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Friday, September 6, 2013


Ok, I'm back. Still trying to figure out some of the set up on here. I thought it would keep my settings the same every time I signed in, but maybe not. So, here I go again, pushing buttons. All I want to do is write! This technical business is not easy for me.

Hope you follow along as I make my way. There will probably be changes here and there as I add or subtract things. Not real sure what they are I'll just say they are doo-dads. I'm not good at math either, so there's that to consider. ;-)...

Now here's a kind of overview of what this is all about. First off, I love to write, so that's mainly what I'll be doing. I pretty much write the same way I talk, so it will be conversational. I welcome comments, just don't be rude. I will delete at my discretion.

Main topics will be whatever is on my mind at the moment. Having a probable ADD brain, it tends to wander, get distracted and jump from idea to ...oh...shiny!

I'll talk about my cats...a lot! There are 4 of them.

I want to discuss books (if I can mention a book on here? Still not sure if it is allowed.)

And then there are the Ghost Stories! I will tell you of things that have happened in my life that are completely true! (maybe I can put these on a separate lable?)

So that will be some topics to start with...and the way I meander around there may be more in the future. I value humor in all things, so feel free to laugh along with me!

Till next time...

Peace, Love, & Pie!

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