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Sunday, September 15, 2013


This is just an update to my journey into blogging.  I am still trying to find a few of the gadgets to put on here.  First is finding the add a gadget page.  Finally, after much clicking on this and that I find the word at least!   Now what do I do?   I find a page that is supposed to tell you how to put something on your blog.   I copy down the instructions, watch a tutorial on how to do it, then when I try it, there is no such page or listing like they said!   They make it all look so simple.   And it should be, but it isn't  for me.   There are two things I wanted to find out how to do today.  Just easy things.......or so I thought!     The first one was how to make these blocks of writing into paragraphs......or at least have a line or two of break inbetween thoughts.    That was the one that sounded easy to do......evidently not, as you can see by this long chunk of writing.    The other was how to put an icon on here that would let people click to follow.     Yes, that would be nice, if someone wanted to follow this blog that they would have a way to do so.    However, I must have fell down the rabbit hole on this one, as I kept getting farther and farther away from understanding what to do.  So I kept backing up, reading it again, watching how to do it, trying it again.   It kept showing codes and plusses and profile changes that must happen.   Huh?    I just don't know.  Could be they are on there already and I just can't seem to find them?    Well, I will keep trying this and that.   In the meantime, at least I do get to write things and post them.   Hopefully, someone, somewhere will read them!   I'm having fun writing them!    Until next time........                                                                                         

Peace, Love, & Perplexity

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