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Sunday, March 13, 2016


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Ghost and Melody turned, walking back to the others. Stevie and Mandy were back to digging in the sand, after splashing around in the waves. Linda and Steve were sitting on the blanket, drinking sodas, while they talked, and kept an eye on the kids.

Back now, Melody fished out a couple of sodas for her and Ghost. She began emptying her pockets of the shells.

"What did you find?" Linda asked.

"Shells, see," Melody said, laying them out on the blanket.

"Oh, those are nice ones," Linda said, and she picked some up to look closer. They began talking about the crafts they could make with them.

Ghost stretched out on the blanket, putting his head in Steve's lap, and closing his eyes. Steve smoothed the blond strands around Ghost's face, knowing he and Melody had had some sort of weird connection out there. He told himself he wasn't jealous. There was no need to be. Ghost and Melody were meant to find each other, if not now, then at another time, and they needed time to get to know each other, to find their connection as brother and sister. He knew this was how it should be.

He remembered all the worries Ghost had had when Linda came back into his own life. He'd been so afraid that things would change between them, that it would be different...and it had been, and still was changing. It was mostly for, definitely for good, and it hadn't changed how he and Ghost felt about each other. They were still strong, still in love.

So, why was he feeling like he'd lost his best friend? Not his lover, as that would never change, but the closeness, the fun, and having their own secrets that only they could talk about. Now, he had to share Ghost. That's what it was. He didn't want to share. He felt left out, when Ghost and Melody were laughing together. It was unsettling to have Ghost's attention drawn away from himself. Steve shook his head, trying to clear away these kinds of thoughts.

Ghost wasn't his possession. He didn't dictate what Ghost could or couldn't do. He didn't own him. But I want to. I have to. Ghost is mine, always, only mine. No one else can have him, love him, be friends with him... "Where the hell are these thoughts coming from," Steve asked himself.

"This is out of control," he muttered, running his hands over his face. He was jolted out of his wayward thoughts, when Ghost opened his eyes, staring straight up at him, and said,

"You don't have to worry. Everything will be all right."

Steve knew Ghost had heard every word, every jealous thought. Sucking in his breath, he said, "I'm sorry...I can't help it."

Ghost pulled Steve's face down to his, and kissed him. Then he whispered, "I love you...nothing will ever change that."

Steve nodded, too overcome with love and relief to say anything.

They all continued relaxing and playing with the kids, as the sunny afternoon turned to early evening. Behind them, the setting sun turned the sky into shades of pink streaks, as they looked east, toward the ocean. Ghost stood, holding out his hand to Steve. "Let's go walk by the waves," he said.

As they left, hand in hand, Linda was beginning to gather up their belongings. "I'm about ready to head home. How 'bout you?" she asked.

"Me, too. It's been so nice out here," Melody said. "Maybe next time we can have a campfire, and bring the tents."

Linda laughed. "You really like to camp out, don't you?"

Melody laughed. "Yeah, and I never even knew it. Not until I met y'all."

Shaking her head, Linda said, "I've never done much myself. I'm not so sure I'm a fan of camping out. It was ok when we were on our trip home, and this today is nice, but I'm all sunburned, and sticky with everywhere, if you know what I mean. I need a shower."

"That does sound good," Melody said. "I need my jammies on, and a cold drink, and I want to watch TV know, just chill out." They high-fived, and burst out laughing.

Linda looked over at the kids. "Ok, you two, did you find all your toys? We'll be leaving soon." She could see that they were tired, and knew they'd probably fall asleep on the drive home.

Melody was scanning the beach. It was now twilight, and hard to make out anything in the ever darkening day. "Where did Steve and Ghost go? I don't see them."

Linda looked up and down the area. The sand was still light enough to see if there was anybody out there. The beach was quiet and sign of them. "Hmm, I don't know," She said.

"I'll go out a ways, then," Melody said. "I'll see if I can find them." She began walking toward the shoreline, looking in both directions.

Linda finished packing up, then tried to keep Stevie and Mandy occupied, while they waited.  "Is Melody gonna get lost, too?" Stevie asked.

"No, of course not," Linda said, but thought to herself, 'I hope not'.

Next part coming soon!

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  1. Nice anticipation to next part. Thank you for this enjoyable post

  2. Thank you so much, Martin! I'm happy you are enjoying the story, and I appreciate your thoughts!