Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This happened not too long ago.   I have been listening to the radio show "Coast2Coast" for many years. It comes on at midnight here and I have my transistor radio pinned to my pillow so I can hear it.   Well, one night they were going to talk to a person who claimed to be the Devil.

I did not want to hear that interview, so I waited till just before it started to, turn the station.   For some reason, as I turned to a different station, that interview was on the other station, so I kept turning the tuning dial and it was on every single station!

I tried turning the radio completely off, but it would not go off! Meanwhile, I was having to hear the Devil person talking!   Finally, I took out the batteries and that worked.....no more Devil radio!

That was weird and I have no idea why it would have done that.   Maybe the ghosts around here wanted to hear it and were trying to control the radio that night!

Peace, Love, & Radios!

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