couch. "We're going to see the ocean. Linda and Melody and the kids are going, too. You can come, Kinsey, only I'm not riding with Steve. He scares me."

"How's that?" Kinsey asked.

Steve shook his head. "Aw, he thinks I drive too fast, that's all."

Kinsey raised an eyebrow at Steve. "I'm not going to say it, but I'm thinking it."

Steve shrugged. "I know, and I'll be careful."

"Where's Linda and Melody?" Ghost asked.

"I guess upstairs," Kinsey said. "Go on up."

Ghost brushed past Steve, as he went out of the office to go see Linda. He didn't say anything.

"Guess he's upset with me," Steve said. He sat down on the couch, and stared at Kinsey, who'd gone back to his paperwork. "Did your phone quit working?"

"Huh?" Kinsey asked, looking up. "My phone?"

"Yeah, when we had the eclipse earlier. Ours quit, and we couldn't even get it to turn back on." He pulled out his phone to check again. "'s working fine, now."

"What on Earth are you going on about? What eclipse?"

"You didn't see it? It was about...oh, a couple of hours ago, it got totally dark out, and lasted a few minutes," Steve said.

Kinsey looked confused. "Steve, there wasn't an eclipse, at least not over here."

"Well, that's weird, 'cause we sure had one. Ask Ghost, he'll tell ya." He looked toward the door, as they heard the kids clomping down the stairs, on the way to the office. The girls and Ghost were right behind them.

"Kinsey, Kinsey, we're going to the beach," Stevie hollered, as he burst into the office.

"Hey, kiddo, I heard. That'll be fun." Kinsey said. He smiled at the kid's excitement.

"We'll be gone all afternoon, I think, so you'll have some peace and quiet around here," Linda said.

"I don't mind the noise. Y'all just have a good time," Kinsey said.

"We will. Come on kids, let's get in the car." She ushered the kids out.

"Later, Kinsey..." Steve said, as he left, too.

Ghost and Melody were already on their way out to the parking lot. They had already discussed the riding arrangements. Ghost got in the van with Linda and the kids, while Melody stood by the T-bird.

"Guess I'm with you, Steve. I never rode in a T-bird before," Melody said.

"Well, get in. I hope Ghost didn't scare you off of my driving."

She shrugged. "He just said you were crazy, and I should buckle up." She laughed.

"Yeah? Well, I'll be careful, don't worry." Steve turned to Linda. "You can follow me out there."

"Will do, brother. Let's do this."

It was only a thirty minute drive to the coast. Linda had packed a cooler with snacks for everyone. The kids had dug out some toys to play in the sand with, and were now talking about what they should do first. Linda concentrated on her driving, trying to keep up with Steve. She did notice that Ghost was quiet.

"You ok over there? You haven't said two words since we left."

"I'm ok," he said, but his sigh said otherwise.

"Don't you like going to the beach?" Linda asked.

"Oh, I love the beach. We go a lot," he said, "but, not today. At first it sounded like fun, but after I heard what Kinsey said, I'm, well...I don't know...not scared, but worried? Kinda like that."

"Worried about what?"

"About today, when it was night."

Linda was confused. "You mean last night?"

Ghost shook his head. " was after breakfast. It got dark like night, for a little while...the eclipse. Did you see it?"

"I didn't notice that it got dark," Linda said. "We were busy inside, getting things ready, so maybe I forgot to look outside."

"See...Kinsey said it didn't happen at all, but me and Steve saw it. Terry didn't 'cause he was asleep, but it did happen. I told Steve it might be part of his omen."

"His what...omen?" Linda asked, frowning. What are you talking about?"

"Steve's omen He got it on the way back from Raleigh. Melody didn't say anything to you?"

"No, what's it about...this omen?"

Ghost shrugged. "I don't know, but the deer and the eclipse were part of it."

Next part coming soon!

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