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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Flying objects have been pretty consistent in my experience.  First at my Grandma's house.  She was the 13th child in her family, and when I was a kid, her house address was 1313.......Street.  Maybe that meant something, maybe not.  However, objects such as candy dishes, ashtrays, magazines, whatever was on the coffee table would go flying off......sometimes breaking (on carpet) sometimes not, but you'd be sitting there in the living room and there they'd go, for no reason we could see.  It got pretty commonplace.  Later on, when she moved to another house, the same thing would happen......same coffee table......objects would slide, jump, or fly off it from an unseen reason.  Fast forward to my own house some years back.  We had a blue telephone that hung on the wall.  It had a long curly cord.  Many times the receiver would fly off......stretched the complete length of the extra long cord.  It would not just fall from the base of the would literally fly with force, then spring back to the wall, then drop to the floor.  We were lucky it never hit any of us as we sat there staring at it.

Here at the house we live in now, there have been a few incidents, such as the most recent.  I was home alone.  The cats were all taking a nap in the far bedroom.  I was working at the kitchen table.  All was quiet.  Then there was a loud crash with breaking glass.  It came from the near bedroom by the kitchen......only one wall away from me. I get up to look......the huge, heavy dresser mirror was lying on the floor broken, horizontal to the dresser.  Absolutely nothing else was disturbed in the room, and all the things on the dresser top, such as papers, coins, assorted junk, was still in place.  Nothing else had fallen. 

The only way......the only way this could have happened, was if that mirror had levitated over and above the junk, and spun around in the air in order to have landed the way it did, sideways to the dresser, mirror side up, shattered. 

The weird thing was......I have become so used to things flying around from time to time, it didn't even scare me at all.  I was just, well, gotta clean up the glass.  So I did, and had to drag the mirror out to the garage, as it is too heavy for me to lift it. 

And it is out there still!

Peace, Love & Levitation!


  1. I had no idea about the mirror incident! Crazy!!

    1. I thought I'd told everyone about the mirror incident! Yes, it happened just the way I told it! It was a very weird and crazy thing to happen!