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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


still trying to figure this out...I thought I had picked a font I liked and now it won't show up. what gives? Ok now I'm trying the size to see what happens..there that's better.I like the color of the print. Don't know really how this will look, I mean, I look at the previews but is that how it will look to anyone reading this? I dunno! Maybe I should just push publish and see what happens? Maybe I should make some epic first post? I think it is epic that I even got on here and am typing!!Ok, I tried out this jump a line thing. Hmmm...interesting. I swear, this computer stuff is pretty much over my head at this point. Evidently my way of doing this is to push a button, or click on a word and see what happens, then try to fix it if it goes crazy on me! Or beg for help from family and friends who know much, much more than I do.
Ok now the jump a line thing went away on here.  Is that supposed to be like a next paragraph?  That's what I thought it was for, but maybe not. .....As you will see, I use the little dot things a lot. Sometimes that's how I change subjects, mainly 'cause I don't know how to do a paragraph. ...see?.......Now, what did I do? The color changed to no color! Now it's back. Whew! ...Hey! I checked preview again and it's writing in the font I wanted now! How did that happen? ....Ok, so I'm gonna mess around with trying to get this in some kind of order (wish me luck) and my next post I will see if I can tell ya what my plans are for this blog! Stay tuned!


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