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Friday, March 11, 2016


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Linda was really confused, now. "There was a deer?" she asked Ghost.

"Uh-huh...we almost hit it, driving back home from Raleigh. And, Steve was acting weird all day. I could sense something was going to happen, and it did," Ghost said. "I told him, but he don't listen to me, much." He watched the passing scenery, as it changed from woods, to more open spaces. "We're almost there. It's a nice beach we're going to." He was finished talking about the omen for now, but he could hear Linda going over it, in her head.

He looked over at her. "You don't have to's not like a disaster omen, this time. It's just a revolution one."

"A revolution?" Linda asked.

"Yeah, where something gets resolved, or revolved, or something like that," Ghost said.

Linda repeated those words out loud. "Oh, you mean a resolution," she said.

"Yeah, that's it," Ghost said.

"Ok, when is it going to be resolved, and what is it about?"

Ghost shrugged. "Whenever it happens, and we won't know until after, but we already had signs for it."

Linda wasn't sure she understood, even now. "Well, that cleared that up...sort of." She smiled, and Ghost nodded, and smiled back. She saw Steve up ahead in the T-bird, make a turn off the highway. In a few more minutes, she caught her breath at the sight.

There it was, the Atlantic Ocean. This brought back a memory from her childhood, she'd forgotten. She had been here before, with her whole family, back when everything was good.

They found a parking area, not far from the beach, and they all got out. Stevie and Mandy were used to being at a sandy beach, having lived very near the Pacific Ocean all their lives, so they were tugging at Linda and Ghost to go play in the sand. They had their sand buckets and shovels all ready to go, and knew just what they wanted to do.

Melody was transfixed, staring out at the vast expanse of water. The sea breeze ruffled her hair, as she took in breaths of the salty air. "This sure is different from the Gulf," she said. "I thought that was huge, but can't believe I'm here."

Ghost was enjoying watching his sister's reactions, while Steve stood beside Linda, elbowing her side. "Remember this?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's all coming back to me," Linda said.

"Let's go, let's go..." Stevie hollered, and Ghost followed them down to the sandy shore. Steve, Linda, and Melody unloaded the cooler, and grabbed a couple of blankets from the trunk of Steve's car. Melody took her purse, and Ghost's backpack, too, as they made their way closer to the water.

The beach wasn't crowded, as only a few groups were scattered around, so they had lots of room to set up their spot. Linda and Steve spread out the blanket, and set the cooler on it. They watched the kids, who were already digging holes. Melody had taken her shoes off, and was walking along the wave line, picking up shells she found.

"You going in?" Steve asked Linda.

"Oh, I'll stick my feet in. I didn't wear a bathing suit this time."

"Ok, how about I take the kids in the water? I'll hang onto them, if they want to wade," he said.

"Sure, let's both go," Linda said. "Who wants to get their feet wet?" she asked the kids.

"Me, me," Mandy and Stevie yelled.

Steve laughed. "Well, come on, I'll race ya." He began running toward the water, with the kids running as fast as they could behind him.

Ghost followed, walking more toward Melody, who'd gone farther down the way. When he caught up with her, she showed him the shells. "These are so pretty. I'm going to try and make something with them, when we get home," she said.

Ghost kneeled, picking up another one, feeling the smooth surface. He closed his eyes, as he rubbed his fingers over and around the spiral shape. Melody could see his lips moving, saying some silent words to himself. She tried to sense what he was thinking, and feeling.

The swishing sound of the waves were soothing, hypnotizing. With her own eyes closed, she reached out for Ghost's hand, the shell trapped between their palms. She tried to make her mind a blank slate, for any impressions to appear. Soon, she heard Ghost's voice, from inside her own head; it was such a strange feeling. Realizing he was chanting...a soft prayer-like poem, of repeating words.

"You are beautiful, you have traveled from faraway places. We thank you for revealing your secrets of the sea to us." As the words repeated, she began to imagine another beach, different from the one she was standing on. A tiny shell began to form over a tiny creature, now growing larger, making a spiral. As it did so, the little creature was carried by the currents in the ocean, finally coming to the end of it's cycle. It washed ashore here, many, many miles from it's be found by Ghost.

Melody knew in her heart that it was meant to be exactly this way. Her brother would be the only one to revere and praise the tiny creature's life journey. She felt her own salty tears fall down her cheeks. She wiped them away, as she looked into Ghost's eyes, and knew she'd experienced something profound. They smiled.

"That was beautiful," Melody said. Ghost nodded, still too emotional to speak. He felt the same kind of connection with his sister, as with the was meant to be...they both had to be found. The beautiful shell would join his blue bird feather, and his Jesus Rock, to be kept forever.

Next part coming soon!

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  1. Well done, appreciate you sharing

  2. Thank you so much, Martin! I have a question for you. When I've finished the story here, I was thinking of putting it on a separate WordPress blog, also. Do you think that would be a good idea? It's ok if you'd rather not comment on that. Just know I so appreciate you taking the time to come visit here. :)