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Monday, September 9, 2013


So today I am trying to section off parts of this blog with labels, or catagories. There is the general, everyday kind of posts I want to do, then there are the stories about my cats. Other sections would be for Ghost Stories only, and my Fan Fiction. There may be others, but for now I'm just seeing how this would work for the cat section. Let's see if it works......

We have four cats living here with us in the house. House cats. They are...Rowena, a tabby, Gretchen, a tortoiseshell, Paolo, probably a Russian Blue, and Cricket, we are pretty sure is a Maine Coon Cat.
They all have different personalities. Cricket is the youngest, at almost 4 years old. Paolo is the oldest. They are in their teen years.

Weena and Gretchen were born near Austin, Tx. Paolo appeared at the apartment door of my daughter. Cricket was found in our front yard being ostracized by other cats in the yard. We took them all in.

Ok, so I will post this and see what happens. Maybe it will be regular post or maybe it will be under the cat catagory.  Here goes...

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